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So here's a little thing I'm dealing with this morning What will we find? It's been a half an hour and he's still there.  Hmmm

Stick It!

I love the Olympics! Last night was Women's Gymnastics and I always wince, cover my eyes or hold my breath while watching.  'Will they miss the bar? Will they fall off the beam?' 'Stick It!'  These young women are amazing in their strength and how that can translate to such gracefulness and beauty. Now, I'm not mocking the parents of Aly Raisman, I am empathizing with them.   This would totally be me and Rob if we were watching our daughter!  So funny. Her father at the end says it all.

Making Progress

Fourth day into her school summer program and things seem to be going well. Some friends are making in through. Her bully is still a pain in the tukhus however she keeps plugging away, trying to be nice. She's positive when I pick her up. Every day I pray that we are on the right path. Some wine and a little on-line retail therapy sounds pretty good to me right now.

Constantly Asking - Am I Doing The Right Thing?

So, my heart hurts and my stomach aches.   Yesterday Katie began her 2-week intro. program at her new high school.  On paper this school has amazing opportunities for their students.  It's a private school, which is a new situation for us.  This school receives large scholarships from various corporations which keeps the tuition cost lower than most private schools.  In exchange for the majority of your tuition being paid, the student takes part in an Intern program every Friday at the corporation that best fits their skill set.  School Mon. - Thurs.  Work on Friday.  So, when you graduate from high school you already have skills that will set you on a positive path along with being prepared for college - they have a 98% college acceptance rate. Now, about the other part of school, the socializing.  This area has never been easy for Katie, which is heart breaking.  She is so sweet, so accepting of everyone yet she's extremely shy which leads to the head being drawn down, sh

Aren't Genetics Wild?

Katie returns from her week long camp this afternoon.  It's amazing how the energy of the house changes when one person isn't here.  We live in a tiny house and yet, since she's been at camp, the house has felt bigger and a lot more empty. This isn't the first time she's gone away to camp, last summer she was gone for two weeks in a row.  That felt odd.  But she loves camp.  She's my tree climbing, fishing, fire-building child. Our eleven year old Lily still isn't into the idea of going away to camp, which is fine with my heart ;-> however, she has chosen a day camp that is focused on business.  A business camp for children!  It cracks me up.   There's a program that teaches children how to run a business and how that business contributes to the financial health of a city.  My little Lily loves looking professional and being the one in charge, which could mean handling the money for the business, or organizing the office and the workers and keeping

Celebrities As Real People

  Yes, this is Gwyneth Paltrow.  Well, kind of.  ;-> I just had to share a little giggle.  Visit more images at Celebrities As Real People .  (Which one is your favorite?)

Spastic Bird

While Katie is off to camp for the week she asked if we would take care of her bird, Jirico, for her.  This is the bird that she worked very hard to earn by concentrating more on school work and receiving better grades.   I will get his crazy moves on video one of these days!  He does this thing where he'll grab the side of his house, one foot on one bar the other foot diagonal from it, and he'll put his head through his feet then his whole body, turning his chest out,all the while holding tight to the bars.  I think he's trying to snap his feet off!  It's the craziest thing I've ever seen a budgie do.  Anyway.  (Rob had a dream last night that Jirico got out and our dog Benny was going after him as well as our two cats.  We better keep this bird around until Katie gets home!!!)

Bad Choices

I've been thinking about the word "choices" lately. The way you live your life is due to the choices you make every day, every hour, every minute.  Your attitude is the way it is because you choose to feel a certain way. I know that there are circumstances beyond our control and in that regard your choice isn't your own.  And that's not what I'm talking about here.  What puzzles me are those that continue to make choices that aren't healthy, that don't better their lives or bring any peace of mind.  Why do they keep blundering along, being miserable and making sure we know their troubles. Choices.

There Was A Little Girl

For this new year of mine I hope for the health of my family and friends.  I hope that we stay safe and find things that bring great joy to our lives.  I hope we remember what it was like to be 7, for me that was laughing, smiling, (smirking ;-> ) and just trying to have fun.  I hope to find lots of fun in my new year and I hope you do to! (*andpeaceonearthgoodwilltowardmen)

The Real To-Do List

And... Tell those you love that you love them :->

Chalk Drawing Helps Super Mario Come Alive

For you "gamers" out there.   Very fun! <br>&nbsp; <A href=";from=shareembed-syndication&amp;src=v5:embed:syndication:&amp;from=hpvideo10_module3" target="_new" title="Incredible 3D Super Mario Chalk Drawing">Video: Incredible 3D Super Mario Chalk Drawing</A><br>

All In One Place

When it’s time to get ready for a large party I do the obvious “list” making and reorganizing of furniture to fit a big group.   I see a design plan in my mind and feel I can transform my little house into cozy spaces and lounge areas like those in a Hotel lobby.   (I have quite the fantasy world, don’t I?!)  I like to check-out sites for Hotel Supplies and Catering Supplies because they provide classic items for large parties and it’s so convenient.   This is time management at its best.   When I visit PeachSuite Wholesale Supply & Restaurant Supplier I can find everything for a large gathering.   Not only can I choose the basics; plates, cups, silverware, they also have a selection of fun additions to your party.   Chocolate fountains are always a hit with all ages and they make a great focal point on your buffet table.   It may seem different to visit a site for Hotel Supply to acquire things for your party but when you think about your gathering, and how it’s abo

How The Interview Went

So... about that job interview.  (" Let Me Know If I Can Help You With Anything ") I was driving to my appointment doing my best not to turn around.  My mind was beginning to spin out of control with thoughts of 'how this situation wasn't going to work with my life right now' but then I would bounce back with 'I've been giving an opportunity and I need to honor it'. Where had my strength gone?  Where was my inner power?  If anyone in my life needs a pep talk I feel pretty darn comfortable with that.  But then here I was, losing my cool, and I couldn't talk myself out of it. I pushed through.  I parked the car.  Did I turn off the engine?  Not right away.  The thought of calling to cancel flashed through my mind but I shook it off, literally shook my head, and got out of the car. I realized that I was on the verge of a panic attack and did my best to breathe and smile. I knew that none of this emotion was logical and tried to laugh it off.  My

Our Flag of Flowers for Fourth of July

Lily and I made our salute to Independence Day with a flag of flowers.  (Yes, a bit abstract, but made with love.) Happy 4th of July!

Let Me Know If I Can Help You With Anything

Job. Job.  I may be getting a job outside the home. I am so stressed about this! I have been working from home (which I relate to = earning money) for about a year.  I am so lucky to be able to create my own hours with my on-line business and also be involved at my girls school.  I'm very well known by the Principal and teachers ;-> This was very necessary this past year and I am so thankful to my husband for our situation. Now, about this new situation.  I filled out a job application this morning and I haven't done that in, oh-my-goodness, well a very long time.  I was going through the ol' memory bank of experiences and asking myself 'What year did I work there?' , 'Is this business office even still there??' and 'Did I see my former employer in the Obit's?'  It's sad to think that your work reference could have passed on due to old age.   Just how far back does this Work History need to go, anyway?? This whole situation came up

I Can Hear Her

We're going through a lovely, little breakthrough here. This past week my 14 y/o has been able to speak for herself when ordering at a restaurant. Don't snicker, don't judge. If you have a child with anxiety/sensory issues I'm sure you can understand my excitement at hearing her beautiful voice speak the words "I'd like to have a hamburger with no cheese and extra pickles, please." I've had some people say, "Well, if she doesn't talk to the waitress than I guess she doesn't eat!"  Um... no.  Not in my world any way.  But hey, there have been times, oh-so-many times, where our patience has reached it's limit and it seems to be a stare down between us.  I'm sure my daughter can read my mind through my glaring eyeballs screaming inwardly 'Just say what you want!  Just do it!!!'.  Then a time of silence goes by and you can see my daughter crumble inside and you know the waitress just wants to get on with things.  S