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Damn Squirrels!

We've been hearing some scurrying upstairs.  We have space that was referred to as "a room upstairs" that has been turned into a bedroom by Lily.  ( There are no windows but there is an emergency exit/fire ladder leading to the garage.  It's weird. ) Lily decided a year ago that she needed more privacy and moved out from the bedroom she shared with her sister all of her 11 years, and created a pink haven in the space upstairs.  There is still work to be done but it's hers and she's happy. Now, about this scurrying.  Some of the space upstairs is, well, I guess you would call it an unfinished attic.  (If Rob and I were some amazing DIY-ers I'm sure the upstairs could look amazing but, I'm more of a "Let's watch the DIY Channel" then actually doing the job.)  We've heard scurrying last Fall and it's happening again.  It's squirrels.  Rob checked it out last season and recognized that it was squirrels.  He thought the situation

What Would Your Hat Say?

I'm sure you're familiar with the term "I wear many hats".   There are some days that term is so true to life that you wish you had a wardrobe that would let people see what phase you're in so they would know when they can ask you; that all important question that has-to-be-answered-right-now, request a special meal to be prepared or when you have time to take care of a DMV visit or other transportation issue.   Just because you work from home doesn't mean you have time to do whatever anybody wants you to.    What about taking the hat term literally and having some personalized hats made and wear them for the mode you’re in?   There would be no mistaking your availability when it’s labeled on your forehead!   I would have a Taxi Mom hat, a Personal Banker hat, a Writer hat.   Also a Dog Walker, House Cleaner and Cooking-Even-Though-It-Stresses-Me-Out hat.    Now that I’m thinking about it, my hat label ideas are growing.   What hats would you wear?

Scary Hotel Follow Up

So about that freaky hotel situation. ( Post: Scary Night At The Hotel ) I can usually figure things out.  I'm not a super sleuth but I've read enough Nancy Drew in my day so I've learned to look for clues.  But when it comes to the dead bolt on our hotel room door being locked from the inside , then becoming unlocked after we walked away from the door, this has me baffled. On Monday morning I called from our home in Portland and asked to speak to the Manager.  I just had to share my experience.  I wasn't trying to get anything from my call other than to have our story logged in their security file.  Perhaps we aren't the only ones this has happened to.  The Manager listened to my retelling of the events and apologized for our scary experience.  She said that the bell man should have stayed in the room with us and called Security.  I agreed.  She offered to give us vouchers for another stay but I am still freaked by this whole thing, I'm not sure I'm up

Crazy Old Cats!

If these old cats of ours don't stop this crazy, loud meowing at what ever time of the night/early morning they want I'm going to lose it! I remember, when they were kittens, using a squirt bottle to spritz them when they were doing something they shouldn't.  I do believe it's time to bring back the spritz! I think they're going coo-coo in their old age.  Rob calls it 'Catz-heimers'.  What ever we want to call it, it just has to stop.  Any ideas?

Bringing Out My Inner Veruca Salt

Returning home from a visit to a lovely hotel doesn’t bode well for my view of our house.   When I’m here the furnishings seem all right.   W e have furniture to sit on, plumbing that works and clothes that are clean.   Yes, the furniture will have some animal hair on it (thanks to our huge chocolate lab Benny and our two Russian Blue cats, Maddy and Phoebe) but our little house if full of love and we go about our days grateful for what we have.   But when I get the chance to stay in a hotel my opinions upon returning to our little house are ‘Everything is old and dirty!   We need some updates pronto!’ Rob and I were able to stay in a beautiful hotel that had relaxing colors, lovely linens and fantastic waterworks .   I could have stayed in that shower all morning!   I know that we could create a spa-like atmosphere in our own home if we updated the bathroom with just a few pieces.   I’m not talking a major remodel, just some switches of shower heads, towel racks and bathroom

Kind Of Curious

So I'm driving down a main street in our neighborhood and a reader board of a Church catches my eye.  'What did that say?' I thought.  Back around the block I go.  When I saw the reader board I was a bit surprised.  You see, the words that were on it were very similar to something I had posted on Twitter about a month ago. I posted:   And this is what I found on a neighborhood Church's reader board: It's just kinda' funny how similar the wording is.  At least, I think so. I understand in this age of massive social media that having an original thought is really just a culmination of other images and words you've seen along the way.  I just found it mind blowing to experience this similarity in my own neighborhood.