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I'm Going To Be Heidi Klum In 2009!

It was a Saturday morning. I was starting my day with a large cup of coffee and a cozy spot on the couch. I turned on the TV and quickly realized that I was being sold something. And I took the bait!
Heidi Klum has a line of skin care called "In An Instant". And if that's all it takes to erase the effects of motherhood from my face than I'm in!
We'll see. Oh yes we will.
As I peruse the pictures of Christmas past I look at my current self and wonder were my eyes have gone? And why doesn't my mommy scowl go away after the "time out" session? Christmas 1997... I DID have eyebrows! I knew it.
I can't wait for my new face to get here. Now the body? I don't think Heidi's up to that challenge.
Happy New Year!!!

It's my day at Beautiful! Fabulous! Come on over and say hi!

Tuesday Tunes - Goo Goo Dolls

Goo Goo Dolls - "Better Days"

And, Mr. Johnny "The Teeth" Rzeznik and the boys, you are more than welcome to join my New Year's Eve party and play this song! PLEASE!!!

Alexis Stewart, I'm Not Impressed

I'm just saying...

Alexis Stewart is the daughter of Martha Stewart. Alexis and her friend have a new television show on the Fine Living Network called "Whatever, Martha!". I've seen the promo commercial a couple of times and I think this show makes Alexis look like a spoiled-rotten, little B***h. There, I said it. Kind of.
Martha is such an easy target. The masses have been making fun of her for years. She is the ultimate Domestic Diva, making her own mirrors and pretentious enough to pronounce the 'H' in the word Herb. But give me a break, does she need to get crap coming at her from her own daughter?
Alexis grew up with a mother who was very,very busy. She probably had a nanny, or two. She quiet possibly didn't get the attention she craved from her busy mom. So now she's going to take it out on her mom with her snarky comments in her nasty tone on national television?!?
It appears that Martha is supporting her daughters endeavor. However…


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa.
THAT is not a lie.

However, today I DID lie and it just came out of my mouth so fast that I couldn't stop myself. My inner filter must have been snowed in like the rest of this city.

Portland has had it's share of snow fall and we just aren't prepared. The city doesn't have the budget to sand/shovel all of the streets so I took a walk to our neighborhood grocery store.

While I was there I ran into many neighbors that were escaping from their families as well. (Love ya' Honey! If you read this, you know what I mean ;-> ) While standing in the bread section I saw someone I hadn't seen for months. She had a lot to share and she wanted to share it at a fast pace. Her words were coming at me so fast I felt like I was in The Matrix. Her words were bullets and I was bent over backwards from their force.

A few minutes into her tale a mutual friend came around the corner from the produce aisle and "joined&quo…

Arctic Blast!

Well, what do you know? The Weathercaster's were right. It took them a week and a half, but they eventually got it right. We are in the middle of our "Artic Blast" and we're doing everything we can to take advantage of this amazing snow fall.
LOTS of sledding, LOTS of snow angels and LOTS of baking!

This isn't normal for those that live in Portland, OR so those in the neighborhood are having a great time. (I say this on 'Day 2'. Let's see how I feel on 'Day 5'.)

We can't dig out our car, so it's time for a walk to the store. I thought I'd share some pics from the walk and of our backyard view.

Make photo slide shows at

I hope you had fun at our last Virtual GNO! See you next time!

Virtual GNO - My "Kat" Made Me Do It

Busy! Busy! Busy!
Yep, it's that time of year, and I'm happy with all the going's on, however I need to take a little break from party planning to hang out for a little VGNO with some friends.
Here's how it's done; when someone leaves a comment, or sign's Mr. Linky, go visit their blog and leave a comment. When your blog is visited go introduce yourself to your guest. But come back! It's a party! Invite your friends.

Alright now, my Sassy Irish Lassy, Kat has included me in a photo tag.
I've been playing in, what Portland weather casters are calling, an "Artic Blast". It's really ridiculous what they close schools for out here in the Pacific Northwest. "Was that a flake I saw fall? Hurry! Go to the stores and stock-up on Top Ramen! It's an Artic Blast!!!"
Kat asked for a picture of what we were doing right now. Here I am in the snow...
(I think Kat and I could be sisters!)
Since it's Virtual GNO I tag you all! I would l…

Is It Wrong?

Is it wrong to be creeped out by the neighbor kids? To give one the secret nickname "Gollum" and laugh everytime your husband says the word 'precious'?

Is it wrong to put your kids to bed early because you really want a
glass(es) of wine? (a.k.a. "mommies juice box")

Is it wrong to accept a compliment on your naturally flawless complexion when you actually spent 10 minutes putting on your Bare Minerals before you came to pick-up the kids?

Not that I've done any of these things. Just wonderin'.

How about you?

Psst! It's Mission Monday over at Jay's

Go have a visit!

Next Time, We'll Just Go To The Movies

Remember this one?...

My husband had been out of town for a while and my girls and I needed to do something to perk ourselves up. I put together our swim bag and off we went to a huge swim park. They were so happy and I was glad I had the energy to do this.
We had a fine drive there. We got a great parking spot. We smiled and held hands skipping to our fun afternoon.
We're in the changing room (we found a Family Changing Room. What luck!) and my oldest has everything all set and asks if she can met us by the pool. "Sure", I say. "Don't get in without me", etc.
While my youngest is still trying to put herself together I'm looking in the mirror noticing that my exercises are starting to work. The thighs aren't so bad right now. Let's see the back-side.
Oh...My...God! As in, 'God Help Me!!!'
The back half of my swimming suit has been eaten away by chlorine of summers past.
I'm there for all the world to see.
Sh*#%@*t !!!!
I wrapped a towel arou…

Is She Stalking Me?

Here I am, in a public place, and my oldest has done something insane. I feel I am about to lose it and who do I see? The same mother who always seems to be around when my children and I are having "issues". Why? Why?!? Why is she always near when my children, or my parenting, is not being shown in the best light?
I have no idea how this continues to happen. Is she following me? Is she waiting for that "bad mommy" moment so she can smile her wicked smile and come over to see how we're doing? It's very Stepford.
Does any one else have this kind of situation?

Virtual GNO - Ready For The Season Edition

December is busier than I want it to be. Both of my girls' birthday's are this month. (I know, I know. We should have planned better. We should have plannedperiod!!!) This weekend is my youngest's party and next weekend is my oldests. Throw in the other festivities of the season and we are in full blown party mode!

See let's get started with our Virtual Girls Night Out party. Here's how it's done; when someone leaves a comment, or sign's Mr. Linky, go visit their blog and leave a comment. When your blog is visited go introduce yourself to your guest. But come back! It's a party! Invite your friends.

Time To Dance!

Katy Perry "Hot 'N' Cold"

That's a good break from holiday music. I have to say, I have an issue with a particular holiday song. If I hear "Christmas Shoes" one more time I'm going to blow. That song pisses me off! This guy has done everything he could to make us cry; dying mother, sad son who wants…

"I'd Rather Be..." Wednesday

If I could, I'd rather be in New York City right now. Christmas in NYC is just so glorious! It puts on quite a show.
My husband and I lived in The City for one year and it's amazing how that experience has stayed so fresh in my memory.
There is even money rolling down the streets there! (Did you know that already Robin? ;-> ) One St. Patrick's Day, on our way to a pub, of course, there were bills floating down the sidewalk in my direction. Ya-hoo!
Then, at Christmas time, while hubby and I were on our way to buy gifts I came across what looked like some kind of bill just lying on the sidewalk. I put my foot on it and said 'Rob, I think there's a $50 dollar bill under my shoe'. I lifted my foot, he looked at it, and sure enough it was a $50. Merry Christmas to me!!!
(We actually stayed on the corner for a while waiting to see if anyone came by looking for something they'd lost. No one came by.) My husband was a Waiter/Actor at the time and this was …

Tuesday Tunes - U2

U2 "I Believe In Father Christmas"

originally recorded by Greg Lakes

U2 helps launch (RED)WIRE on December 1st.

Join (RED)WIRE by paying $5 per month - half of your $5 monthly membership fee goes directly to The Global Fund to help buy and administer medicine to people in Africa living with HIV. It costs just $12 per month to provide someone the two pills a day they need to stay alive. So every five (RED)WIRE members generate enough money, every month, to help keep one person living with HIV in Africa alive. Simple. Powerful.

So think of it this way - you and four friends could do something amazing together.