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Dreaming of Beckham

So I'm in this gorgeous home over looking the ocean. Beautiful, plush white furniture with delicately decorated throw pillows. Beautiful lamps are next to vases filled with lush flowers. It's just gorgeous. My husband is there. We smile and each other. What a lovely morning. Then David and Victoria Beckham walk in. "Good Morning you two!" 'Good morning! How did you sleep?' "I slept really well" says David Beckham, rubbing his head. Victoria plops down beside me on the couch and says "Isn't this a beautiful home? What should we do today?" Rob and I look at each other and I say 'Let's see if Jean and Lionel have any plans' (Jean and Lionel being Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer from my favorite BBC show "As Time Goes By".) "It's really nice that they let us stay here. Really." says my secret boyfriend David Beckham. I just love saying his name At this point I wake up to the song "

Rose City

Isn't it just the way? You return from time away only to notice that your house is so-o-o much dirtier than you realized. The package that you have been waiting for arrives when you aren't there to sign for it. And your husband's car completely brakes down on his way to an important client. (An appointment that had you come home a day early so he could make!) Times like these call for a walk in the garden. This is when a good hit of Tea Roses hits the spot. Photo and video editing at

Tuesday Tunes

I'm back from a long weekend away. And even in green and serene surroundings I can't get this song out of my head. The Kooks "Always Where I Need To Be"

Is It Wrong? Part Two

Time for another installment... Is it wrong to be creeped out by the neighbor kids? To give one the secret nickname "Gollum" and laugh everytime your husband says the word 'precious'? Is it wrong to put your kids to bed early because you really want a glass(es) of wine? (a.k.a. "mommies juice box") Is it wrong to accept a compliment on your naturally flawless complexion when you actually spent 5 minutes putting on your Bare Minerals before you came to pick-up the kids? Not that I've done any of these things. Just wonderin' How about you?

Lost My Temper

I yelled at one of my girls this morning. I really wish I hadn't. Man!!! So I'm imagining she's sent me a little card to make me feel better:

Tuesday Tunes

The Ting Tings "Great DJ" You just might catch yourself dancing around ridiculously, not knowing the mailman has been watching the whole time And for Sue... "That's Not My Name"

You Remind Me...

Have you ever looked at someone but not really see them? My youngest has gone to school with the same little boy for 3 years. I've seen his parents at school events, meetings and the pick-up/drop-off shuffle. We always smile, or give the 'Hey' nod. Pleasant greetings for 3 years. Now here we are at a pool birthday party and while the children played, the father and I sat next to each other and starting talking. He was reminiscing about the pool and how its changed since he was little. He was talking about the change in the neighborhood which led to the question "Where did you grow up?" I said 'I grew up in the North part of town" and gave the general area. He just looked at me. I thought he didn't know what I was talking about so I gave him more details. He still just stared at me. I felt a little awkward so I gave him specific streets and he said "I grew up one block from you". That's when I really looked at him. I said '

You Did What?!?

O.K. You know how sometimes you do something that you think will make you feel better, but isn't really a good idea? Like plucking your eyebrows after having too much of "Mommies Juice Box". Or trying to use an Epilady (while sober). Well, let me tell ya'. I'm stating for the record that I will never try to highlight my own hair again. You see the person that I go to costs way too much. And I've had to space my appointments apart too far so it looks like I'm wearing a black toupee right on the top of my head! I was tired of it so I went to the store, bought a box of "Root Touch-Up" and headed home to turn my bathroom into my own little beauty parlor. I got the towel, the rubber gloves. I even lit a candle and put on my favorite tunes. I probably shouldn't have had that wine though...oh well. So here I am, thinking that I could make the top of my head look at least a little bit like the bottom half, not fully understanding that I have 5 d

Bloomin' Wednesday

Beautiful bouquet for Mother's Day Make an on-line slideshow at Oh! I don't want to go to work today!!! The weather is just starting to dry out and be sunny. I would much rather stay here and watch the flowers grow.

Tuesday Tunes

The Weepies I am so-o-o late to the party on this one. Go listen the The Weepies. Thanks Colo!

Is It Wrong?

Time for 'Is It Wrong?' Is it wrong that while I'm exercising all I can think about is 'What am I going to have for lunch?' Is it wrong to give a 4th grader a dirty look, and quite possibly scare the crap out of her, because I over-heard her call my daughter weird and strange? Is it wrong to sit at a coffee shop with a book whose cover looks impressive just to make others think that I'm smart and interesting? Not that I've done any of these things. Just wonderin' How about you?

Spring Time

We've had a break in the weather. It feels so good for the rain to stop. Here's a tour of the backyard. Photo and video editing at How are things in your area?

Any Excuse To Celebrate

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Rear View

O.K. Husband is out of town. We miss him very much. So I decide to take my girls someplace fun. I put together our swim bag and go to a huge swim park. They are so happy and I'm glad that I have the energy to do this. So we have a fine drive there. Get a great parking spot. Smile and hold hands skipping to our fun afternoon. We're in the changing room (we found a Family Changing Room. What luck!) and my oldest has everything all set and asks if she can met us by the pool. "Sure. Don't get in without me", etc. While my youngest is still trying to put herself together I'm looking in the mirror noticing that my exercises are starting to work. The thighs aren't so bad right now. Let's see the back-side. Oh...My...God! As in God Help Me!!! The back half of my swimming suit has been eaten away by chlorine of summers past. I'm all there for the world to see. Sh*#%@*t !!!! I wrap a towel around myself and walk to the main desk to see if they sel

Open Mouth-Insert Foot-Drink More Wine

I went to the beach last weekend with my sister and 2 of her co-workers. I had never met them, which usually makes me uneasy, but I really wanted to go to the beach, so I put on my friendly face and off I went. The first night was fine. Although I could tell we were very different people. They were playing cards, drinking coffee while my sister and I were enjoying our Amaretto Sours and watching Ghost Whisperer. (Tushes at 8:00! That's for you Kathi. ) On the second night my glasses of wine encouraged me to bring up a theory I have about Republicans and their feelings toward the Clintons. I wouldn't normally talk politics with strangers but dang that yummy Pinot Gris! Well, when I was done venting, one of the ladies told me she was a proud Republican and began her little speech (which in the end proved my theory true). I was embarrassed that I had brought this up, but I was also happy to learn I was on the right track. (I'm trying to think positive here.) Well, I