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Hold Your Breath - Wordless Wednesday

On our way to Rockaway Beach, OR for a day trip we made a stop at the Tillamook Forest Center right off of the Wilson River Hwy.  There were lots of things to look at and a lot to learn about this incredibly beautiful area.  One display caught Lily's attention: Photo courtesy:  Kathi Carlson ( my sister :-> ) Lily.  Loves.  Salmon. I'm not talking "Oh, aren't theses fish so pretty.  Mom, can I have one?"  It's more "Oh, these fish are delicious.  Mom, can I eat it?!!"  Any chance she gets (and the price is right ;-> ) Lily eats Salmon.  Hence her nickname, Lily Bear. Photo courtesy:  Kathi Carlson ( my sister :-> ) I'm just a ham. The next time you're heading to the coast, take the Oregon Hwy 6 and stop in the Tillamook Forest Center.  Lovely trails guide you along the river and lovely spots for picnics as well.  Just beautiful.    You'll find a  climbable 40-foot tall replica of a forest fire look

Nobody Can Eat Just One

I want some chips. Let's go to the cupboard. *walk*walk*walk* Nice.  OK.  I love these chips.      It doesn't look like there's very many...  Hmmm? WHAT?!? Oh, that's right.  I live with a 16 year old.

I Beat The Robin's To It! #WordlessWednesday

I'm happy to provide bird seed and a bird bath for my feathered friends but they need to stay away from the blueberries it's taken ye-e-e-ears to grow!   The crow's eat the cherries, the squirrel's eat the pears and Benny, our Chocolate Lab, eats as many tomatoes as he can reach.   I beat the robin's to it this morning and was able to grab a handful to add to my oatmeal.  Survival of the fittest!

10 Things You Should Do Today

Just in case you need ideas, here's "The Real To-Do List": Sing .  It doesn't matter what your voice sounds like, just sing.  It makes your heart happy. Smile at strangers .  - When you pass someone along the way just a little smile toward someone is contagious.  They will probably pass it on. Keep Learning.  While reading today, look up a word, or a term, you don't understand.  Notice Kindness.  It is out there.  Look for the kind gesture - holding a door open, allowing someone to go ahead, picking up what has been dropped, discretely telling someone 'You've got a little something right there'.    A little kindness can go a long way. Eat Ice Cream .  Or a little sweet treat of your liking.  Just a little bite can't hurt :-> Hope.  Take a moment to look to the sky and be hopeful for at least one thing.  Hope is good for the soul. Count Your Blessings.  Did your lights turn on when you needed them too?  Did your c

Wordless Wednesday - Raspberries

Support your local Farmer!

Another Bit Of Childhood Leaves

When children grow up they grow out of things - pacifiers, high chairs, car seats. etc.  For some items I had no problem when it was time to donate them, especially the Binky.  Katie was able to use her Binky as currency at the grocery store and "buy" a stuffed animal for the rate of one used pacifier.  (It's so nice when your neighborhood grocery loves to help you.  Of course, real currency paid for the stuffed animal ;-> ).  Something else that our girls have grown out of has left our house today, or better yet our yard, and although they haven't used the swing set in years, it's still bittersweet that it's gone. Rob built the swing set when Katie was 2 yrs. old.   She's now 16.  It isn't that Katie wanted to let the swing set go, just like she wasn't too hip to the idea of trading her Binky, but it was time.  A part of our daughters youth was standing in the yard - practically glaring at us - reminding us that our little girls weren't

What Am I Afraid Of?

It's time for Mama Kat's - pretty much world famous - Writer's Workshop.   My chosen prompt:   A blog post inspired by the word - Dare. Recently I was presented with the chance to create images for another site and my first inner response was 'I don't know if I'm good enough'. It's ridiculous.  What is it about my brain chemistry that has my every first response be 'Not good enough'?  My parents were/are very supportive parents.  I was in no way the smartest in my group of friends growing up, but they never discouraged me from doing things.  What is it with this fear and doubt?  It's so annoying. When I see people take on a new task/job/project with that good ol' Can Do! attitude I am so envious.   How do they do that?  Where does that confidence come from?  And how do I get some it?! Well, with regard to this creative opportunity, I dared myself to at least give it a try.  They liked what I presented and a work relati

Oops! I Did It Again

I married an actor 21 years ago.  Rob has been active in Portland's theater community which, in turn, means I attend the theater -  when he's in a show .  I love musicals and comedies however I have a problem with dramas.  And that problem?  Falling asleep.  I've tried drinking coffee, chewing gum, pinching myself - I've tried it all and I still nod off.  Maybe I should just bring a neck pillow and show that the jig is up. Last Saturday an old friend of mine encouraged us to see a show he directed, Learn To Be Latina, and once I found out it was a comedy I accepted.  I loved it.  The style, the talent, the music/dancing, the message - I loved it all.  And then something happened that burst my "I like theater!" bubble, the appearance of the word INTERMISSION. Intermission?!?  We've been here almost an hour and a half! I call that done and done!  Unfortunately, for my reputation, I did not go gently into that dark hallway towards the concession stand.