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Virtual GNO Halloween Style

I know we're all busy tonight. However I'm throwing a little bash for all Halloween Orphans. I showed scary pictures yesterday which isn't really my typical Halloween faire. This is my kind of Halloween.

Young Frankenstein "Puttin' On The Ritz"

Time for a cocktail!

Jack O' Tini
The perfect martini for Halloween.

2 oz. Vodka - chilled
1/4 oz. Bols Pumpkin Smash Liqueur (Oh, just use pumpkin puree. Or skip it! :->)
1 Candy Corn

*Place a single candy corn at the bottom of chilled cocktail glass. Combine vodka and liqueur a shaker with ice, shake well and strain into the glass.

Ah... just right. Time for more Halloween fun.

Nightmare Before Christmas "This Is Halloween"

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown "You Block Head!"

What are your favorites?

I was "Boo'd" by Tena from My Therapy!

BOO! To You Too!

NO WAY Am I Putting These Pictures On My Blog

Alright now, Halloween is upon us, and I've found some images that will make you squirm and perhaps scream right out loud. But there is absolutely NO WAY that I would actually put them on my blog. Absolutely NOT! But it's Halloween and I wanted to show something a little freaky all the way from Australia.
Do you like spiders? If you want nothing to do with spiders than don't look at these.
If you want to be freaked out, and freak out your kids, go to this link:
I can't believe I even put the link on my blog. I truly do not enjoy spiders. And I think my oldest is playing a very mean trick on me because she has me creating a Black Widow costume for her!
I'll be so glad when Saturday arrives.

Letter of Apology

While changing shifts at the school Book Fair yesterday, I was told to be on the look-out for thieves. Our school ranges in grades K-8 now and the transition has been hard for some. The kids seem to be handling it fine, it's the parents that are a little out-of-sorts.
You see 8th graders seem to be taller these days. I feel fortunate that I'm 5'10 so I can at least look these kids in the eye. However not all parents have a height advantage and some relive the same inadequacies they felt back when they themselves were in 8th grade. (It comes creeping back to me sometimes too!)
Well, when I sat at the little table with the make-shift credit card machine and the money box I was told that there was an "incident" yesterday. Oohhh! It seems that a book was stolen, and recovered, and the culprit was brought to justice and even wrote a letter of apology. The letter was in the money box, (for safe keeping I guess. I have no idea why.)
While I was left alone at the B…

It's OK, Women Do This All The Time

As I sat on the edge of my tub with a glass of wine in one hand and an Epilady in the other I wondered, "Is this really a good idea?" My sister recommended this tool. She called it a "Rip-A-Lady" and said it worked great. I know she just loves it, but am I up for this?

I started having flashbacks of how I felt getting my ears pierced. Not good. When it was time to put the real earrings in, after the required 6 week waiting period, I sat on the floor in front of my hall mirror and nearly fainted. Not just once, but every time I tried to find the back hole in my ear. I would get woozy, look away, take a deep breath, and try again.

As that familiar feeling of woozyness came over me, I was thinking the event called for more wine. Or, perhaps an epidural. (Does the company make that too?) I'm not very good about inflicting pain on myself and here I was ready to rip the hair out of my skin.

I enjoyed a nice glass of Chardonnay while I soaked my legs. I put on nice mu…

Slide Show Guest Book For Virtual GNO

Thanks to all of the beautiful guests at this weekends Virtual Girls Night Out. (Not all of us were at the opening weekend of High School Musical 3 and we needed to keep each other company!)
I am missing some photos of our beautiful guests. I'm so sorry about that. Send me your picture and I'll put it in my Guest Book!
See you next time!

Make an on-line slideshow at

And did you notice anything different?!? Hmmmmm.....? The lovely and talented Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy created my header. It's as if she looked into my mind. It's exactly what I envisioned. Thanks again Jen!!! :->

Virtual G.N.O.- Post HSM3

Second night, same as the first. For those that were dancing in the aisles at the opening night of "High School Musical 3". (Oh, you're wonderful parents. Yes, you are!!!)

I need to let loose. The last few nights have been crazy with my little one. She hasn't been feeling well, which means that sleep is all messed up. And last night we discovered that Ibuprofen can put her into a bit of a hallucinogenic state. Really!!! She was freaking out about not being able to stop counting. She was dazed and kept asking "What's 5 + 1 ?" or "What's the number below 8?"
She could not rest well so we stayed up most of the night talking about numbers and shapes. whee-ee-ee (yawn)
And I did that after coming home from seeing "Spring Awakening" again! (Thank you husband!!!) I think I'm a groupie now. Maybe I'll follow them to California.

So on with the evening. Here's how a Virtual GNO is done; when someone leaves a comment …

Warning! Snopes Approved - Halloween Candy Warning

With the deadly outbreak in China regarding the chemical Melamine in childrens milk, it seems that Melamine has made it's way into chocolate coin candy that is being distributed to Costco and to some "dollar stores".
Sherwood brand Pirate's Gold Chocolate Coin's. They are sold in bulk candy packages and individually.
Canada has sent warnings to the public and I wanted to make sure to pass this information along. Better safe than sorry.

(*Please share this with your friends and family.*)

My Spring Awakening

Last night my husband and I went to "Spring Awakening." I have been waiting to see this show for a year. Since we don't live in NYC I've settled for the cast album (yes, I'm calling it an 'album'). Also, I've watched as many videos as I could find on YouTube. When Rob surprised me with tickets I knew he truly loved me!!!

This show is based on a play written by Frank Wedekind in 1891. The instant public reaction was shock, therefore it was banned for 100 years. (Can you believe that?!?)

The story, set in the late-19th century, is messed up! German teens, hormones raging, parents who won't explain and teacher's who want to break their spirit. The play may be old but the music is current. It's raise-you-out-of-your-seat Rock! Music by Duncan Sheik (Remember "Barely Breathing"?), lyrics by Steven Sater and together their work earned 8 Tony's.

I can't say enough about this fantastic show. It's intense, funny, kic…

Sharing Things I Like

I think I'm supposed to be somewhere today. I have this nagging feeling that I have an appointment, or that some thing is due at school, or that someone needs me today and I can't remember what it is!
I've checked the calendar, my little notebook, the pad of paper by the phone and nothing is there. Is there a deadline I'm missing? I can't get rid of this nagging feeling. Hmmm...
Does this ever happen to you?

Well, let me go in a completely different direction from my normal blog entries and share some things that I truly enjoy. None of these items were gifts, etc. I actually bought them with my own piggy-bank money and am so happy with them. I think my blog pals should know about them.
First off, let me tell ya', I am a lipstick junkie. I'm constantly searching for the perfect lipstick. And here's my latest find. L'Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Lipcolor.
Oh yeah! I've purchased 2 of these and I'm going back for more. The compact …

Have You Heard About

I've found a couple of things recently that I really like. (One of them is a new lipstick! I'll share that later!) There is a new social network called If you have lots going on, be it play groups, book clubs, membership meetings, or just a reminder that it's "Date Night" has a great way to organize your life.
There's a lot being offered at this new site. It's a bit like Evite, only with more functionality. It's fun! I've already put together one group for my Board Alumni meetings. (Meaning, met at the Pub without the kids!)
If it sounds interesting go check them out!

What Do You Think Of This Commercial

Alright. I've seen this commercial a few times and it just creeps me out. And not just because it's recreating a scene from Poltergeist (totally frightening!). It's because they are using the image of child actor Heather O'Rourke who died in 1988. Have you seen it?

Now, I think about Craig T. Nelson being offered this commercial. Is it fair to him to lose out on a job because his co-star died? No. But this just seems in bad taste. Probably because his co-star was a child. Should Craig T. Nelson have gone through with this?
What do you think?

I'm Doing It

I'm doing the right thing and exercising.
I've got on my spandex. My weights are at my side and Denise Austin is on my DVR.
Usually I exercise when my girls are at school, but with Friday being a "Teacher Planning Day" they were at home, running all around, waiting for me to be done so they can make a fort out of my exercise mats.

My youngest sits on the couch and watches me. I ask if she would like to join me, but no. She says she doesn't feel like it. (Well neither do I! But anyway...) Next she says "Why don't you look like the women on the T.V.?" Well, I may be sweating more, and breathing harder, but I didn't think I was all that bad. 'What do you mean?' I ask. She says, "Those women are smiling."

Ah, yes. It's true. They are smiling. They are tan, in shape, with perfect hair and matching outfits. And they are smiling. What I want to say is 'Well Honey, those women are robots'. But I don't. Instead I respond wit…

Did You Have Fun?

I hope my guests had fun at the Virtual Girls Night Out (and boys too!)

Show the blog world that you're up for a good time by adding this button to your page.

I hope you met some great people. That's what it's all about. I'm so glad that you came by!!! See you next time.

Virtual Night Out - Night 2

Hello friends!
This is what I did for my Virtual Night Out hangover. My family spent the morning at the Pumpkin Patch.

Photo and video editing at
Have you collected your pumpkins yet?

And what can the adult's do with all of these beautiful pumpkins?...

Camper's Pumpkin Chai Cocktail
1 part ice-cold pumpkin pie infused vodka (scoop pumpkin pie mix into a jar of vodka, seal, let sit for one week in the freezer, strain through a coffee filter).
1 1/2 parts chai tea. I used the Tazo chai tea that comes in a box similar to soy milk, found in my local convenience store.
Mix together and serve up in a martini or wine glass.

I found this recipe on the blog "Cocktails With Camper English". Sounds yummy!!!

Now, I've been tagged to play the game "What's In My Purse" by Piece O' Coconut Cake. The thing is I don't really carry a purse. I mean I carry something that holds my useless credit card and my I.D. that lies about my weight, but I d…

V.N.O.- Part II

(***We have some handsome gentlemen in attendance so the title of our evening is altered a bit.***)
Alright, there is a song that plays on my favorite station that just absolutely drives me crazy 1. Because every time it starts I think I'm going to like it, then 2. The lead singers voice drives me up the wall. Which really makes me wonder if 3. I'm a tad nuts because I sing this damn song in my head all the time!!!
I mean, really? His voice makes me so-o-o crazy! What's the matter with me? Why does his voice creep me out so much?
Please listen/watch and tell me what you think. (And if you're related to this guy, I'm truly sorry. I'm sure he's a very nice man and donates to charities and diligently recycles.)

OAR "Love and Memories"

So, is it me? I wonder...

Up To The Challenge
Now, you've got to go visit Rochelle at Whines and Wines. She has posted just about ALL of her Elementary School pictures! What a fantastic woman!!!!
Any other t…

Virtual GNO Is Needed!

Man, oh man. Do we ever deserve a night of nothin' but fun. Good, cheap fun! It's BYOB my friends, because that's what the budget allows. (And any change I find in the cushions is MINE! Oh wait, this is 'virtual'.)
It's a party so don't be shy, go mingle! When someone leaves a comment go visit their blog and leave a comment. When your blog is visited go introduce yourself to your guest. But come back! It's a party!
And you know what would make us feel better people?... We must party like it's 1999!!!

Prince "1999"

Picture Day
Yes, yesterday was picture day and it really was fun. Our school now goes K-8 and I stayed around to help the 'big kids' get ready too. I'm 5'10 and some kids are as tall as me already! (Good Lord! What are we putting in their food?)
I asked if you had any horrible class pictures. My oldest is in 5th grade so I will share my 5th grade picture.
I'm wearing a lovely denim jumpsuit, accented wi…

It's Picture Day!

Hey, it's Picture Day at school!
I'm going to be helping all the sweet (ahem) little 1st through 5th graders make sure that their buttons and zippers are done and that their hair isn't sticking up.
Have you ever had a horrible class picture?
(I'll post one later)
I have no idea of how to do a "linky" thing. (I'm linky challenged.) Put a picture up on your blog and we'll check it out.

Tuesday Tunes - Mr. T

R.I.P. Mother's Cookies.
Did you hear? Did you hear that Mother's Cookies has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?
What is that saying about the state of our corner of the globe that we can't even keep Mother's in business?!? America needs it's Circus Animal cookies!!! The past 8 years have put us in a bad way people.

Mr. T "Treat Your Mother Right"

I couldn't resist!

Will You Be Watching?
Are you ready for the debate? If it gets a little slow how about a little drinking game? What should be the key words or phrases? How about every time McCain challenges Obama's character? Perhaps variations of the words "Liar" and "Terrorist".
And for Obama, how about any variation of the phrases "That's not change","More of the same", etc.
We keep hearing that this will be 'gloves off'. I tend to get a bit, well, emotional so I'm going to do my best to calm down. Take a lot of deep breaths and hope for the b…

Going With The Flow

While I figure out some code you may view this larger by clicking on the image. I found it here The Daily Kos

I Read The News Today...

In the paper today I found a family who is tired of their Obama yard sign being stolen. The son decided to set-up a video camera to catch the no-gooders. They now have a website and it's become pretty popular. The chat room can get very interesting on both sides of the political fence. Good conversation, the way it should be. Click here to see Preston's web page.
(And here's some very important information! The rocks arranged around the sign have been named "Ba-rocks", the moose bird feeder's name is Joewinkle :->)

What's In My Coffee?!

I don't know what's come over me today but I'm ready to throw everything in the dumpster. Maybe not EVERYTHING. Some, of course, would be donated. But today I'm looking around thinking 'What is this doing here?' 'Why do I have this?' and 'Where did this come from?'
I'm finding things that I haven't used for years, and yet I keep holding on to them because of that one thought "One day I might need this".
Well today out it goes!!!! I'm sick of the clutter!!!
Do you ever look around your house and say "What the...?"

Psst! I'm Over Here!

A fantastic BBF has gone and left me for Cabo. Go figure.
She asked if I would fill in the void one day, so go over to Mary Anne's place The Stilleto Mom and see what I've come up with.

About Last Night

Ah, the VP Debate. I'm glad it happened. I'm glad we were able to hear Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden speak.
I'm proud of Biden and I think he did well. And I especially like his new last name that was given to him by Palin. Maybe it's her nickname for him, O'Biden. I heard her refer to the "other ticket" as Sen. Obama and Sen. O'Biden. Hmmm.
And I must commend Palin. I think she did well also. I mean come on, she really hasn't had a whole lot of time to prepare to be Vice President, let alone President, has she? I wonder if she ever sits back and thinks "Boy, if you had told me 6 months ago that I would be offered the chance to be the Vice President of the United States of America I would have said... well, um, I would have said... …

Tuesday Tunes (On Wednesday) - Matchbox Twenty

And... since it is,
Let me just add that I'm looking forward to the debate tonight between Joe Biden and Sarah Fey. Or is it Tina Palin?
Joe, you had better do a great job! Do you hear me?!? Keep it together Joe. Don't start rambling on like I've seen you do.
I wonder if Sarah will reprise her Katie Couric interview? Hmmm? :->

Now for the music...
I know how I was doing 8 years ago. October 2000. I remember how our economy was doing 8 years ago.
What a difference 8 years can make.

Matchbox Twenty "How Far We've Come"