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You Have A Little Something Right There

I was getting ready in a hurry. My girls had some place to be and I didn’t want them to be late because of me. Usually they are the ones dawdling, however this morning I decided to be good to myself and exercise. (Yay me!) So I jump out of the shower and do all of the primping I normally do, only 10 times as fast. Rub on all of the lotions and potions that I’ve researched to make me look younger, brush my hair with the fancy hair brush that will help my hair shine and bounce, put on the self tanner so I don’t look like an Albino. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Albino’s. I’m just saying for me, I go with the faux glow, thank you!) I drive my youngest to her friend’s house. I go inside to get things organized with the mom and snuggle with her new baby, Macy (she’s just a doll!). Next I take my oldest over to her friend’s house and chat with that mother. She just bought a package of Space Bags and loves them. ‘I need to get some of those’ I’m thinking as I head to the store. I’m

Come To Portland And Bike Naked!

Looky what we have here in Portland! (And it's not the economy's fault.) Not for a million dollars would you catch me riding around naked! (Oh, wait. After just paying our bills, maybe I would. Heck yeah! If someone would like to pay me 1 million dollars I will ride my bicycle naked around the town. Any takers?) That should take my mind off of things with that nasty mom who was mean to my Lily. I'm probably going to see her tonight at the "Back-to-School" event. Geez I hate confrontation. I need to get my thoughts together so I can be calm and to the point. (Deep breaths...)

I Need To Vent: About Last Night -- (And A Vacuum Give-Away)

Let me set the scene. We had a school fundraiser at a restaurant last night. It's a restaurant/pub owned by the McMenamin Brothers and their spaces are popular in our part of the world. (They take old buildings, renovate them and turn them into cool pubs/movie theatres/hotels. Nice!) So here we are, adults and children, hanging out in the patio dining area having a good time. (Well, it is a little stressful because the children want to run around and play.) This is the 3rd year that our school has had a fundraiser here and the wait staff must lose a bet to get this shift. I feel so-o-o sorry for them. So, every parent is doing their best to watch their kids and remind them to be careful, stop picking the flowers, no running ("A basic nightmare" according to my husband.) My 2 girls are doing pretty well I think. I'm sitting at a table full of parent/friends and we're all watching each others children. Everythings hunky-dory. All of a sudden one of the chil

Happy Autumn

Last Call! - Virtual GNO - Last Weekend Of Summer

Alright!!! The Race For The Cure was terrific this morning! I headed out the door with my 10 year old daughter and grabbed the hands of my mom and sister and off we went. There were an estimated 45,000 that participated! (Good thing I took it easy with the wine last night or else it would have felt like 100,000.) God bless and take care of all that need God's grace today, and always. Now I'm going to go grab a beverage and put a parasole in it and dance ! I'm going to play something from one of my new favorite bands. Don't be afraid to mingle at our Girls Night Out. When someone leaves a comment go visit their blog and leave a comment. And when your blog is visited, go visit your guests blog. Keep the momentum going. And invite some of your blog pals if you like! Come back though! It's a party! Guillemots " Made Up Love Song " Whew! Man I am loving this band! I found something that makes me giggle so much because it's so-o-o absurd! I

G.N.O. Saturday Night! - Last Weekend Of Summer!

Oh Yes!!! We're back for another night! I'm going to be joining thousands in the Race For The Cure tomorrow, so I should ;-> take it easy tonight. I've got some music requests so while I get those in order, I'm going to grab a drink and start the evening with my 80's Flashback. This song just gets me goin'! (How old am I? Old!!!) General Public " Tenderness " Find more videos like this on Man, his googlie-eyes kind of freak me out, but he's still cute. Hey, have you seen the Black Box project? It's based on Caroline Smailes's new novel, "Black Boxes". The books theme is how different choices can effect your path in life. For this project you must make a series of choices and then you will be taken to a mystery blog of another person taking part who picked similar answers to you.... who knows where your answers may lead! Give it a try! Come back and tell us the blog that you found. (Thanks Ch

Virtual G.N.O - Last Weekend of Summer Edition

Can you believe that Fall is upon us? Officially starting Monday? I'm going to hang-on to summer as long as I can, I'll tell ya' that much! So let's grab our drinks and listen to some tunes and have a groovy night. And... It's National "Talk Like A Pirate Day". Really. So just envision me writing with an eye-patch on. Arrrr. Don't be afraid to mingle at our Girls Night Out. When someone leaves a comment go visit their blog and leave a comment. And when your blog is visited, go visit your guests blog. Keep the momentum going. Come back though! It's a party! You've already given me wonderful ideas for tomorrow night! Michael Franti and Burning Spear - "Say Hey (I Love You)" OH YEAH! That's a good tune. Do you have anything you would like me to play. Hey! I'm Ann The DJ! Let me know if you need a particular song for this evening. We'll make it work! OK. I've got my drink so now it's time to play

Ann's "Blog Roll" Award

I have received many gifts in this blog world. I have found interesting people, vicariously lived outrageous lives and made friends. I explain these relationships to my husband as "Pen Pals" for adults. (I loved my grade school and high school pen pals.) Some of these blog friends send the sweetest gifts, awards . I display them proudly and appreciate every-single-one. Truly. I've come up with my version of a bright, shiny award. I've put together a video of my blog-roll friends. I appreciate you and all that you do. I see you every day knowing that I'll feel better after our visit. Thank you!!!! Enjoy your video award! (If you would like to visit these wonderful women, check-out my Blog Roll on the right.) Photo and video editing at

Time To Vent!

I just came from the gas station and I'm so sick of people who don't know how to get in a line!!!! Line-up people!!!! It's not hard! Or is it? We've got cars with gas tanks on different sides. That makes things less organized right there. But still... GEEZ!!!! 4 different ways to get to the pumps, people coming from all directions, people stopped too close behind you so you can't back-up and get to the pump that's open, then they honk at you to move things along! I can't!!! You're on my ass and I can't move!!!!! You move! The gas station attendants need to be more like traffic cops. "You go to that pump, you go to that pump. And you get off her ass and stop honking!" Why is it so-o-o disorganized?!? Why?!? Whew... Well, to lighten my mood it's my day at Beautiful! Fabulous! Today's post: "Train Them For What?". I hope to see you over there!

Did Someone Say S'Mores?

Continuing with our pictures from the beach... One night as the sun was starting to set we ran to the beach to make s'mores around the bonfire. So hard to resist! Photo and video editing at

Sharing Memories

My family had a fantastic vacation the last week in August. It helped us relax, and recharge for the new school year. What made it so great is that we were with my mother and my sister. I'm so lucky to have these women in my life. Here's the beginning of memories I would like to share from Rockaway Beach. Make video montages at

I Will Never Forget

St. Paul's Chapel. Across the street from the World Trade Center's Twin Towers. ( click on the picture for a larger image.) This chapel was untouched by the collapse of those two towers. This chapel became a haven for all who volunteered, and for those that needed to express their fear, anguish and loss. At this chapel all could find a hot meal, medical attention, words of comfort, and a place to rest their head. When volunteers left the site they left behind a symbol of themselves, their badges. And those badges are what cover this cloak. The words on the above picture read; " Everyone had a breaking point. Tormented by the realities at Ground Zero workers turned to the chapel for comfort. Volunteer counselors and clergy greeted the workers with compassion and love. In the pews, workers whispered their stories and unburdened their minds. Volunteers and workers cried, prayed and found solace in the communal warmth at St. Paul's." This day is a

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Do you ever wonder why you do what you do? Why you choose to say this instead of that? Why did I drive down this street instead of that one? Why am I going to the store again when I was already there this morning? Well now I'm wondering why I chose to wear something. Why, before answering the door, did I choose to put on my new lip gloss? Why did I pause to apply, for a stranger, my lip-plumbing lip gloss called "Sexy Mother Pucker"? I'm thinking this as I go to answer the door. I panic and wipe the lip gloss off on my hand then open the door. Rosemary, from a fancy bathtub company, is here to help me turn my tub from a germ-ridden, lead producing mess into a palace of porcelain. (Or really acrylic somethin', somethin'.) We shake hands before she unfolds her traveling presentation. While Rosemary is talking to me I realize that my hand feels funny. I try to itch it, thinking it must be a bug bite from my recent yard work. I finally catch on that it's

Tuesday Tunes - Pink

My alter ego at the '08 VMA's. Pink "So What" p!nk [] by Alisvideo In my next life I'm coming back Pink. Check my flo' !

Last Call! - GNO - Back to School Edition

Sunday night. A school night. I need to get up early tomorrow.  I still remember the feeling I would get when "The Wonderful World of Disney" would come on. 'Yay!', then 'Ugh'. 'It must be Sunday night'. (I'm dating myself with that one, right?!! ) Here's a tune that you should know pretty well. It's an excellent cover. Mandy Moore "Umbrella" I absolutely LOVE Mandy Moore's last album "Wild Hope". Give it a try. I believe it's time for some of that left over Jewel Punch ... that's sounds good right now. Party Favor! It's time to Face Your Manga. Caroline at The Zen In You wanted to know what I looked like 'cyberfied'. Well, as soon as my Avatar is ready I will post it here. Let's see what you look like in a virtual world. Go try it! Time for a lovely tune. I've been trying to find a good video of this song. It's difficult because it's very, very

Part II GNO-Back To School Addition

There's just no way that ONE Girls Night Out is enough! Last night we started a party game " The Mighty Four ". (Some of you fell asleep, ahem, not naming names but it rhymes with Penn ;-> ) The game is still going, play along! (I can't wait to see what your four are!) Add some new ones if you want. Go crazy! I've found a yummy punch recipe. (See Below). Listen to these guys while you make your drink! (My school assemblies were NEVER like this!) Guillemot's "Trains To Brazil" This should be good. Let's try it! Jewel Punch 1 liter Ginger Ale 3 cups Purple Grape Juice 1 1/2 cups Vodka 1/4 cup Cointreau or triple sec Ice Sliced Strawberries and Cherries, if you like (* Substitute Orange Juice for Vodka & Cointreau if you like!) * Combine the ginger ale, cherries, strawberries, grape juice, vodka and Cointreau in a punch bowl and stir well. Pour into ice-filled glasses. Cheers! A couple of days ago I

Virtual GNO - Back To School Edition

Well here we are. Another school year is under way and I'm ready to celebrate a Friday night! (We don't have to wake-up early tomorrow, yeah!!!!) So go grab a drink and let's go!!! First, I must share a song that has been driving me CRAZY! (I thought it was only fair to share.) My girls and I LOVE, absolutely LOVE this song! And we've come up with our own words for the chorus. (Those are the best sometimes, right?) Adele - Chasing Pavements Uploaded by slzaza (*Video no longer available) Guess how old this girl is? I'll tell ya' in a bit. Now, it took me 4 listens to understand what she was saying. I couldn't figure out WHAT she was singing in the chorus. 'Payments?', 'Rain men?' My 7 year old came up with the best "Or should I just keep chasing "Cavemen". Love it. Adele was 19 when she recorded this song. Amazing voice, right? Time for a party game. "The Mighty Four" Four places I go ove

Oh My Wordle!

(Click on it for a larger image) This is so fun! Go see what happens with your blog words over at Wordle Logo . (Thanks for the idea Caroline !)

I Scare Myself

I don't know why I did it. I couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth and I just couldn't stop! My family was invited to a party you see. The invitation was cleverly made, delivered by hand and put through our mail-slot. The party was weeks away and I knew that I needed to RSVP, but I never got around to it. (This admission right there sends me over the edge!!!! I always get so P.O.'d when I don't receive RSVP's. And here I was, doing the exact thing I loathe in others! Oh the irony.) Well, the party day came and went. We didn't attend. So here we are, the first day of school and I see the wonderful mother who had invited our family to her party. I feel so bad that I come up with this, I don't know WHAT to call it actually, other than a big, fat lie . This totally made up story came out of my mouth and I just couldn't believe it was happening. Almost like someone had taken over my brain! The only truthful thing I said was 'I