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I Think This Is Going A Bit Too Far

I belong to a Facebook group for my neighborhood.  My community is quickly evolving in such a way that doesn't please a lot of "old timers" and you'll read many comments basically saying "Go away Hipsters!" and "Just say 'no' to building a New Seasons!".  While in another thread you'll read someone inquiring about where to get the best veggie burger or wondering how to petition to get a Trader Joe's in the neighborhood.  My favorite posts however, are the ones stating "Chickens on the loose on Main St. Anyone missing their chickens?"  Yes, the television show Portlandia has been filmed in my neighborhood. This Facebook group is a fun one with neighborly inquiries, complaints and sharing of information of what's immediately going on around us.  But there was a post yesterday that had me shaking my head.  I'm just not sure what to think of the inquiry and I wasn't sure if it was a put on.  Someone in the neighb