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Why Didn't Someone Stop Me?!

Ah yes... I remember it well.   (~~~~trip back to 1980~~~~) I remember my first day of High School. Actually what I remember is the picture taken of me leaving for my first day of High School. I'm wearing a brave smile, but the hair,  the hair , my  hair  style was a nightmare.  My two best friends and I were going to be attending a High School out of our district, that was stressful enough. To add to this new-ness we wanted new looks as well since this school was known for the preppiness that was sweeping the John Hughes lovin' nation.  K. was going to sport the Argyle and Alligator shirt look. W. was going for 'All Monogrammed, All The Time" and I was going to ditch the bell-bottoms, wear Levi's and have the hairstyle of my dreams.   I have straight, thick hair and had always wanted curly hair. When I would see girls with curly hair they always seemed so artistic, so worldly. I wanted to be those things too! My mom had been perming her hair for years so she

Is There A Camera On Me?

Do you ever get the feeling that everyone around you got the script, except you?  Some days I feel like I'm living in a SitCom.  Here's one example: "I'm off to rehearsal" said my husband. "What play are you in Dad?" asked our youngest. "King Lear.  I'm the Duke of Burgundy and a few other smaller character's." "Have fun!" we say and out the door he goes.  My youngest returns to the computer and Movie Star Planet. I pick up the t.v. remote and find one of my favorite channels, Turner Classic Movies.  I see a movie beginning starring Rosalind Russel and Hayley Mills made in 1966.  It's a comedy and that's just what I'm in the mood for. *Knock at the front door.  My oldest daughter's friend walks in wearing head-to-toe penguin footie pajamas.* "Hey Katie", she says.  "Ready to go to the store?" "Um, you're not wearing that, are you?" asks Katie.  "No.&qu

Did I Catch Him At A Bad Time? Or Is This His Normal?

"Get back here!!  What do you think you're doing ?!  Go wash your hands RIGHT. NOW!" This was being shouted by a grown man to a young boy as my husband, my 13 year old daughter and I were walking into, what is normally, a mellow neighborhood pizza place.  Apparently this man didn't like the fact that this boy had pizza grease on his hands. He didn't like a young child taking his time eating. He didn't like a young child riding their bike in circles. And I definitely didn't take kindly to his constant verbal assault which, whether this man realized it or even cared, was really pissing me off.  A quick scan of the outdoor seating space showed a father, sitting on top of a picnic table, holding court over 4 young children.  Every move they made he yelled at them.  "Pick up that napkin!"  "Why'd you pour that water on the ground?!  It will pool and bugs will come around where people eat!  What were you thinkin'?!!"  

What's Blossoming Now - Wordless Wednesday

 A stroll around the garden and I find all kinds of color - "Orange Pyramid" Lily Johnny Jump-Up Annual Sunflower What colors are happening in your yard now? Being much better this week at keeping Wordless Wednesday actually "wordless" ;->  How would you like to link up with us over at Tales Of A Pee Dee Mama ?  Let me know if you do.

I Want To Get Out Of The Car! He Wouldn't Let Her - What Would You Do?

Photo courtesy of The first thing that caught my attention was the windshield.  As Rob and I were sitting at a red light I look over and see a car, with a badly smashed windshield, making a right turn.  The windshield looked like a baseball bat went at it a couple of times and I was surprised that the driver could see well enough to maneuver the car.  As the car drove down the road going further behind us my attention went back to my anticipation of what I was going to order for my birthday dinner tonight at our favorite restaurant, Jake's. Probably Salmon stuffed with a blend of cream cheese, crab and shrimp.  Absolutely decadent and delicious! As we approached a red light that same car with the bashed in windshield pulls into our lane of traffic, directly in front of us.  Curious.  I'm looking at this car, backseat piled with clothing, and told Rob I had noticed this car and was impressed with it's way of getting around a red light.  As I was

Captured In Flight - Wordless Wednesday

One of my favorite places to be is in my own backyard.  Some days I find the veggies are sprouting, the buds have blossomed or a cat that wants to call us his new family.  (And yes, he's visited us everyday for the past week :-> )  The other day I was working outside and found a hummingbird that wanted to use our fountain as his bath.  That's fine with me! (I was a bit far - these were taken with my iPhone) Perfect landing.  Destination: Fountain I'm taking part in Wordless Wednesday at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama .  Why don't you join us? :->

Did I Inspire Kim Kardashian To Try To Break The Internet?

When Katie and Lily were young my days were spent trying to keep up with their energy. One particular day I decided to take my girls to a new swim park, and that's where the following took place :-> The temperatures are soaring, Rob is out of town, and my girls and I need a break. So I decide to put together our swim bags to go to a huge swim park. My girls are so excited and I'm glad I have the energy to do this. We have a fine, long drive and I field questions like "Will there be a slide?"  and  "Is there a diving board?".   Considering Katie - 9 y/o - has no fear I'm visualizing her making a bee-line for the diving board and me having one of my many panic attacks.  I find a great parking spot right by the front door. We smile and hold hands skipping to our fun afternoon. We get one of the Family changing room's (which is a major coo in itself) and my 9 yr. old gets all set as fast as she can then asks if she can meet us by the pool. &q

Very Unsure About This - Wordless Wednesday

A new cat has arrived in our backyard.  Slightly off-putting, it looks somewhat similar to our sweet Maddy that passed in October.  This cat has been roaming through our backyard on the way to our neighbors bird bath ;-> This cat is feeling pretty comfortable with us I guess, he sat next to me while I was working on the laptop.   Then strolled into our house.  Suddenly I hear lots of meowing and the cat is leaving our house with Benny following close behind.  After the cat tries to find a safe base on my lap Benny retreats.   Poor Benny.  He's so confused. Join us for Wordless Wednesday at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama .

WordPress Not Your Thing? You've Got A Friend In Me

I hate Wordpress.  Just hate working with it.   HATE! I had been blogging for 7 years when I decided to take make a change with my review blog (  I had read so many testimonials from other Bloggers who said how much they loved WordPress and how it helped them gain exposure and generate more income.  Cool!  I had been with Blogger since my beginning and was getting spooked by many who claim Blogger would "do me wrong" somehow.  I felt confident that it was time to make a switch so, with the help of a professional, I made the switch from Blogger to 1 year ago.  And... I've regretted it ever since. Do you like code?  Are you technical? Well then WordPress is the place for you! Hey, after being on Blogger for 7 years of course I changed code in my program and added things to my site so I thought being on WordPress would be no problem.  But crap!  WP is not for the faint of heart, or perhaps I just wasn't loaded with the