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The Birds Have Arrived For Halloween

 Lily, Age 9  You can almost make them out jumping from branch to branch.  Those freaky crows. Happy Halloween!

Rally To Restore Sanity

I'm pretending I'm at the Rally To Restore Sanity with Jon Stewart, and a couple of other people. Perhaps a blog-hopping Virtual Girls Night Out next Saturday, ok? (Thanks Cafe Press for this wonderful button)

Time To Hibernate

I feel like loading up with a huge bowl of pasta, crawling under the covers and sleeping for days. Why should bears have all the fun?

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

I can't outsmart the ol' noggin. Dealing with my dad's wife's passing has been really stressful.  I thought I was pretty tough but last night my body starting feeling achy and now I'm exhausted.  My mind reels. Ugh. Wouldn't a get-away to a sunny, quiet, location be delightful?  Oh yes, yes it would.  And a massage!  Yeah baby, that sounds great. Instead I'll settle for listening to Bob Marley, drinking margarita's and watching my computer's beach screen saver.  You take what you can get.

If Only It Had Pictures

So I've been going through things that are in closets, drawers, shelves. I’m in a different head space right now and I want to make sure things that are in my house represent me, my family, not things that I absent mindedly gather and store. Some things are worth keeping but most aren't. Take this book I found on a shelf hiding under shoes, the title " How to Drive Your Woman Wild in Bed ". This publication is funny for many reasons. ( I’m confident this book is directed at men ) 1- This book is 245 pages long 2- None of the 245 pages has pictures 3- Did I mention that this book is directed at men? So while I put things in piles of ‘Keep’ or ‘Donate’ you can just imagine where this UNREAD book ended up.

Swamp Ophelia

My mind has been elsewhere lately.  Losing a family member can do that to you.  Are things in order ? Have I made household paperwork easy to understand?  Or, are my notations just for my minds crazy wiring? When I go, please know that,  I want "Swamp Ophelia" by the Indigo Girls to be a part of my life's soundtrack.  (And that... if I had ever had the courage to Karaoke... I would sing "Crazy Game" by I.G.)

It Would Be So Nice

When my child cries about not feeling she has a best friend my heart breaks.  I have tried so hard, for all her years, to help her understand what it is to be a friend.  I've opened our home to parties and sleepovers.  I've been the chauffeur, the baker, the 'what-ever-music-you-want-to-listen-to' mom.  However, she is a certain style of person and being with others is not easy.  She wants them to be around, yet she just finds it difficult to be with them.  She desperately wants people to come to her house but, when they are here, she prefers to play on the computer - alone - or be in her room - alone.  She's very comfortable and happy when classmates are at her house, she just doesn't want to engage with them.  I was hoping by now she would find that wonderful friend that really "got" her, someone that accepted her unique ways and would laugh with her and help her feel better about herself, help her feel stronger.  Yet we are still struggling.  And

You Never Know

It's interesting how things change suddenly. You think you've accepted a relationship for what it is and you go on your way. Then something happens.  Something sad.  And the person who you thought didn't really need you tells you that they do.  And you try to help this person - all the while confused thoughts swirl in your head and your heart.   It's hard to speak. I thought he didn't need me. My dad's wife suddenly passed away 10-10-10.  ( Not my mother, my parents divorced when I was 11.  My dad's wife of 22 years passed .) My sister, my dad and I are on an interesting journey now.

Talking To Strangers

My children don't have a Facebook account. They don't have a cell phone.  This doesn't make my 12 yr. old happy. She was pleasantly surprised recently when we allowed her to create a site dedicated to a book series that she loves. ( )  I'm all for it.  She plans on sharing her artwork and asks others to contribute their creations.  I watch what she posts and what is posted to her.  If I feel she's giving too much information I tell her 'that part needs to be changed'.  This direction confuses her because she knows I have blogs and share and communicate with "strangers", so why can't she? Some how the saying "because I'm an adult, that's why" doesn't seem appropriate.  I can argue that I understand what information is OK to share with someone I've never met face-to-face but, do any of us really know if our seemingly innocent sharing of day-to-day life isn't being read by someone with

Portland Marathon 2010

If they ever make running/rainboots, they'll be a hit in Portland, OR. (Let me be clear before I begin, no I did not run in this marathon.  But I am a great cheerleader!  And I'm proud of each and every person who participated; runners, walkers, volunteers.  You all did a great job!) While living on a somewhat busy street there are a few fun perks that happen twice a year. Our house is located on route of the annual Providence Bridge Pedal and the Portland Marathon . On these days the street is closed to car traffic and the lovely sounds of gears shifting, or running shoes hitting the pavement, take its place. It's delightful :-> We are located at mile 18 of a 26 mile course.  Here's a bit of what it's like. Walk with Rob and I, won't you?: Very prepared with H2O And we can't forget the most talented cheerleader the Portland Marathon has: There were over 15,000 participants this year! If you ever want to hang out with us and cheer on

Virtual Girls Night Out - Heart Rock Stop #3

Oh, how the rain has returned to the Pacific Northwest.  Boo!  I'm not ready.  I feel worse for the people participating in the Portland Marathon tomorrow.  They will be running right in front of my house and I will gather my umbrella, along with my Mimosa, and cheer them on.  How about I do a little pre-race partying and get this blog-hopping Virtual Girls Night Out going?! * The VGNO Blog-Hop began in the summer of 2008. Connecting, supporting, encouraging - those words describe the VGNO Guest. And hopefully we gain more exposure for your blog - that's the intent of the VGNO. So get on your bunny slippers, make yourself a cocktail add your blog link below  and have fun! Join the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project (details here ). Happy VGNO!* Time For Some Tunes! Happy Birthday John Lennon John Lennon "Imagine" (Live '72) He would be 70 years old today. Time For A Cocktail! Jack-O-lantern Ingredients: 3 oz. Three Olives Rangtang Vodka ¾ oz. ora

Found On The Sidewalk Friday - Size Matters

Here's something that Rob found while driving home from work.  It's not exactly ON the sidewalk, it's beside it (a little leeway once in a while is alright ;-> ).  Have you seen this ad in your neighborhood? Needless to say, Rob was a little late getting home that day. So, what about you?  Have you found anything interesting, unusual, or symbolic while on your walks?  Do share!

Getting JibJab With It - Halloween Style!

I just couldn't resist!  Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab! Cast of characters: Rob "Dracula",  Ann "Witch",  Katie "Mummy",  Lily "Bride of Frakenstein",  Benny the Chocolate Lab "Frankenstein". Go make your own!  JibJab .

Fill In The Blank

Isn't getting older ________? Yes, it beats the alternative.  But I'm keeping it light here and mocking the aging process for women, or more to the point, for ME right now. Yesterday I had a visit to my lovely lady doctor for my lovely lady parts and now I'm heading to get my blood drawn.  Paper work, paper work, paper work.  Dates to remember, or to be precise, for me to completely draw a blank on and not remember.  I'm tired, I'm fuzzy.  Things aren't working correctly.  Stress, stress, stress. I was asked a question yesterday regarding something that is commonplace in my life and I couldn't make the answer form in my head.  Completely blank brain!  I stared at the wall, I stared at the floor, I stared at the stirrups connected to the exam table and couldn't come up with the answer.  The nurse said "Could "vitamin" be the word you're looking for?"   Crap. Isn't aging  ______?

Virtual Girls Night Out - Neon Trees

It's volleyball season for my 7th grader.  ( There go our Saturdays for a while .)  I wouldn't mind it if the coach was energetic and the team actually looked like they wanted to do well, but that isn't happening.  (More grumbling to come - I can feel it!)  Katie really wants to play though, and that's what's important.  I know what will alter my mood in a good way... A Virtual Girls Night Out! *The VGNO Blog-Hop began in the summer of 2008. Connecting, supporting, encouraging - those words describe the VGNO Guest. And hopefully we gain more exposure for your blog - that's the intent of the VGNO. So get on your bunny slippers, make yourself a cocktail add your blog link and have fun! Join the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project (details here ). Happy VGNO!* Time For A Song! Neon Trees " Animal " "Here we go again..."  Perfect. Time For A Cocktail! Ya' know what?  Tonight it's just going to be a delightful glass (es) o

Found On The Sidewalk Friday - It's Here

With this latest sighting on the sidewalk I believe Fall has officially come to the Pacific Northwest. Last week it's Preparation H tubes, previous week I get to look like a Pirate.  (Check out past F.O.T.S.F posts here .)  Have you found anything interesting, unusual, or symbolic while on your walks?  Do share!