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Blooms After A Storm

The heat wave broke with a thunder and lightening show last night. The mornings after can be so beautiful. Make an on-line slide show at

"It's Like Africa Hot"

Ugh!!! It's hot here! It's 8:00 pm and it's 93 DEGREES!!! I live in Portland, Oregon. We don't do heat. We do grey skies, a light rain. And at the most we get heat in August and September but yikes!!! We're not ready for this. So I'm cooling myself by sitting here, having a cool drink and listening to my summer play list. The Weepies Indigo Girls Coldplay Snow Patrol John Mayer and Josh Rouse Josh Rouse "Love Vibration" And ... can you name the movie whose quote is in my title ?

Money, Money, Money, Money....MONEY

Our sweet, little Stimulus check from our lovely government should be arriving today (it seems to be later than everyone else's, hmmm....) and my mind is reeling with the possibilities! Clothes shopping? (For me , not the kids.) Make Hotel reservations for a weekend away full of massages and restaurants? Go crazy at Costco? Ah... I'm sure we'll just pay bills and save the rest. Oh well. (I think I'll just keep day-dreaming!)

The Fugitive

I started out with the best of intentions. My girls and I were running errands and the last on the list was to get propane for the Bar-B-Que. No big deal, right? So we go to the gas station and park by the tank. Yes it is 4:30 in the afternoon, and I expect to wait my turn like a good girl (showing my girls patience, right?). Well after about 7 minutes of standing by the attendants door, while he goes in and out, charging people for their gas purchases saying "Excuse me Ma'am" every time, I said "I just need to get my propane tank filled. Can you help me with this?" He said "Not really. The car wash guy can do it." Okay fine. I try to keep my calm and walk over to that guy. I asked him if he could fill the tank and he said "Yes, Ma'am". He finishes his car wash and walks over to help me. Nice. After it's filled he writes " 4.5 " on a piece of cardboard that was left on the ground, hands that to me then tells me t

Wordless Wednesday

*****Me, Mom, Sister ***** (I have seen this title on other blogs and I would like to give credit where credit is due, so if you know who began this title-roll, please share. Thanks!)

Tuesday Tunes - Coldplay

Coldplay "Viva la Vida". This album should be listened to as that, an album. (None of this shuffling business!) MTV Music Videos MTV Shows Entertainment News I was hoping to find a true video, however this will have to do. This link will get you there eventually!

Stranger In Town

Saturday night had a bit of excitement I could have done with out. My husband and I were in our family room, while my girls were playing in the back yard with their friends. We had all of the windows open, listening to the kids screaming for joy, or anger, from being splashed in the pool. Next thing we hear is a mans voice shouting something like "Stop Right There!" My husband and I look at each other. He runs to the back yard while my daughter comes in from the front door saying that a stranger had come into the backyard. She said that she waved at him, he waved back, then he went climbing down our bank. (What this stranger didn't realize is that the bank is full of blackberry brambles so he didn't get very far.) When I went to the front of our house I saw 10 police cars lining the street. 10! An officer came to me to say that they had "the suspect in custody" and that everything was clear. This man was stopped for a traffic violation and decided to ru

First Day of Summer

It's now the first day of summer all around the town and I am so happy that Portland weather decided to participate. It's actually warm and sunny! (It's amazing the toll grey skies and rain can take on your psyche. I believe all newcomers should be given one of those Light Boxes in their "Welcome" packet.) I spent the day with my girls at a terrific park. I'm doing my best to block out others goings-on. It's hard when there are 'Loud Talkers' around. You know what I mean? It seems they feel they are giving their children such wonderful advice and we need to hear them giving this wonderful advice. Kind of like "Listen to me! I'm so good. So cool. Yep, I've got this down". Those kinds of parents annoy all the other parents around them. We all give each other the look (roll of the eyes, shake of the head) then continue on with our own parenting style 'Yes! Yes I see you climbing on the outside of the slide! Please

Mean Mama Bear

I can really be mean sometimes. My daughter has a classmate who is a little...and I truly mean "little", bully. My 10 year old has had a problem with this little twit since 1st grade. Every year teachers work with her, hoping that things will get better but they don't. (Of course it stems from her home life. I know that, and try not to be so angry. But when my child is threatened Mama Bear comes out!) As it turns out this little twit was on my daughters softball team. She showed her true colors and the coaches couldn't stand her either. And the thing is, you feel so bad for not liking a child so much. (But if she's like Damian, what's a person to do?) So the season finally comes to an end and the coaches take the team to an adorable amusement park in our area Oaks Park. Lots of fun rides and games. Going to the park I knew that Little Twit wouldn't be tall enough, and I stood back to watch the response. After being left behind 3 times while her t

Tuesday Tunes

Another band from my area of the world Death Cab For Cutie "Soul Meets Body". I gotta say... I'm a sucker for a guy in glasses!

Right Choices

Father's Day is interesting. Lots of different emotions happen and I really just try to focus on the 'happy' ones. I do have a father. He lives in another state. He and my mother divorced when I was 10. He's always said "I'm here whenever you need me" which sounds nice, but it's not really true, is it? We talk on the phone, but it is so rare that they are true conversations. He's really not a phone person. Which brings me to my choice to focus on the 'happy' emotions. I am so happy with the father that my husband chooses to be. He is involved with his girls, he talks with his girls and he spends time with them. He loves us and he lets us know everyday. We are so lucky and I am constantly reminded that I made the right choice to marry him 15 years ago. I hope he enjoyed his new hammock!

Summer Camp, Kind Of

It's day 3 of my girls being out of school for the summer and I believe the words "Military Summer Boot-Camp" have been directed at my oldest. I actually do believe I heard a voice, definitely a mother's voice, say this to her. Hmmm... Well, that didn't take this particular mother long, did it?

June Blooms

When my girls just get a little too much , I am so happy I have my garden as a retreat. Maybe this can help you as well. Photo and video editing at I hope you have a peaceful retreat.

Time For A Good Book

Yesterday was my daughter's last day of school. It was so emotional! My girls really liked their teachers and there were so many tears. (Me included.) We are feeling wiped out today. So tomorrow we'll head to the library and I will have my list in hand of the wonderful suggestions you have sent for my summer reading. *** Don't stop sending suggestions! I have high hopes for my reading capacity this summer!***

Tuesday Tunes

Portland's own Pink Martini with "Eugene". This song isn't their typical flavor, so you owe it to yourself to listen to the whole album "Hang On Little Tomato". (Yep, Portland's weird like that.) Ah!!! And Tena at My Therapy just reminded me about the tomato salmonella outbreak! I knew there was a reason for my posting of this group!

I Blew It! And What The...?!?

So we go to my daughter's softball league end-of-year picnic. ( So many people !) As we are trying to find our teams table I see a neighbor, who is also a friend. (Well, we are friendly when we see each other, but we don't call, or hang-out. You know what I mean.) For whatever reason my neighbor felt comfortable enough to share some deep feelings. I just wasn't prepared. I'm surrounded by Little Leaguers, hot dogs and raffle tables and here is a woman needing to talk. I was pulled away by my oldest and smiled at my neighbor who smiled back and said "I'll catch up with you". But she didn't. It was a busy afternoon. I didn't see her when we left and I didn't get a hold of her last night. She's not a close friend, however she reached out to me and I didn't respond the way I should have. What is my problem? Ugh. Well, I think this is all very interesting because I'm just finishing up the book "A New Earth: Awakening to

Is It Wrong? Part III

Is It Wrong?... pray for rain because you really don't want to go to your child's softball game? have an obvious look of shock and awe when the "snack mom" for said game brings Mountain Dew and Snickers bars? plan on bringing a little of "mommies juice box" in your travel mug for the next sad, long game? Not that I've done any of these things. Just wondering? How about you?

Supportive Sisters

Thanks to Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy I've found a website that is supportive of others blogs. The Secret is In The Sauc e wants you to visit other blogs, comment at those blogs, be there for each other. So Cool! It's just so nice, ya' know?

My Kind Of Audio Book

I don't stay up to watch The Daily Show, (thank goodness for TiVo) so my husband shared this with me this morning. Fred Schneider of the B-52's reading from Scott McClellan's book. Now I couldn't listen to the whole book this way, but it would be great for comedy relief during a sibling yelling match in the van! He had me at "... I ran into Scoo-o-oter Lib-b-ey!"

Tuesday Tunes

Jamie Cullum "Photograph". This song just seems so perfect for end-of-the-school-year. Time just goes by so fast. I love this little British boy! I love him so much you get two! "All At Sea"

Summer Reading

It's time to get my summer reading list together. I need books that will take me away from the wonderful world of arguing siblings and big, stinky dogs to some place else. Any place!!! Suggestions???????????? I'll let ya' know which ones make it into my book bag.

Strong Legs, Long and Lean... what I want. But after my workout this morning I'm feeling defeated. What are these varicose veins doing here?!? Just how old am I?!? GEEZ!!!