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Thinking Of Stopping

Just when I think I'm going to stop doing this "blogging thing" I see a blogging prompt that catches my attention and makes me want to share... for a little while longer anyway.

Beginning August 2nd I'll take part in A Daily Dose Of Toni's "30 Days About Me".  Sounds sweet.  Why not?  How about you?  Would you like to participate too?  Click here to join in (let me know if you do :-> ).

No Wire Hangers!

Being on vacation in Central Oregon brings out the Mommy Dearest in me.

So far I have forced my daughters to go swimming, forced them to go on walks, and forced them to sit on a lawn and gaze at the Three Sisters Mountains - (Additional Rule:  They may not complain or touch each other to insight an argument.)

No Wire Hangers!

It Builds Character, Right?

I'm having breakfast with a family of deer and my new best friend, a hummingbird.

My family and I are incredibly lucky to be spending time at Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon.  It's a happy place for me, even if we've had some difficult times here.  Let's see there was:

~ That time my doctor at home didn't catch a condition in time that only got worse once I made it out here, leading me to the Emergency Room in Redmond, OR for care.

~That time I tried to relive my early teen years and skateboarded with my oldest, only to get too sure of myself when I did my version of a Tony Hawk dismount and landed hard on my rear and left hand... which lead to a painful night and a morning trip to the ER with a slight fracture of my left wrist.

~ That time, last summer to be exact, that we finally got it through our heads that no matter how much planning you put into your trip, something will come along and *&#$! it up.  Our cars transmission blew up 200 miles away from ho…

Virtual Girls Night Out - Least Complicated

I will not let my crunchy, no good, trying to keep me down computer stop me from having my Virtual Girls Night Out.  No I won't!  (I'm sure some of you can relate to how I'm feeling about this little piece of *%&$ that seems to be oh-so-important in my life ;-> ).  I don't want to stress about things any more, I just want to relax and have fun with my blog pals.  Sso... that's what I'm going to do!  Happy Virtual Girls Night Out!

*The Virtual Girls Night Out is for those that don't have a chance to truly get out of the house but still want to "hang with their friends".  So, make yourself a cocktail, put on something cozy (for those of you sweating up a storm with this heat wave take a cold shower than stand in front of a fan!) and have fun. Leave a comment to let us know you stopped by.  We'll do the same and say "Happy VGNO!!!"

Time For Some Tunes!

(I'm going to see this delightful duo later tonight!)

Indigo Girls "Leas…

Just Failing At Parenting, That's All

I am not driving my kids from camp to camp.  I am not filling their summer days with structured Science or Literature classes.  I am not spending a lot of time in the kitchen helping them to create foods with funny faces or organic offerings. 

I'm lazy-ass mom.  Or, so a lovely commenter said.  (Delete! Delete!)

I do feel guilty though.  I feel the days of doing nothing are opportunities wasted.  They could have learned something really important today!  But I didn't push them. 

My kids just aren't self-motivated.  When we have a summer day where there isn't something scheduled, which is often, I spend most of my time suggesting things for them to do. Rather than them asking me "Can we?  Can we?" I hear, "Do we have to?"

I feel like I'm failing.  Or, to turn it around, I'm winning in the "Unmotivated Kids" catagory.

*heavy sigh*

Cellulite Doesn't Live Here

Just spent the weekend in Bend, OR.  Absolutely beautiful.  Gorgeous mountains, stunning trees, hot desert.  (It feels like a desert to me - I'm from the Pacific Northwest! ;-> ). 

Everyone looks so fit.  So tan.  So Sports Illustrated.  If these women have cellulite they do a fantastic job of covering it up. 

We're heading back that way in 2 weeks.  I've got to bust some moves to make my cottage cheese thighs disappear.  Ugh.

Virtual Girls Night Out - Keep Your Head Up

This time last year we had a string of events that really knocked the wind from my sails.  I've always had a glimmer of hope that things were going to go in a positive direction but all of the sudden little bits kept happening that were negative situations and I was losing not only sense of humor, but my hope.  I'm sensitive (I'm a Cancer/Moon Child.  Born in July.  I know that's one of our traits ;-> ) and I take things very personally.  Ugh.

But wait!  What's this??  Am I starting to see a bit of hope returning??? Well, maybe.  I still stress over low-to-no funds in the ol' bank account, it keeps me up and wakes me when I do sleep.  But that glimmer is beginning to return.  I can feel it :->  Let's celebrate positive thinking at this weeks Virtual Girls Night Out!

*The VGNO blog-hop is for those who want to party "virtually" with other bloggers. Add your blog link to the link-up below, get on your fuzzy slippers, make yourself a cocktail, …

Interesting And Wonderful Family Vacation

In October I wrote about my dad's wife (not my mother) passing away unexpectedly.  It's been something that has not only rocked his world, but the lives of the family he had left behind oh-so-many years ago.  We are learning about each other.  We are learning about ourselves.  We are finding our own level of how to, again, be a "family".  It's been fantastic. 
So much has happened in 9 months.  And I know so much more will happen.  I'm ready.  (I think).
My dad wants to get to know his family, his granddaughters.  We planned a little family vacation and had the most interesting, and intense, vacation at Great Wolf Lodge.  Just incredible!

Make photo slide shows at
It's quite a journey we're on. 

Thank you dear sister for taking such wonderful pictures ;->

I'm Easy... Wait, I Mean...

I'm a simple gal.  I don't need fancy gifts to make me happy. (Presents are nice though, don't get me wrong.)

I am loving my birthday wishes!  Thank you so, so, SO MUCH!!!

Virtual Girls Night Out - Birthday Weekend, Shhh!

This weekend is busy (it's my birthday weekend - Shhhh! ;-> ) so I just wanted to send a tiny Virtual Girls Night Out party for my fantastic blog pals.  Happy VGNO!

*The VGNO blog-hop is for those who want to party "virtually" with other bloggers. Add your blog link to the link-up below, get on your fuzzy slippers, make yourself a cocktail, visit those that have left their blog link and have fun! Happy VGNO!*

Time For Some Laughs!

Chelsea Handler "Pole Dancing Class"
 Pole Dancing Class - Click here for the funniest movie of the week I absolutely love this woman. Time For A Cocktail! Happy Birthday Ingredients:
1. Champagne
2. Bacardi Light Rum - 1/2 oz.
3. Pineapple Juice - 1/2 oz.
4. Orange Curacao - 1/2 oz.
5. Black Haus Blackberry Schnapps - 1.33 oz.
6. Peach Nectar - 1/2 oz.
Add ingredients in a Champagne Glass.
Fill up with Champagne.


This is a short and sweet VGNO tonight.  Have fun at our Virtual Girls Night Out! If you like, leave your blo…

Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project - Join Us!

Would you like to participate in a photo project that has a little heart-shaped rock hopping around the globe one blog at a time? Would you like to have your blog spotlighted? Then you need to take part in the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project! (Part 3)

While on the Oregon Coast I found this little "gem" and decided I didn't want its journey to end. 'Why not', I thought, 'share this heart rock with my blog pals?' So, here we are! This blog photo project is on it's 3rd go-around.  We've had some wonderful participants and seen some great photos.  Let's see how far we can go this time.  (The first stop is in Connecticut :-> )

How can you, you lovely blogging person, take part in the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project you ask? Here's what you do:

*E-mail your name & address to I will add your destination to the list. Once you receive the little heart-shaped gem...

*Take a picture of it with something that re…

Safe and (Loud) Sound

Our neighborhood gathered together and had our own fireworks display.  Everyone still has all their fingers and toes - so I call that a success!

I look back at pictures from past gatherings and I can't believe how quickly the time goes.  Where are the round, little faces afraid of the sparks?  What happened to the delicate ears that we would cover with our hands so that the *snap*crackle*pop* wouldn't injure their eardrums?

Now we have tall, lanky teens who can't wait to blow something up, who play their music so loud we have to tell them to turn down the volume - because it bothers us.

Time goes by... too fast.

Good Call Founding Father's

Happy Independence Day!

Virtual Girls Night Out - Fireworks, Yes? or No?

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! Any special plans for the holiday? We're in town so I'm sure we'll hang out with the neighbors and watch the kids play with sparklers (I'll be the one with a fire extinguisher, a bucket of water and prayers for safety!) How about I get my mind off of kids playing with fire and focus on our Virtual GNO!

*The VGNO blog-hop is for those who want to party "virtually" with other bloggers. Add your blog link to the link-up below, get on your fuzzy slippers, make yourself a cocktail, visit those that have left their blog link and have fun! Happy VGNO!*

Time For Some Tunes!

Michael Franti & Spearhead "The Sound of Sunshine"

Time For A Cocktail!

Stars and Stripes Martini
Blueberries - slightly crushed
1.5 oz. SKYY Citrus Vodka
¼ oz. blue curacao
¼ oz. Chambord raspberry liqueur
½ oz. simple syrup
1 oz. lemonade
Splash lemon-lime soda
2 juiced lemons
Muddle blueberries with the blue curacao in a…

Why Twitter Parties Are A Good Idea

I know that going through your Twitter feed can be a bit annoying when a popular #hashtag Twitter party is happening.  But, you never know what can happen when you participate in a Twitter party.

Who's that?  In the middle?  On that big screen?

Time Square baby!!!

Another thing checked off my "To Do" list. 

Hope to see you at the next Twitter party :->

Thanks @Lawry's, @mombloggersclub and @themotherhood for the fun!