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Yes, I Drive A Mini Van - So What?!?

And the reason people, mostly women, give the mini-van a bad time is why? I mean really? Is it because of the shape? Is that it? Or, is it because it's a vehicle that fits more than 4 people which makes it a perfect vehicle for parents? Further confirming that 'yes' you are a parent and 'yikes' you're not ready to deal with that fact. I have driven a mini-van for, oh, about 5 years now and I honestly love it. I love that it has all the room I need, that my 2 children can sit 1 row from each other , and that, if need be, I can help a friend out with a little bit of moving. (Taking out the back row is great!) Yes someone said something that prompted this rant. And yes, I let them know how I felt about this silly, on-going subject. But... I guess I still had a little more to say

T.T. - Lilac Part 3 & Vlog

It's the 3rd week of the " Tracking Tuesday - Lilac " project and the growth on this stem is taking too long for me. I want some buds! Time to move to another part of this Lilac bush. These little blossoms will be delightful to follow. Can't wait to see (and smell them) next Tuesday. *Let's see how Rob's Greenhouse is doing... Follow the lovely growth as I track the spring time blossoms every Tuesday. It all began here .

Shock and Oh No

When I saw my dearest 12 yr. old daughter with her hair down, not in the pony-tail that she sports every day , I was thrilled. I had just arrived at her school for volunteer work and here she was, running towards me from the playground with her arms outstretched. She's not too self-conscious to hug me, I was thinking. What a sweetie. "Thank goodness you're here" she said, "I can't believe what I've done!" Uh oh. We found a quiet corner and she took many deep breaths. I didn’t have a good feeling about this, my mind was racing. I asked why her hair was down; she said it was so no one would recognize her. Ahhh… the old disguise trick. Finally she said “I kicked a boy in the nuts.” I know my first reaction shouldn’t be a giggle, so I stifled it the best I could. ‘Why? Why would you do that?’ I said. “He was making fun of my friend! Oh, I’m going to be in so much trouble. Can we go home?” Nope. I did my best to calm her down and to direct

Virtual Girls Night Out - Unorganized

I'm so behind in my Easter plans. I can't believe how soon it is! I better get myself in gear and start organizing. But not before I hang out with my blog friends at our Virtual Girls Night Out! * The VGNO is for those of us who couldn't get a baby-sitter but still need to break away from the cries and demands of our family, if only for a little bit. This is a blog-hopping party that's began in 2008. Check out this post, then add your blog name & link to Simply Linked below. Click on blog links that have joined our party. Visit new friends & go blog-hopping! Happy VGNO! * Time For A Cocktail! White Pear Martini Ingredients: - 1 oz. brewed white pear tea, cooled - 1 oz. vodka - 2 oz. pear nectar Directions: Combine in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a thin slice of pear. Ah... delicious! Tastes like Spring to me. (That is, if Spring had a taste.) Time For Some Tunes! The beautiful and talente

I Get The Message - ATWT

While unpacking I walked into the bathroom to find Phoebe sitting in the sink. (I guess I didn't supply enough fresh water in the cats dish while we were away for a few days.) Check out other pics participating in A Thousand Words Thursday at Jen's Musings of The Mom Jen .

Tracking Tuesday - Lilac Part 2

How is the lilac doing this week? ... Follow this lovely bud as I track it's spring time bloom every Tuesday. Beginning here .

Well, This Is A First

*I remember when... It was a much needed getaway for my husband and myself. We were lucky enough to go to our favorite location, Calistoga, CA. After we picked up our rental car from the Oakland Airport we put in our favorite music and headed down the highway, car-top down. The difference in weather from Portland, OR to Calistoga can make an Oregonian's spirit soar. Yes Virginia, there is blue sky. The next day starts with a fantastic breakfast, followed by a drive to many wineries. The top is down on the convertable and I feel light as a feather. I know that my children are in good hands at home and, well, wine makes me happy! We arrive for our appointment for afternoon massages feeling comfortable and relaxed. I didn't think anything could take me from this blissful feeling. That was until the desk clerk went over our reservation. It seems that we had been booked to have a "Couples Special". Um... OK... I look at Rob and he looks to the clerk to say that that wasn&#

Virtual Girls Night Out - Spring! & A Giveaway

Almost... It's almost here... officially. Spring!!! The first day of Spring officially begins on March 20th. I can't wait to break out of this winter funk. It hit me hard this year. Let's spread the joy and get going with our Virtual Girls Night Out! * The VGNO is for those of us who couldn't get a baby-sitter but still need to break away from the cries and demands of our family, if only for a little bit. This is a blog-hopping party that's been happening since 2008 . So check out this post, add your blog title and link to Simply Linked below and visit those that have done the same. Go blog-hopping! Happy VGNO! * Time For A Cocktail! Cilantro Martini ~Heaping handful fresh cilantro ~1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger ~Juice from 1 lime ~1/2 oz simple syrup ~2 oz citrus vodka ~1/2 oz gin Fill shaker with crushed ice, cilantro, lime juice, and simple syrup, and muddle well. Add vodka and gin. Shake well, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Whaddya' think?

Katie and Her Tree

Since Katie was around 5 she has had a special bond with the cherry tree in our back yard. She claimed it as her own, calling it " My cherry tree". Every year she climbs higher and higher. Yes, there was that one time when she was smaller and her fear got the best of her, she couldn't get down. Praise for the wonderful neighbors who gathered round and helped her! (And don't bring that up unless you want the cold, steely stare of a 12 year old!) I was looking for her yesterday and she was no where in our house. I had a suspicion that she might be in "her" tree... "And that's how you climb a tree!"

Tracking Tuesday - Lilac

As the official start of Spring approaches I can feel the winter blahs drifting away. My husband has been very busy with yard work. And I am starting to feel energized by all the birds singing and emerging blossoms. Today I begin "Tracking Tuesday". The above photo is of a Lilac bud. Every Tuesday I will photograph this little bud until it becomes a full lilac blossom. (We have 3 colors of lilacs along our back fence and I have no idea what color this one is going to be!) Full "End of Blossom" slide-show at the end. Is there anything you would like to keep track of? Please add your link below if you would like to take part in "Tracking Tuesday".

A Funny Thing Happened at AT&T

Upon entering the AT&T store I felt something was up. The one person working looked a little stressed while sitting at his desk. He gave the usual “Hello. Let me know if I can help you” greeting and I told him that my phone wasn’t working. As we get into more detail about the problem the business phone rings. When he picks up the receiver that stressed look comes back. He does his best to get off the phone but it seems difficult for him to hang up. I was getting annoyed. Once he hangs up he hands me my phone and says “There you go. It was the SIM card. It’s all fixed.” Yeah. Great. OK then, out the door I go when my cell rings and I can’t clearly hear the person on the other end. Thank goodness my oldest child had done something wrong so the school could call and tell me about it. (Yes, I’m sure this will be the only time I will say that.) When I turned to the AT&T person to say that the phone wasn’t fixed his company phone rings again… he tries to get off the phone

Virtual Girls Night Out - Starting Over & A Giveaway!

Hello.... Hellooo... can you see me through the Google haze? Were you able to trek through the "internets" and land at my little place of thoughts and silliness? Yeah! I'm glad you're here! Consider this my formal "Change Of Address" notice. My url is now , and I do hope that you will come back again and again. Now, on with our blog-hopping Virtual Girls Night Out! *The VGNO is for those of us who couldn't get a baby-sitter but still need to break away from the cries and demands of our family, if only for a little bit. This is a blog-hopping party that's been happening since 2008. So check out this post, add your blog title and link to MckLinky below and visit those that have done the same. Go blog-hopping! Happy VGNO! * Time For A Cocktail! There Will Be Rum Ingredients: 1 oz Malibu Rum 1 oz ruby red grapefruit juice dash of grenadine syrup chilled G.H. Mumm Champagne strawberry slice for garnish Preparation: Shake

Can You See Me?

I have something new... can you tell? Do I look any different? Could it be that my address is now the name of my blog? Hmmmm.....? :-> Yep! I've bought my domain name so now you can find me directly at . (If anyone is considering the same move from a blogspot to a custom domain I'll help in any way I can because, let me tell ya', you'll need help. Yowzaa!)

Yes, I'm That Kind Of Mom

Yes. Yes I am the kind of mom that forces her child to go to school after hitting her head on a pole. I couldn't believe it. If only I had parked the car a few feet ahead this wouldn't have happened. But I didn't and it did. While my Lily was turning to blow sweet kisses my way she turns and runs smack into a pole. Shit. (There I said it.) After sitting in the car awhile we walked to the office and got her an ice pack. She didn't have a bump but she said it hurt. We stayed in a quiet corner for some time and read one of her library books. I said 'Let's gather ourselves and get to class'. That wasn't Lil's plan. She wanted to go home. And that wasn't my plan. As we were walking in the hallway I felt parents giving me appalling looks. Maybe they were, maybe they weren't. I knew that she was OK. But my mind always goes to the darkest places when it comes to injuries and if we just pressed forward I knew she would be OK. (I'

Virtual GNO - Wearing A Velour Jumpsuit To The Oscars

I have been feeling so-o-o off lately. I read that the earthquake in Chile tilted the world off it's axis . That must be it!! That or hormones. I always blame hormones. Time to cheer up by breaking out the St. John's Wort and having a Virtual Girls Night Out! *New to the VGNO? Here's what you do at the the Friday night blog-hopping party: Read this VGNO post, sign the MckLinky guest book below with your blog name/blog link then click on links of fellow bloggers and leave some comment love. A sweet message of "Happy VGNO!" is great. Go blog-hopping!* Time For Some Tunes! Jamie Cullum "Wheels" "Tell you what I heard, the wheels are falling off the world". He is one of my absolute favorites! Love him!!! Let's see what St. John's Wort will taste good with... Time For A Cocktail! The Oscars are this weekend so let's pour some bubbly. Champagne all around! Time For A Party Game! With the Oscars happening this Sunday let's play

A Little Bit Of Light - ATWT

I need all the light I can find. Something to lift my spirits. I do believe Spring is on it's way... Hearing the birds sing is so joyful. (Did you spot Rob's new Greenhouse? We might actually have tomatoes this year, as long as Benny stays out like a good boy) Join in Jen's A Thousand Words Thursday over at Cheaper Than Therapy .

Three Minute Legs

Just when I didn't think they could create a more ridiculous product than The Shake Weight here comes Three Minute Legs . Oh. My. Goodness.

My Head Is Spinning

I need to stop. How my oldest reacts to a situation, or creates hostility, starts my mind spinning toward thoughts of what can happen months, years down the road. 'If she doesn't think that she's wrong about causing her sister pain then she'll become the bully of her school'. 'Her moodiness could become serious depression.' 'She doesn't clean her room, she's going to be a horder!' That last thought could just be me watching too much " Clean House ". I need to calm down. I need to focus on the current day. I keep saying this to myself but it's not working. I might be the one depressed.