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Do You Like Wordpress? Please Tell Me Why!

Photo courtesy of A year ago I made the decision to take my review blog from Blogger to Wordpress.  I chose to make this move because I had read so many testimonials about the benefits of having a Wordpress site, most were saying that PR firms took you more seriously, that more opportunities came your way, that you could make more money using Wordpress.  Well, that sounded like a plan to me so I made the move.  And it's been a flippin' pain ever since! I've received support in Wordpress help forums but I quickly discovered that WP is more for technical brains.  I do not have one of those.  Well, I've had some fun adding code to my Blogger site (where we are now :-> ), giving myself the false impression that I know what I'm doing.  But adding a gadget that will hold HTML code is where my knowledge ends.  Thankfully I've finally found someone at my web host that gets me! She's speaking in a language that I understand (um, well,

You Think I'm Weird, Do You?

Taking part in Mama's Losin' It - Kat's Writer's Workshop .  My chosen writing prompt: #6 Something funny your child said "Mom, you're weird." When I heard those words I felt so many emotions.  First, I laughed.  This is a typical thing for a teenager to say to their parent, right?  Then I agreed.  I do have my own way of looking at things. Then I was self-conscious.  Am I so "weird" that I'm still embarrassing myself in my middle age? Do you remember having someone make you feel dumb in grade school?  Or, middle school?  High School?  You raise your hand to give an answer only to have the class laugh because the answer is completely wrong.  But, in your mind, you see how your answer could work?  I mean, I get it. Why don't they?  That's pretty much me and my brain, my spirit. Having a brain that works this way requires knowing when to keep quiet and/or having a thick skin, of which I have neither.  I am super sensi

How Quickly They Turn On You - Wordless Wednesday

We love artichokes but haven't had the best luck getting them to a hearty size.  While we think to let them stay on the stalk longer will help them grow larger that doesn't seem to be the case.  They turn to a thistle and we've missed our chance at an artichoke once again.   However, what a blossom this is! Do you grow artichoke's?  If you have any tips on how to grow them to a nice, hearty size I'd love to have you share in the comment section below. If you'd like to participate in a W.W. link-up join at The Bewitchin'  And Mrs. Tee Love Life

Twitter You're No Help At All

Photo courtesy of I was put into Twitter time-out for 7 days and it was so frustrating!  For whatever reason Twitter decided to shut down my posting ability and my pleas for help from their "Technical Support" went unheeded.  Not even a robo-email stating "We've received your notice and will get back to you" blah blah blah. Nothing!   For 7 days!   Their website "Help Center" was a joke.  Under the FAQ's for being locked out of your account it said "Wait an hour or so, the lock will clear on its own".  Ahem.  I'm on day 7 and that's not happening. At the bottom of the page it asked - "Still Need Help? Contact Support".  However that took me to a prompt to Reset My Password which would then spin me back to my homepage that was notifying me that my account was locked. Yes! I know!  Round and round I go. So frustrating!!! The other morning, somehow I was able to find a way to get my account

Great Way To Start The Week

One of my favorite pieces of music.  A great way to start the week.  Make it full screen, turn on your sound... and breathe:

Don't Tell My Kids But I Hate When School Starts

You know that back-to-school Staples commercial?  The one with the dad rejoicing in buying school supplies while his children look on in disgust all the while the tune "It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year" is playing?  I get it.  I mean, it's funny because 3 months is a chunk of time and, perhaps, your children are getting on your nerves a bit.  But for me, I'm like the kids in the commercial.  I don't like the return of school.  I hate it actually. *sniff* Here are our high school Junior and 8th grader: Katie - High School Jr.  Lily - 8th Grader And here's our dear Benny... feeling lonely now: Benny's pouting - he's missing his girls It's not so much that I want time to stand still and not have my children grow up.  Well, maybe a part of me is feeling that way, but other thoughts and feelings come into play when it's the end of Summer vacation and school begins. First off, I love being able to sleep in! I think be