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Things Are Looking Up

Outside our front door the cherry blossoms are falling, the tulips are in bloom and I feel hopeful that the rain will stop. Yeah!

Smiling On The Outside

I have to laugh when I see my header photo. You see, I know what parts I cut-out. So, here we were on our annual Santa visit. We travel a little bit to go to a beautiful shopping area that makes you feel so much richer than you really are. They have the kind of stores that make you feel you should wipe your feet before you enter. Every hour "snow" falls and we all smile. (I made the mistake of telling my girls to try to catch snowflakes on their tongues only to find out that the snow was actually soap flakes. Ah well, I counted it as their evening tooth-brushing.) After our Santa visit we let the girls visit a candy store and my oldest chooses a Jaw Breaker that is bigger than her head! She is so-o-o happy. My youngest goes for Gummy Worms. We are getting pretty cold and find a cozy area, complete with fireplace, and have a seat. Photo Op! Here's the full picture... Now, if you'll notice my youngest has a mouth full of Gummy Worms and my oldest is doing...


This sign popped-up on the side of the road last week. I see it everyday and love it! I wish I knew who did it. I hope there are more popping up around the city.

Time To Vent

I'm so annoyed with Hillary and Barack. I'm tired of my Democratic party fighting amongst themselves! Honestly, I feel it's Hillary more than Barack. I'm sick of it. If we tear each other down the evil party will win again and continue to ruin not just America, but the planet. Democrats need to work together.

Turn It Up! - Radiohead

I shouldn't try to drive while I'm listening to this song. Something just comes over me and I want to turn it up way too loud... to the point that my speakers sound like, well, not very good speakers. And I'm not paying as much attention as I should to my surroundings. I love this song!