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Katherine Heigl Hates Balls

Yes, it's naughty.  And yes, it's silly.  But I needed this laugh today. Katherine Heigl Hates Balls from Katherine Heigl       Thanks Katherine!

Timothy Hutton Was My Deal Breaker

I remember getting my first small locker in middle school.  I felt so grown-up, like I had so many important items that I just couldn't possibly carry them all so I had better place them in my very own secure spot.  Nice.  I had a shelf for my Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker and my Love's Baby Soft.  You know, the really important items.  In High School a lot of serious thought went into who you would share your locker with.  Oh the drama if you picked one friend over the other!  Sharing a locker is the equivalent of "moving in together" so decorating proved to be a lesson in give-and-take.   I clearly remember needing to have a picture of Timothy Hutton on my locker door - circa 1980, " Ordinary People ".  That was a deal breaker for me.  Take me, take my Timothy.  (He's currently filming the TNT series " Leverage " in my city of Portland, OR and oh how I wish I could find him and have him sign that same pic!) Since I've recently found my dia

My To-Do List

Check list for the month of December: Participate in the school's Holiday Bazaar sharing my wonderful Scentsy products Family outing for Christmas Tree Plan birthday party for soon-to-be 11 year old daughter Make invitations and get party supplies Decorate house in wonderful Christmas vibe Plan birthday party for soon-to-be 14 year old daughter Make invitations and get party supplies Plan family birthday party Host 3 birthday parties Remind all couples I meet to plan, plan, PLAN their 'Due Dates' wisely Remind myself to be grateful that my exhaustion comes from caring for my family that I love Have a Merry Christmas ;->

The Dumbest Product Ever

You would think this was a Saturday Night Live commercial.  But... well, no.  "Forever Lazy" *My 13 year old asks, "Has America really come to this?".  My 10 year old says, "America is running out of good ideas."  I say, 'Thank You' to my sister for sharing this infomercial with me!

Do You See It?

While in the process of making pumpkin pies for our Thanksgiving dessert I was stopped by the shape my eggs had decided to make. I do believe my pies are going to turn out all-l-l-l-l-l right . Keep Smiling!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Did I Show My Girls An Unsuitable Video?

I know not all of my parenting choices are the best.  Whose are?  I guard things from my kids.  I don't feel the need to have them grow up too fast. I don't let them wear clothes that dip too far down (or ride too far up!).  When it comes to the movies I approve of I'm sure some parents, along with the groans I hear from my soon-to-14 year old's-friends, think I'm prudish.  Oh well. So regarding my history of what I think is right or wrong for my 13 and 10 year old children, I know that not only allowing my children to watch this video, let alone being the one to introduce it to them , threw many for a loop.  I think the video is funny.  I don't see much harm.  But now I'm finding some parents don't agree and have called me out and said I've shown my girls something "unsuitable".  Hmmm. Not that anything can be undone, but I'm wondering, what do you think? LMFAO " Sexy And I Know It " Are my girls scarred for life??

Something Fun To Do With Your Hands

It's the little things. Yes, I can be awe struck by large, beautifully designed buildings, like the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai.  Or, appreciate the stunning blend of cables and steel that create the St. Johns Bridge in Portland, OR (I'm lucky to have it in my backyard ;-> ).  The sheer mass of these structures catch my eye and make me say 'Wow'.  But there's a functioning design that made me so happy, and even embarrassed my kids a little bit with my giddiness.  Have you checked out the Dyson air blade hand dryer at Costco?  (Have I embarrassed myself by sharing how much fun I think these are?) I feel like Tom Hanks in "Big" when he starts jumping on the big piano.  If there's any way to make drying your hands fun Dyson has found it.  After washing my hands I was looking for the hand dryer and saw, what I first thought, was some kind of electronic garbage can hanging on the wall.  I stood over it for a while and saw the illustration for a h

Are Anti-Bullying Campaigns Really Working?

With almost weekly reports of children taking their own lives because they couldn't withstand the bullying at school or on-line I get beyond frustrated.  I hear the stories and cry and cry.  I feel for the child and for the parents having to deal with the enormous loss.  I hear of anti-bullying campaigns that include school assemblies, addressing the need for tolerance and appreciation for the differences that make us who we are. I keep hearing about various programs to stop the taunts and violence toward our children by our children and yet, again, I hear of another who couldn't take the bullying for another moment and commits suicide. These anti-bullying programs aren't working!  It seems to me that no matter how many times particular children can be told that they are wrong for ridiculing, mocking, terrorizing their fellow classmates they could care less and continue their behavior.  It seems to me bullying behavior will never stop. Instead of our energy being focus

Virtual Girls Night Out - I Took It Off!

(*the video is starting automatically tonight.  scroll down to pause, if you like*) I made a change today.  Nothing too "out there" but something that was just enough to make a difference.  I had 7 inches cut off and added some bangs:  Ta Da!!! My 13 year old isn't too hip to the change but my 10 year old likes it.  (I did it for me, so I'm not heart broken if I haven't won over the crowd.)  I say this is a perfect excuse to get our Virtual Girls Night Out started! *The Virtual Girls Night Out is for those that don't have a chance to get out of the house but still want to "hang with their friends ". So, make yourself a cocktail, put on something cozy and have fun. Leave a comment to let us know you stopped by. We'll visit your blog and say "Happy VGNO!"* Time For Some Tunes! The world is going mad.  Mad I tell ya'!  We might as well listen to some music and enjoy the ride. Seal " Crazy "

Everything In Its Place

Alright, I get the message.  When I open my cupboard to search for my favorite spice from Seattle Market Place and not one but two spice containers tumble out, it's time for me to get things organized and get a better spice rack.  (And the fact that this is not the first time to happen adds to my realization as well.) A friend of mine redesigned her kitchen and part of her new organization were some spice racks that I really liked.  One had the spices in a spinner and each spice had a dial to grind it to the size/taste you were in the mood for.  I thought that was pretty cool. Something I've had my eye on for a while is the design of a magnetic sheet that hangs on the wall.  You then put your spices into round metal containers that have magnets on the bottom and clear lids.  It just looks so cool and would completely take away the "jars-tumbling-onto-my-feet" situation disappear. (Mmmm... do I see an item for my Christmas wish list? ;->) So, do y

Looking For Fun With The Rain

Being that I live in the Pacific Northwest it seems my neighbors and I are always looking for ways to make the rainy days more enjoyable.   We’ve got great bookstores, music venues and pretty cool museums.   We live with moisture falling from the sky more often than not and that's all there is to it.    To look on the bright side, one of the many positives is that you can find the prettiest umbrellas and rain boots in just about every store.   I love the umbrellas that look like giant flowers.   So pretty!   And kids (young and old) can find rain boots that look like ladybugs, frogs, tigers, etc.   Hey, we need to do what we can to perk things up when the skies are grey and the rain feels like it just won't stop. There's one house accessory I've been seeing that is so cool.   Instead of a typical enclosed gutter downspout, there are new designs called gutter rain chains .   Some designs look like copper flowers that have been stacked and held together with co

Trying To Figure Out A Dream

So, about this dream I remember from last night; I'm living in a community that was enclosed under a bubble of blue skies and sunshine.  When I looked up I knew it wasn't a true sky, but I didn't care, it was beautiful.  The homes were a Craftsman Style (my favorite - nothing at all like my house or the houses in my neighborhood) and there was a cluster of tall trees and a sweet, little playground. I was walking to, what I understood to be, my home.  It was a populated area and the people that were walking toward me were some that I know in my awake world.  They would start a conversation with me but continue to walk in their direction making it necessary for me to turn around if I wanted to hear them.  They would keep walking their way, I would keep walking mine because I wanted to get to my house.  They just kept talking and walking.  Me, just walking - away. This happened about three times.  I remember one person being a child from my daughters school.  The next pers

Guilty Pleasure

Yes, I admit it, I like to decompress by playing video games on-line.  I mean come on, it's fun!  My favorites are the story games.  I know that some people love word games but I like to download games where I'm in situations, trying to beat the clock with my awesome salon management skills or scouring the picture looking for hidden objects. My daughters like to play games on-line as well.  They want to purchase every game they see, but I've found the best way to go about that situation is to download the free trial and, once the trial period is over see if they even remember how much they wanted to buy the game in the first place.  (I guess it could be called "The Whining Factor".)  Most of the time they forget about the game, then go on to something else.  Well played mom ;-> I'm sure there are more productive ways to decompress.  I could be cleaning the attic, organizing closets or working on those scrapbooks that are in dire need of updates.  But h

Do Yourself A Favor - Watch This

Erato " Call Your Girlfriend" (Swedish group Erato doing a cover of Swedish pop star Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend".)

Virtual Girls Night Out - Get Your Eleven On!

Once in a century.  Can you believe it?  Once in a century the date 11 - 11 - 11 happens and here we are, livin' it.  Did you do anything special at 11:11 am?  Or pm?  Today is the National Observance of Veterans Day.  I think it's pretty special to have this holiday fall on the date of these magical numbers.  Let's start celebrating and get our Virtual Girls Night Out going! *The Virtual Girls Night Out is for those that don't have a chance to get out of the house but still want to "hang with their friends ". So, make yourself a cocktail, put on something cozy and have fun. Leave a comment to let us know you stopped by. We'll visit your blog and say "Happy VGNO!"* Time For Some Tunes!  Schoolhouse Rock!  "The Good Eleven" As far as I'm concerned Schoolhouse Rock was right there with my "formal" education.  I learn/retain things so much better when they're put to music. Time For A Cocktail!

Happy Marriage Secret Revealed!

While reading our local paper a story titled "75 Years of Love and Trust" caught my attention.  The couple married in 1936, he was 18 she was 17.  (*gulp!*)  Their answers to the questions of "what makes a long, fulfilling marriage?" were sweet. One answer in particular strikes me as a perfect: Q :  What is your secret to a long and happy marriage? Him :  "There's a little secret to that, and most people don't know it.  You're the head of the household.  She's the neck that turns the head!" I like that. The Oregonian 11-10-11


While out with friends last night I was told, "If you hadn't told me your age, I would keep thinking you look like a tired 30-something." Um... I think I'll take that as a compliment.  ??? 45 baby!

Some Cousin Bonding Over Broadway

Guest post written by Carolyn Black I was really excited when I learned that my cousin Jennifer was going to be living just a few hours away from me. We were extremely close when we were growing up, but then we went our separate ways once we went off to college. It always made me sad because I wished that we had gone to college together. Now we're making up for lost time! I planned a day trip to New York for us because we're not that far away from there anyway. When I was online looking up some attractions for us to go and see, I ran across the website . After I Looked through them a little bit, I decided to go and get fitted with some hearing aids. We decided to go and see the Broadway play War Horse while we were in the city. I'd heard so many great reviews of it so I thought it would be a great bet. And it was! I think my husband would have really enjoyed it actually. So I'll just have to take him to see the movie of it

Bring On The Mama Bear

We are 3 months into the new school year and I'm hearing a little boys name too often, as in "So-and-so is so mean!"  This mama bear of a 5th grader is not happy. My oldest is in 8th grade and, regarding her class, something has been going on every year since 1st grade.  So I've been involved with those kids, around that group, they know me.  They know that when I come to sit-in on a class something's up. They're older now and a majority of them are respectful but, there are those that need to be little jerks sometimes.  That's fine, I remember being 13. Regarding my youngest daughter's class they've been pretty good.  It's basically a sweet group.  However, now it seems with the delightful growing years, they are finding their inner jerk and sharing it with the world, or better yet, with the girls of 5th grade. I've been aware of this kid for a couple of years.  He is not harmless.  You hope that the parents would catch on after he

Just Keep Moving

If I can just keep moving my mood definitely improves.  My problems don't go away but when I exercise my stress level lowers and I feel better - for a bit.  ( Which makes me never want to get off the treadmill! ;-> ) It may sound funny, but one thing my daughters and I like to do is hang out at a sporting goods store and try various fitness equipment .  My favorite machines come with fans.  If I hadn't experienced it I would think it was a joke but there really are machines that come with fans that blow on your face while your stepping away the calories, and stress. I'm making my fantasy Christmas Wish List and including a step machine and a folding treadmill .  We have such little space in our house that a murphy bed would even be a good idea for us! So tell me, do you have a wish list started?


Have we done something to anger Transmission Gods?  2 summers ago we had a car repair nightmare - on vacation 200 miles from home and the transmission went out on Robs Isuzu. (Beginning of story is shared here .) 3 months ago our trusty (meaning "old") family van made its last outing with us when the transmission repair cost was more than the cars worth, so in for a trade it went.  (The girls are still not forgiving us for this.  They hate change.) Now today, or better yet a couple of weeks ago, our new-to-us 2002 Honda Odyssey starts having trouble shifting into second gear.  Yesterday lights even came on and off to the side of the road we went, searching through the manual to see what it all meant.  Which was our way of delaying what we already knew, this thing needs to go the mechanic and will cost us what we don't have. It's just so crappy.  I don't understand.  Crap.

Virtual Girls Night Out - The Rock Is Back!

Hello, hello my dear blog pals.  How has your week been?  I have no idea of what has gotten into me but I'm on a path of moving my body (treadmill) and writing more (this blog and the review blog).  Just a few months ago I was feeling really down and ready to give up blog communication.  But I honestly didn't want that.  Now, I'm not really sure how things have come together this way, however, I seem to have some kind of groove going that is good.  I'm not going to question it. I'm just goin' with it and hope it stays! ;->  Time to party at our Virtual Girls Night Out! *The Virtual Girls Night Out is for those that don't have a chance to get out of the house but still want to "hang with their friends ". So, make yourself a cocktail, put on something cozy and have fun. Leave a comment to let us know you stopped by. We'll visit your blog and say "Happy VGNO!"* Time For Some Tunes! The Goat Rodeo Sessions "Atta B

Can You Say This?

"I was once afraid of people saying, Who does she think she is? Now I have the courage to stand and say, This is who I am." - Oprah Winfrey This is a goal of mine.   I will work on accepting myself, in this way, daily. And I just can't resist "I yam what I yam" - Popeye

Get A Second Opinion!

What is it with the heart these days??? Last October my dad's wife passed away on the operating table while undergoing a procedure to insert a stent into a heart valve. About 3 months later, my dad discovers that he needs to undergo the same procedure. This was not an easy time for our family.  So much distance had come between us and then - boom! - we were being tested on our measure of compassion.  What were we made of?  Well, with the amazing guidance of my uber-fantastic mom we proceeded to take care of business and dad.  (We still are. Everyday a different step in the journey.) Now comes the news that my mother-in-law is to undergo a procedure for her heart.  What the heck is going on??? Let this be a lesson on listening to your body and don't let a doctor tell you, "Oh, you're just getting older and this is what it feels like."  Deal with it, basically.  No and no.  My mother-in-law knew that she didn't feel right and finally got a second op

Remains of the Day

I'm sure I'll be finding wrappers tucked in sofa cushions and discarded under their beds for days. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!