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10 Things To-Do Today

Just in case you need ideas, here's "The Real To-Do List": Pass it on :->

Time For A Name Game At Tonight's Virtual Girls Night Out!

It's been a long week, hasn't it?  Friday just seemed to take forever to get here, and I am oh-so-ready for the weekend.  How has your week been?  Let's gather at our Virtual Girls Night Out and chat a.k.a. comment about it!  (Established in 2008 -   Add your blog link in the comments below so we know you've stopped by and others will visit with a 'Happy Virtual GNO!' ) Time For Some Tunes! Fitz & The Tantrums "More Than Just A Dream" If you could sit still during that song I don't... I just don't know how.  Love it! Time For A Cocktail! Hard Cider Sangria (Courtesy of Food & Wine) Ingredients: 1 cup quartered and thinly sliced unpeeled green, yellow and red apples 1 navel orange—quartered and thinly sliced crosswise 1 cup apple juice, chilled 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1/4 cup apple brandy One 22-ounce bottle hard apple cider, chilled Ice Directions: In a pitcher, combine the apples with the ora

Wordless Wednesday - Grasping The Last Of The Sun

Benny and Maddy are grabbing for the last spots of sun on the carpet. Goodbye Summer sun. The heater turned on for the first time in months. Hello Fall chill.

Do I Have The Only Teen Not Using Facebook?

Our girls aren't on Facebook. Our daughters, ages 15 and 12, do spend time on the computer; they play games and listen to music but, they don't use Facebook.  Have they asked to have an account?  Sure.  But I always answer with, 'If you want to talk to your friends, or share something, use the phone.'  Then I get the eye roll and the "all of my friends have a Facebook account!"  Thing is, I don't care.  This comeback doesn't matter to me in the least. I say No to Facebook for my girls because: A).  There's already enough confusion and drama in life - why add to that with possible misunderstandings with a poor choice of words, or statements that were said in the heat of the moment that you can't take back. B.)  I feel social media in Facebook form increases the chances of getting sucked into someone else's bad mood, hurt feelings or revenge tactics.   It's one thing to support a friend who's going through a tough tim

But I Thought You Said 'Breakfast'?

I have a child who talks.  I mean she ta-a-a-a-alks.  Loves to tell you her dreams, the tales of the school day, her thoughts on how she thinks life should be.  It's fun to hear her creative ideas and she comes up with good points however, well, there are times when I tune her out because the descriptions can go on for a lo-o-o-o-ong time. This morning, after she finished the lengthy retelling of her cool dream while I was in the shower - out of the shower - washed my face - brushed my teeth - moisturized - got dressed   AFTER that story was told, she went to play on the computer.  A little quiet time, I thought.  I was in the kitchen making breakfast when she decides to tell me another story.  Uh huh, yep.  Oh, interesting.  I'm listening then I start to fade.  And, for a brief time, so does she.  Something shiny on the computer must have caught her eye. She makes a comment about me not picking up a sweet treat from the Farmers Market that morning and I said "Well, if

Virtual Girls Night Out - Time To "Stompa" Your Feet!

It's been an interesting week. I participated in a terrific on-line social media conference hosted by VoiceBoks called The Back To School Social Party 2013.  Quality speakers with lots of valuable information.  To learn more about it and gear yourself up for the next #SocialParty2013 visit this link .  Also, my sister, mother and I honored my late brothers birthday on September 18th by sipping on delicious cocktails and enjoying yummy Yucca Fries at my neighborhood restaurant Cathedral Park Restaurant.  This was our view: St Johns Bridge, Portland, OR.    So, is it a beautiful day in your neighborhood?  Let's get our Virtual Girls Night Out started and you can tell me all about it!   To participate In The Virtual GNO:   Leave a comment and/or share your blog link.  Happy Virtual Girls Night Out!    Time For Some Tunes! Serena Ryder " Stompa " Time For A Cocktail! Bailey's Caramel Appletini ( *courtesy of Delish ) Ingred

Writer's Workshop: Call Me Silly, But I Like To Breathe

If it's Thursday it's time to participate in Mama Kat's (pretty much world famous) Writer's Workshop .  My writing prompt today:   Your Favorite Kind Of Exercise I do not run. I can run, it's just that my chest isn't fond of me running and I really like being able to breathe.  Call me silly. I do, however, enjoy walking.  I've been told I walk fast (by my 15 year old daughter) but if you want to get the heart pumping, you need to put some effort in it, right?  Going for long walks started for me back in good ol' 1978 when I was in 7th grade.  My buddies and I decided to participate in the March of Dimes Walk-a-thon.  That was a 5K (3.1 miles) I'm pretty sure.  We picked up our sponsor page, walked around our prospective neighborhoods, knocking on doors to get signed pledges of financial support, and would earn anywhere from $1 up to $5 a mile for March of Dimes.   Walking fits me.  Running has never felt natural.  My Freshman year of hi

Tuesday Truth - Is My Choice Of Social Media Sharing Hurting My Child's Future?

By sharing my current parental experience could I be hurting my daughter's future? Years ago I talked about my oldest daughter being diagnosed on the lower end of the Asperger's Spectrum. I wanted to share that information with the hope of connecting with other parents who were going through similar experiences; to find support, understanding and hopefully some humor to get through the days.  I did not want to be a spokesperson for Asperger's I just wanted to let it be known, and if you were in a similar position allow me to join your tribe. I received e-mails, almost daily, asking for me to read and promote "this" book on Asperger's and/or Autism, attend seminars on the subject and share my experience on my blog.  It was overwhelming.  And not what I intended at all.  This was a part of our lives however, it wasn't the focus of our lives.  Yes, my daughter was slightly on the spectrum and yes, we were working with lovely people who were guiding us

6 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall

It's time for Mama Kat's (pretty much world famous) Writer's Workshop . My prompt:   6 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall - Maybe it's the fact that I get to sleep in during the Summer months that I dread the beginning of the school year.  When, actually, Fall is very beautiful in the Pacific NW and there are many things I look forward to! And some of them are... 1.)   The Portland Marathon : A soggy run from 2010 Do I run?  No.  However, I live on a street that's on the route of the marathon and our street, that is normally filled with car traffic, is closed off for Marathon participants, all 15,000 of them.  It's a great sight to see and our neighborhood throws a great party to cheer on the runners/walkers. 2.)  The Greek Festival: Yes. That is an actual sign from the Annual Greek Festival held at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in N.E. Portland.  I have been attending this festival for decades and I can not believe how bi

Just Imagine

I do. Everyday. My heart can't take watching the daily news, the most I can handle is The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.  If you're going to tell me that those in power are making decisions that could possibly do more harm than good, at least have me laugh at it.  Laughter at their absurdity?  Or, laughter that helps release the tension of the situation?  I don't know.  I don't care.  These days I just need to laugh. Peace.

Took The Wind Right Out Of Me

It happened again.  After all these years, after all of the conversations, the comment was made and it hit me hard. Took the wind out of me, the words "Dad goes to work".  Dismissing my contributions, struck me right in the heart. This comment was made by my 15 yrs. old daughter in the middle of a weekend when I was able to provide fun experiences that were new to us, and on track to add funds to the till.  "Dad goes to work".  She followed with the words "Oh, I'm kidding! Just kidding.  You know what I mean, he has an office.  And, well, and..."  Yes.  Yes, I know.   Rob does provide financially for the whole family.  Without his income we would be in deep doo doo.  I know.  I am thankful everyday for how hard my husband works.  He has never made me feel uncomfortable with my financial contribution.  But my child, my daughter, who is old enough to know better and who I have been having conversations with for years about the parts we play in t

We Participated In The Color Run! Thanks For Getting Us There Chevy!

Dance party after the finish line! What an experience!  If The Color Run holds an event in your area do yourself a favor and participate.  They claim it to be "The Happiest 5K on the planet" and I will say I was pretty darn happy in the beginning, struggling but still smiling in the middle, and filled with relief and happiness at the end and surrounded by others who seemed to feel the same way. Rob and I after crossing the finish line Rob and I took an eco friendly drive to The Color Run in a 2014  Chevy Cruze .  This is a smooth, zippy ride with plenty of room for our two girls as well.  Rob likes to drive to talk radio but I'm a superstar singer in the car so I've been enjoying the Sirius XM radio experience - so many channels!  ( Review about our car experience here:   Ann Again and again Reviews . ) Before - Note the clean faces We arrived at a very busy P.I.R. = Portland International Raceway, and saw teams in tutu's, groups in

Another Year, Another Memorial School Picture

My prompt:  First day of school! Lily - Last year, 6th Grade Katie - Last year, H.S. Freshman        Slight difference in a year.  Our 7th grader and High School Sophomore.  Wow. It doesn't matter how old they are,  I still cried when I came home. I'm not sad for them getting older, the tears aren't from loneliness.  The fear factor does creep in and I do my best to keep those thoughts away from my heart.  I truly feel love for these little beings and am so grateful to have them in my life.   I wish them a peaceful, productive school year. And, I hope they don't need me to help with their math homework! If you take part in Mama Kat's (pretty much world famous) Writer's Workshop let me know! :->

How's Your Garden?

I'm not trying to rush things... but these came from our garden today. It's September little pumpkins.   Slow down! (I know that a picture is worth a thousand words however... I just can't post a picture without adding words.  Nope.  Just can't.) How's your garden doing this season?

It's Getting Hot In Here - Tuesday Truth

Hot Flashes.  Power Surges.  What ever you want to call them ... they're a drag.  I feel myself growing warmer and warmer and I look at those around me wondering 'Are you seeing this?!  Am I looking like Violet Beauregarde while she's on the Strawberry portion of an ever-lasting-gobstopper?' I'm getting part of this body heat thing down.   While in our van I've been able to direct the fans on me all the while diverting them from blowing on my husband when he's driving.  It's not good if the driver's feet are freezing, I understand.  When I'm in the drivers seat I've figured out the fans angles too, which is nice because I do get tired of hearing my girls claim that they're freezing.   Puh- leeze.    (I now have socks tucked away in the glove compartment so I don't want to hear about your chilling feet girls!) It comes and goes. It ebbs and flows. What a weird feeling.  As much as I didn't want to believe that m

My Daughter, The Undertaker. Kumoricon Is Here!

Starting The Week Off... with some fun! We are back from our end-of-Summer trip to the beach and my daughter is in the swing of things at her Anime/Manga inspired conference - #Kumoricon 2013.  This is the 11th year of Kumoricon and Katie was so excited, and nervous, to attend.  This year she's going as a character from Black Butler "The Undertaker".  (Proud mom???)  Her buddy Ellen is going as Fem!Ciel.   L. Ellen as Fem!Ciel.  M.  Sebastian character.  R. Katie as The Undertaker Over 5000 people are attending this conference and the creativity of the costumes make for great people watching at Esther Short Park across the street from the conference at The Hilton in delightful downtown Vancouver, WA.  (Right across the bridge from our city Portland, OR.) And get this, while my youngest Lily and I were across the street at the park taking video of the fun costumes, look who shows up at the end of this group?! She walked right past