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You Would Think I Would Get This Right By Now

After parenting her for 16 years you would think I would get this part right by now. We're all wired differently.  With my first born child I was given this lesson and it's helped me handle my responses in many situations.  There are those days though, that I forget about her wiring and I get annoyed.  Her anxiety about being in crowds can initially be perceived as shyness that she "just needs to get over" when, in fact, she's having massive anxiety swirling in her brain and she's ready to burst.  Some days I forget.  Yesterday was one of those days and I just feel terrible. For about a week Katie was looking forward to going to her favorite Asian shopping market, Uwajimaya.  It's a bit of a trek for us so it's special when we get to go (it's also spendy so we need to budget accordingly).  In my mind I'm thinking I'm doing a good thing because a.) we have the funds to go shopping here and b.) I'm taking my girls to one of their

Here's A Fun Fact

"Here's a fun fact... about orgasms." Um, what?! This is how my 16 y/o daughter started a conversation on the drive home from school the other day.  Her 13 y/o sister sat in the back seat saying "I don't want to hear this" over and over.  I was, of course, shocked because just a few minutes before we were talking about going to Dairy Queen and I couldn't figure out how we went from DQ Blizzards to orgasms. Oh, about that "fun fact";  When you are having said orgasm studies show that you lose all sense of reason. This was curious information in that, well, how was this study conducted?  Was a question asked at "the" moment and the woman couldn't give a logical answer?   Was the woman asked if she wanted a Chocolate Lover's Blizzard from Dairy Queen and she said 'No' and the scientists said "Well, that's ridiculous.  Everyone wants a Chocolate Lover's Blizzard!  She makes no sense!" How do

Does This Make You Uneasy?

Something occurred the other day that got me thinking about how my daughters perceive me.  While I was getting ready to have an at-home spa day, I noticed that my face firmer-upper-thingy wasn't working.  Here I am, my face slathered in the special "facial conductive gel", going through the house looking for a new battery.  Finally I found a 9-volt in the back of a junk drawer and connect the do-hickey's, turn on the power and... nothin'. I'm standing in the bathroom, making faces and trying the power button again and again, but it still doesn't work.  'What?!  Give me a break!' I say out loud.  My 16 y/o daughter walks by and says "Mom you don't need that stuff anyway.  You look great.  Why are you trying to look younger?"  Aww, that's sweet, kind of.  There seems to be a misunderstanding, however. My daughter thinks I'm trying to look younger.  No, that's not it.  I'm fine sharing my age (that would be 47).

Come Along, Wits

Found this today from one of my favorite Illustrators, Mary Engelbreit.  Just love her!   I'm surprised by how many people haven't either heard of, or seen works by, Mary.  I know it sounds a bit over board but, if I could, I would have one room decorated in all things Engelbreit.  Oh yes I would! Bloom where you're planted :->

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Guest Post:  Michael Smith - Professional Photographer With Valentine's Day just around the corner many couples are looking for ways to spend it together or ways to do something different for it. There is many way to express your love to one and other, but nothing is better than something that can last a long time. Many photographers offer the chance for you and your partner to be stars on this special day. With a Valentine's Day photo shoot you can really express your love for one and other and albeit not a gift in the norm but one that will surely garner excitement for you and your loved one. Present for a loved one A photo shoot is all about making the subject look and feel beautiful. Even if you don’t yourself feel attractive in front of a camera the photographer is an expert at finding ways to make you look stunning.  Additionally, you could make the extra effort and get a makeup pampering beforehand which will boost your confidence. The photographer is able to cre

Can I Plant These Yet? #WordlessWednesday

I believe the frost, snow and ice are gone now.  I want to put flowers in the ground! Warm thoughts to our neighbors in the South.  (Wow.  Never thought I'd see such an ice storm there!)  How's the weather where you are? I'm taking part in Wordless Wednesday.  Join us at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama!

How We Spent Our Snow Storm

After weeks of our girls looking out the window and pleading for snow, it finally arrived on Thursday.  Our city of Portland reacts with caution when it snows so we were notified that we could pick-up our children from school early if we felt nervous about the conditions.  Seeing as how I am not a seasoned driver in the snow our daughter's were pretty darn happy when they got out at noon. And they weren't the only ones ;-> This was Benny's second run in the snow for the afternoon so I caught him a little tuckered out. After hours of snow fall there was a perfect amount to start a friendly snowball fight.  Cars were still slipping on the street we live on, one almost took out one of our trees, so the driveway was the place to play. Rob - Benny - Lily Watching the fun from the coziness of the living room window Katie couldn't take it any more and ran out to make a snow angel.  No coat, light weight pants and tennis shoes.  Ahh, t

How It Looks Here

We're on our 3rd day of snow here in Portland.  That's unusual for us.  It's so much prettier than rain! Unfortunately freezing rain is coming and that just messes everything up. Grateful to have a new coffee house at the end of our block! Walking with Katie

Making Oatmeal Shouldn't Be This Hard - Writer's Workshop

Taking part in Mama Kat's (pretty much world famous) Writer's Workshop . My chosen prompt:   Something that frustrates you. I am resigning myself to the fact that my daughter's perceive food to taste better at my mom's house than at their own. The same food, the same exact food, right down to same label/brand, color and "Sell By Date" can be in our cupboards, could be prepared the same exact way as my mom, and yet... they don't like how it tastes.  But, go over to my mom's house and you'll be sure to hear "This is so-o-o-o-o good.  Mom, why don't we get this?" The biggest dish that sticks in my craw is oatmeal,  your general Quaker Oats 5-minute Oatmeal. It doesn't seem to matter that I have written direction from my mother on how she prepares the oatmeal, my youngest, Lily says, "Well, the way Grandma makes it, it just tastes... um, a little better."  My mom eats oatmeal just about every day and has her spec

5 Positive Places To Visit Online

A few weeks ago I made a promise to myself that I would not go seeking negativity in the news or on social media.  I have a tendency to hold the sad stories I read in my head and heart and it hurts.  It's one thing to empathize with someone's sad story but it's another when you continue to mull it over in your brain.  I've spent too much time trying to figure out how could something like that happen?  Or, why would they choose to do that?!  It's exhausting. For whatever reason I hold on to situations I've read about so I've decided, in order to save my sanity, I will look for places/spaces where positivity is shared and creativity grows.   Here's my list of Positive Places To Visit Online : 1.)   Pinterest There's no better collection of creativity in all forms then on Pinterest.  You can find delicious recipes, lovely room design inspiration, humor in the form of visual jokes or written set-up's and dream board's full of wishe