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Wordless Wednesday - Where's Your Happy Place?

With the chill of Winter my minds drifts to the glorious, sunny area of the Napa Valley. Yes, there is delicious wine to enjoy but the land, the scenery is just so wonderful I call it My Happy Place. Where's your happy place? I'm taking part in Wordless Wednesday at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama .  Join us in the link up!

What Are You Saying?

Reasoning. I'm trying to reason with you.  Have you had some one say that to you?  Or, visa versa? I feel like I'm beating my head against a brick wall!  I'm sure you've said that at least once in your life.  When communicating becomes so difficult, so stuck, why continue to engage?  Why continue to hurt your head and your heart. We're all wired differently.  The time I really understood this was when my first daughter was born.  As the years went by we learned of Asperger's Syndrome (in the Autism spectrum) and thus began our lessons in observation, interpretation and patience. If you find yourself stressed, exhausted, there is absolutely nothing wrong with stepping away (mentally or physically), taking a deep breath and acknowledging that mutual understanding isn't going to happen.  Why the fight?  Why argue?  Why?  The words don't change.  The situation doesn't change.  Same *&@# different day.   Just... let... it... go. For wh

What Choice Will You Make?

There are times when it's 'Mind over matter'. Mind, as in thinking?  Or Mind, as in caring? Both. Some days are so much more difficult to handle emotionally.  Feelings.  Argh!  If only we could live in our "happy place". Choices.  What mood shall I strive to reach today?  Positive.  My goal is to be positive.  To find peace. What choices will you make today?

Asbestos In The Home: Protect Your Family

Helpful information from my Guest Blogger – Rachel Walker* I am grateful for Rachel sharing this information.  A member of my extended family was touched by the dangers of Asbestos poisoning.  Knowledge is power so I hope this post brings you helpful information.  Let’s keep our family as safe as we can. photo courtesy: Dreamstime Asbestos in the Home: Protect Your Family Asbestos is a mineral that was once used heavily in a multitude of industries because of its ability to prevent fires, contain heat, and insulate. Construction companies and manufacturers in particular relied extensively on asbestos. Yet, even though it was meant to keep products safe, it did the opposite to those who had to work around the dangerous mineral for prolonged periods. Construction workers, factory workers, assembly line workers, and others who worked around asbestos ran the risk of inhaling the thin, fine fibers of asbestos. These fibers may seem harmless at first, but when ingested, they can

My Life Is A Sitcom

For my participation in Mama Kat's ( pretty much world famous ) Writer's Workshop , my chosen prompt: 2.) Share one of your “did that really just happen to me” life moments. "I'm off to rehearsal" said my husband. "What play are you in Dad?" asked our youngest. "King Lear.  I'm the Duke of Burgundy and a few other smaller character's." "Have fun!", we say and out the door he goes.  My youngest returns to the computer and Movie Star Planet. I pick up the t.v. remote and find one of my favorite channels, Turner Classic Movies.  I see a movie beginning starring Rosalind Russel and Hayley Mills made in 1966.  It's a comedy and that's just what I'm in the mood for. *Knock at the front door.  My oldest daughter's friend walks in wearing head-to-toe penguin footie pajamas.* "Hey Katie", she says.  "Ready to go to the store?" "Um, you're not wearing that, are you?" a

Where My Mind Goes

Pulled a Miss Emily Litella* moment this morning.   While renewing our dogs license on-line I see a payment category for "Altered" and a payment category for "Senior Altered" with the Senior amount being less.  Hmm? I wonder.  At what age does a dog become a Senior?  I look it up and see it begins around 7 years old for Labs.  Alrighty then!  I scroll to the bottom of the page to pay to find the direction: *Senior license fees are for persons 65 or older (not for senior animals). This is when I go into full Emily Litella mode.  'What?'  I say out loud. 'Why in the world would a Senior Citizen need to have a license to own a pet?  I mean, when did this start?' 'Or, why do Senior Citizens have to come to this website to get a special license?  What??  How in the world would they know to come to a county pet licensing site to get their license?'   Oh Ann.  Have another cup of coffee. I did finally come around to understand that Senio

Handstand Time! #WordlessWednesday

While chaperoning our daughter's 13th birthday party Guitar Guy wanted to see if he could still do a handstand. And to paraphrase  Sally O'Malley * "I'm 50!  I can kick, stretch and KICK!"  I think she should have added 'And do a handstand!' Link up your Wordless Wednesday post with us at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama . (* Sally O'Malley = character created by Molly Shannon on Saturday Night Live )

THIS Is Why She Has A Problem With #Bloggers - Blood, Sweat and Heels

The latest reality show from the Bravo network is Blood, Sweat and Heels.  Set in New York and Brooklyn this show features the lives of six women.  A cast member has a web log and in a post she included her feelings on a recent gathering of the six women.  While at a brunch, hosted by one of the women in this series, questions were asked by the host as a means to start conversation.  Questions like "Do you think all men cheat?", "Do you think women can rule the world?" Some of the answers shocked the blogger and she wrote about it.  Surprised?  No, you shouldn't be. Well...    The ladies at the brunch were not very pleased about what was written.  Here's how one of the cast members of Blood, Sweat and Heels responded: Ahem. Daisy Lewellyn* said, "This is why I have problems with Bloggers.  They sit behind their computer.  They don't have any make-up on.  They are not watching their weight.  They are not attractive.  And they say any

This Says A Lot About You

This goes for every situation - friendship, family, bosses

Go "Out" While Staying In - Virtual Girls Night Out - Join The #Blog Party!

Would you like a night out but can't get a baby-sitter?  Or, are you so tired from your week that you want to put on your cozy p.j.'s and settle in with a glass of ( insert beverage of choice here. Wine for me please! )?   Join me in a Virtual Girls Night Out!   Since 2008 we've been "partying" here on Friday nights and I'd love to have you join us.  Get cozy, enjoy this post, share your blog link in the comments and visit those that have left their blog links and say "Happy VGNO!" :->  So... How has 2014 been treatin' ya'?  I don't know what it is but the beginning of the year is met with good intentions but moods always seem to get heavy and not at all what I'm comfortable with.  I'm doing what I can to change the energy, get things in a positive direction and say 'Hey!  Let's focus on the good!'  What say you? Time For Some Tunes! U2 " Ordinary Love " Video by Oliver Jeff

Taking Steps To Stay Away From Depression

Why do I read the news?   So depressing.  I'm at a place in my life where I need to focus on positive images, ideas and people whenever possible.  Why in the world do I click links that will only lead to negative, unhappy, heart-breaking information?  Ugh.  I don't understand myself.  If I'm going to avoid a depressive state of mind I need to stay far away from the negative. Oh I need to read this everyday.  More than once a day. There is good all around.  I'm going to keep looking for the positive, the humor, the kindness.   Do you have any suggestions on where I can find positive, funny, heart-encouraging news and images?  I would love to focus on what could go right in the world.  And... I would love to share more positive with anyone who will accept it.

Beginning Yoga

Starting The Week Off... with a new goal. I'm not calling this a New Year's Resolution.  I'm calling this a reminder. I will feel better if I do yoga everyday.  Or try to move, do some form of exercise, everyday.   I never feel worse after moving, stretching, breathing.   Always better.   (Well, there was that one time that I hurt my back.  Oh, and I did mess up my shoulders lifting hand weights incorrectly - oh well.  I'm trying to stay positive here!) I don't feel comfortable going to gym's to exercise so I'll use my Comcast On Demand and see what yoga programs they have in store for me.  I've got to do something.  When I don't exercise depression creeps back in and I don't want that. I'm exercising to feel better mentally, not for the numbers on the scale.  Although, it wouldn't be so bad to not have my jeans leave an indentation mark around my stomach any more.  Yeah, that would be nice. Are you into yoga?  Any recommenda

Christmas Scare

We made it through the holiday season! I love the holidays.   Our celebration of the season also includes birthday parties for both of our girls!  Whew!  16 and 13 now.  Wow.  There are days when I wish we could just seclude ourselves from the rest of the world, stay warm by the fire, do puzzles and watch movies.  But no.  There's much to do in December! We had quite a scare added to our holiday and I learned a lesson about the care and feeding of dogs.  While we were celebrating my father-in-law's birthday on December 24th (yep, another birthday) I completely disregarded the fact that I had seen a huge bag of M&M's on the floor of Katie's bedroom earlier in the day.  While we were out of the house our lovely Chocolate Lab Benny (8 yrs. old) devoured the entire 4 lbs. bag. We returned around 8:00 pm and Katie saw the empty bag in her room.  We know that dogs shouldn't eat chocolate, however Benny has had chocolate before - got into an Easter basket the fir