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I'm becoming a bit preoccupied with my laundry. Rather, the smell of my clean laundry. I know that I've spent time washing and drying and folding and hanging and, well, whatever else is needed for the job. However, it really ticks me off that my clothes don't smell "Snuggle Soft". Or "Downy Fresh". Or whatever else I want them to smell like. My mom lives close by and when my girls spend time at her house they always seem to come home with their play clothes freshly washed... and smelling great!!! My husband and I have both noticed this and wondered just what the heck my mom doe s to make clothes smell this good. I mean, come on. It's just not normal. Ah. This is just a silly thing to fret over in this crazy world. But it's these little tantrums that keep me sane.

Thanks David James Duncan

I have not made 'resolutions' for the new year. However, I have given myself the nudge to be more productive with my life in this year of 2008. One way to move forward was to finish a book my husband gave to me Christmas 2006. " God Laughs & Plays " by David James Duncan. I'm half-way through and "WOW". This is completely different from his previous works ( I highly recommend "The Brothers K". Highly ) This is just so fitting for our current world situation. Go grab it. I hope you read it faster than I am!

Time To Vent

O.K. Dropping your kids off at school should be a quick and easy thing to do. But there are those who feel just fine stopping in the middle of the street , completely blocking traffic, so their children can be closer to the door. Or people who park their car for the morning in the convenient drop-off areas. Or the drivers who just breeze on through the intersection without even stopping or slowing down! Aaarrgh!!! Forget our sweet little crossing guards. We need a traffic cop. Whew...

Leisure Time

Hey! Happy New Year! I've got two places for you to visit in the St. John's neighborhood. Refind Vintage Home & Garden . So much fun. Then, just a couple of blocks down you will find... Leisure Public House . Yummy! Drink then shop. Or shop then drink. Decisions, decisions.