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A New Support Group At My Daughter's Middle School - LGBT

My 8th grade daughter told me about a new support group that was starting in her school.  This group was presented by the school's counselor and it is for those that support, or are, LGBT.  I am so proud of the school counselor and joyful for those that find support in this group. What gender you love doesn't matter to me.  And it shouldn't matter to anyone.  My husband and I have brought our children up with 'Love Is Love'.  What truly does  matter in a relationship:   Kindness -  Synonym:   humanity,   generosity,   charity,   sympathy, compassion,   tenderness. No abuse - verbal/physical -           Syonym:   ill-use,   maltreat,   injure,   harm,   hurt. If you are in a relationship and they are kind to you and you are kind to them, that's wonderful.  If you are in a relationship and the kindness is shared and there is also no abuse, that is sublime.   I've been asked "what if your daughter told you she was gay?"

Finding What Will Feed Your Spirit

I have seriously, I mean with deep emotion, been trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my grown-up life.  I feel like a frickin' Lifetime movie!  It's ridiculous. I feel ridiculous.  Next year both of my girls will be in high school and the work I do with social media isn't cutting it in the "personal fulfillment" category of my brain and spirit (and bank account). My favorite thing to do is work within PicMonkey and, most recently, Canva.  If you enjoy graphics, fonts, colors and creating you can spend hours (days ;-> ) on these sites.  A fun thing happened quite a few months ago, I shared a plea within my Twitterverse - "Why can't I get a job just creating on PicMonkey all day?!"  A few weeks later there was a Virtual Assistant job posted in a Facebook group which involved, get this, a knowledge of PicMonkey.  I filled out an application along with examples of my work and got the job!  I was creating in PicMonkey.  Fonts, col

I Need This On A T-Shirt

If I were to put a message on my t-shirt today it would be: There are those days.  Am I right? What would your t-shirt say today?

What Makes A Good Neighbor?

Our dear, sweet neighbors have moved today.  We will miss them very much.  Having good neighbors makes such a difference in your daily life, ya' know?   I've had my fill of those that think I want to hear their music too.  Well, I don't.  Those that like to party until 3:00 a.m. in their backyard.  For God Sakes!  What's the matter with these people?!  Oh, the ego.  One time we had neighbors that thought of themselves highly in the acoustic guitar playing/singing area and preceded to practice in their backyard the same song for hours.  The same song, not sung well, for hours .  Yes, we closed our windows, turned up our own music but still, the wailing creeped through our walls.  This went on for days.   The best neighbors are those that care for their home, celebrate in reasonable tones and within reasonable hours and bring cupcakes to your parties.  And that what these neighbors did.  And now they are gone.  *sniff* Who is coming next?  The waiting be

Sharing With My Daughter's Permission

Around 6th grade our oldest daughter began sharing her creative writing with us.  I loved the words that she chose and was amazed at her imagination.  Now a junior in high school she doesn't share as much, but her recent paper received an A+ and she was pretty darned pleased.  So were we!  I hope she continues with her writing.  Here's her latest assignment: November 19th:   I moved to a new town today.  During the long, boring drive I took to get here I came across a small store filled with knick-knacks and assorted journals.  Seeing as this move was a new experience for me, I decided to purchase one of the journals to document my time here.  It won't be any of that "Dear Diary" garbage; I'm well over that phase.  Perhaps I should address you, the journal, as a reader of these entries.  It would certainly add an interesting purpose to them.  I've got some unpacking to do, so I'll write more after everything is in its place. November 21st:

This Question Stopped Me In My Tracks

So the high school application has been turned in, the teacher's letter's of recommendation have been sent and last night was our family interview.  High School for our youngest is really happening.  Help! For the interview it's arranged for the Principal to speak with the child first then the parents.  I felt so silly because I was nervous during our interview.  I mean, come on.  What is my deal?  I've done this before.  Geez. I don't mind talking to people, having conversations about our days, our lives, things like that.  I guess it's because I'm not used to being asked questions by someone of authority, someone who is playing a major role in my daughter's acceptance to this school.  What if I say something stupid? ( Very likely )  What if I get a hot flash? ( Also very likely )  Could I give an answer that will put the kibosh on her acceptance?  My minds swirls with these thoughts. There were some very interesting questions presented, one i

This Might Get Messy

Created by Rachel Jones of The Bumpy Road Giggle for the day.   Check out the other creations by Rachel Jones at her Etsy site - TheBumpyRoad .

What Am I Going To Be When I Grow Up?

I need to figure out what I'm going to be when I "grow up". When I say this out loud my teenagers look at me completely confused.  "Mom, you are grown up."  Yep, my years prove that I am a full grown adult but what was necessary for my families needs, beginning 17 years ago, is dwindling.  Errands, tasks, appointments, school volunteering - daily jobs of being a stay-at-home mom ( not counting the cleaning.  Oh God, the never ending cleaning! ) aren't what they used to be. I was very fortunate to be able to stay home with both of our children and next year both of our girls will be in high school.  I need to find something that will fill my spirit and my time ( AND that has NOTHING to do with house cleaning!) to take myself through my next phase of life.  What am I going to be when I grow up? What ever it is I will need more education.  I wish I could be more excited about that, but I'm not.  School was never a comfortable situation for me.  E