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Let's See What Happens If I Put A Bird On It

I've made my "Hail Mary" play in trying to get my 8th grade daughter to do better at turning in her work to increase her grades.  I've bribed her. Over the course of many, many months Katie has said how much she would like a parakeet.  She shared a room with her little sister who was very clear in not wanting a bird in their room.  However, they don't share a room any longer so... here we go. This is how I came up with this idea, it came to me in a dream.  I'm not kidding.  The other night I had a dream that there was a sweet, little parakeet in Katie's room and it made her happy which, in turn, made her more productive and accommodating when asked to do "something".  Things were done, the sun was shining, the birds - you know where I'm going with this - were singing. So here's my thought process, if I can say 'focus on doing what needs to get done and we'll get you a parakeet' turns into an actual parakeet living in her

Gatorade With A Kick

There's water in it, right? ;->

Everything Old Is New Again

My idea of " oldies songs " and my daughter’s ideas are so predictable that I have to laugh.  Then, of course, I go through the self-examination of just how old I am and the laughter gets quieter.  (Not that I need music to bring that point home, my aching back and creaky knees work even better.)  My 5 th grade daughter presented her speech on Whitney Houston in class today and used the term “oldies music”.  The teacher and I laughed.  He said he needs to start playing some Buddy Holly to help the kids really know “oldies music”.  Their groans made me laugh. I read an article the other day that clothes from the ‘80’s are considered vintage.  And I’m talking the 1980’s!  What?!?  If only I had saved my turtle necks with the little whales all over them, or my Calvin Klein’s with the zippers at the ankles.  (I could never fit into those flippin’ jeans!  Darn you Brooke Shields!) When my daughters get home from school I think I’ll create our own little juke box and

One Of The BEST Wedding Proposals! - Video

This video was created in my town Portland, OR.  Local actor Isaac Lamb proposes to girlfriend, and fellow actor, Amy Frankel.  Get the tissues!!!!

Virtual Girls Night Out - Guilty Pleasure

Happy Memorial Day - Weekend blog pals!  Any barbeque plans?  Trips to the mountains or beach?  I have a birthday party to attend on Sunday for a sweet soon-to-be 5 year old.  It's a Hawaiian theme so I better get my grass skirt ready.  Heck, maybe I'll wear it for tonight's Virtual Girls Night Out!  Also, I have a question for you.  See below.  Cheers! *T he VGNO is for those who want to party "virtually" with other bloggers. Get on your fuzzy slippers, make yourself a cocktail, and have fun!  Leave a comment, along with your blog link, to let us know you've stopped by and visit the blogs of those that have visited as well.  Happy VGNO!*   Time For Some Tunes! My Johnny boy is back!  I feel he did the right thing and "went away" for awhile.  I love his new album.  (Yep, I said 'album' and I always will.  Now has anyone seen my Walkman? ;-> ) John Mayer " Shadow Days " Time For A Cocktail! Mai Tai In


It is such a treat of romantic proportions to receive a surprise bouquet of flowers from my husband.   Even if it’s my birthday I am pleasantly surprised when I open the door to find a long box filled with beautiful blossoms. There is a gorgeous selection at online florist Serenta Flowers .   You can choose what blossoms you would like to send by flower variety, price range or style.   If you like to make your decisions guided by theme they have categories based on expressions – Thank You, Congratulations, etc.   Every occasion is available at    Not only is there a lovely selection of floral bouquets, you can also choose from a variety of plants, chocolates and wines.   Wouldn’t it be a surprise to receive a Lemon Tree at your door?   Talk about something unexpected. The wine selection from comes from various wine regions throughout Europe and Australia.   You can create beautiful pairings of Belgian Bliss chocolates and a lovely b

They Almost Tricked Me

If clothing retail stores want to sell more items they need to have better lighting in their dressing rooms.  I mean, there needs to be lighting that hits brightly and floods your eyeballs making it seem that your flab, cellulite, whatever you perceive as physical flaws, get washed away in a sea of light.  Just like an over-exposed photograph.  I was in such a dressing room today and the incredible lighting almost tricked me into buying a swimsuit. I caught on to one clothing stores use of "skinny" mirrors a while back.  It took about 3 shopping trips but I finally got it.  Remember Elaine from "Seinfeld" and that black dress that fit in the store, yet was 4 sizes too big when she tried it on at home?  I've lived it and it's real.  ("That's false reflecting!" - Elaine, Seinfeld ep. "The Secretary". ) I know where I'm shopping the next time I need a self-esteem boost. (It was T.J. Maxx in Beaverton, OR by the way ;-> )

Walking With Benny

*Finally playing with the video feature on my new phone  ;-> Most mornings Benny and I just walk along, smell the air, check out the trees and that's that.  But this morning we found a little guest.  Very cute.  (You might need to make the video bigger)

Need Advice

If I find one more piece of homework or class work in my daughters binder, after she's told me she's turned everything in, I don't know WHAT I'm going to do?!!! She says she's not trying to get failing grades - so she won't get into the high school we want her to go to - but actions speak louder than words.  Is it really so hard for an Eighth grader to remember to turn in work?? I need some advice!

Virtual Girls Night Out Blog Party - Amazing Giveaway!

The school year is coming to a close and I honestly can't believe it.  I mean seriously, where does the time go?  My oldest is graduating from Jr. High and that brings all kinds of 'Oh my little baby girl *sniff*' moments that has her dreading every time I go in for a hug. "Mom!!"   I know, I know.  I can't help it!  *sniff*  Time to get my mind off the impending graduation and play at our Virtual Girls Night Out! *T he VGNO is for those who want to party "virtually" with other bloggers. Get on your fuzzy slippers, make yourself a cocktail, and have fun!  Leave a comment, along with your blog link, to let us know you've stopped by and visit the blogs of those that have visited as well.  Happy VGNO!* If you've been listening to music for the past 6 months I'm sure you've heard Fun. " Tonight ". It's used in commercials, Glee's used it.  Love it.  Good song, it even makes me cry when I'm feeling particu

Don't Get Me Started On The Lighting

I have this "thing" where, if I don't like the lighting in a store, I won't shop there.  I can't explain it.  I won't apologize for it.  It's just me and that's that.  I also hate eating ice cream with wooden spoons.  (And no, I didn't have a horrible ice cream cup / wooden spoon travesty when I was young, I just absolutely can't tolerate the texture.)  But I digress. When I go shopping with my mom it's not unusual for her to hear me say, 'We need to get out of here.  The lighting is giving me a headache.'  I don't want to be difficult but good lighting, to me, says whether what you are selling has quality, or that it will always have that yellow-ish, brown-ish hue about it.  Fluorescent lighting isn't a winner for me, most of the time. I will say though, that I was pleasantly surprised recently when I went into a store and enjoyed the glow only to find that they were fluorescent lights .  Gone were the yellow-ish/brow

I Used To Have...

I used to have little girls. That's Katie on the left and Lily on the right.  Ages 6 and 3. Lily was in the process of growing out a bang trim that she had given herself with Safety Scissors.  Katie smiled much easier then and was happy to wear pink.  Now, Lily, at age 11 won't let you near her hair with scissors and Katie, age 14, wouldn't be caught any where wearing any pink of any kind. I used to have little girls. Now I have an 11 year old who has her ears pierced - and wants to color her hair red. And a 14 year old who loves the outdoors and catching butterflies - and who is entering High School next Fall. I used to have little girls. Happy Mother's Day to all who used to have, and still have, precious little ones in their lives.

More Juice

We have a friend in the neighborhood that is truly gifted in creating race tracks and roller coaster tracks for on-line game sites.  What he does is so cool, so fun and so well done that others began to take note and use his services.  From his experience of becoming increasing popular with on-line game sites I learned more about computer servers and all of the energy they can take.  He told me about needing "more juice" and that's when I learned of sites that can host your content so you don't have use up most, or all, of your computers capabilities to process information.  Slow running computers are such a drag!  Literally ;-> When I heard of the services at my mind became a bit muddled.  I don't normally speak "computer", but soon I came to understand the need for such services of web hosting.  Again, a slow running computer is one of my biggest annoyances and with the "stacks" available through you don&#

A Man and His Bike

He's still here! For years my husband and I have been watching a particular older gentleman ride his bike on the busy street in front of our house.  We see him head East.  We see him head West.  Little blue bike with a little, older gentleman wearing his little white hat.  Week after week, after month, for the past 8 years, or so.  Sometimes twice a day.  We have no idea of where he's going, but he just "goes".   We have named him Mo. We don't know his actual name, but he looks like a Mo to us.  "Hey!  Mo just rode by on his bike!"  I'll hear from our living room.  There's something reassuring when we see him.  As I've mentioned, he is an older gentleman and the energy he puts into his bike rides, I'm sure, keep his heart pumping like a 75 year old.  (I'm guessing his actual age is 85-90 yrs. old).  We rely on seeing Mo, so when a span of time goes by without a sighting we get concerned.  And isn't that silly?  We don'

A Little Bit Of Help

The cost of health insurance is crazy expensive.   I get so angry and so confused trying to figure out what plan will fit my family’s needs best, what deductible range should we be in, what-the-what and which way did they go?!   Geez!   And just when you think you have things organized, you receive information that what you thought was covered wasn't and a nice sized bill is in your mailbox. You would think by the time you're older health insurance costs would be less.  In my mind I think it should be a service where your monthly payments are put into your “account”. When you need to visit the doctor, etc. you use your insurance funds.   What you don’t use stays in your account until you need it.   But no, health insurance doesn’t work that way.   Costs only seem to increase when you're older. There are servers that will provide assistance in covering the costs of deductibles and co-payments, otherwise known and Medicare Supplement Insurance, and I believe it is

Alone Time

Regarding the someEcard that I recently posted - it's true.  Even though my daughters are 14 and 11, it seems that they haven't outgrown the need to use the bathroom once I've shut the bathroom door.  It happens to my husband too. I don't get it.  Is it the "power of suggestion"?  Like being at a restaurant and hearing what your friend is ordering and you think 'Hey. That sounds good.  I'll have that too'?  Um, wait.  Equating going into the bathroom and ordering at a restaurant isn't quite the connection I was going for, but you get what I mean. I've even gone a step ahead and asked them, 'Anyone need the restroom?'  "Nope", they say.  Then... knock   knock   knock Seriously???


Yep. Every Day.  Ev-er-y Day!

Virtual Girls Night Out - Spring Fling Time!

Time for me to get myself in gear and get our house ready for our annual Spring Fling party tomorrow.  I still have so much to do but I really need to relax for a bit and party at our Virtual Girls Night Out!  Cheers!   (Be sure to check out the giveaways happening at my partner site, Ann Again... and again Reviews .  Great things for Mother's Day!) *T he VGNO is for those who want to party "virtually" with other bloggers. Get on your fuzzy slippers, make yourself a cocktail, and have fun!  Leave a comment, along with your blog link, to let us know you've stopped by and visit the blogs of those that have visited as well.  Happy VGNO!* Time For Some Tunes! Eric Hutchinson " Watching You Watch Him " Time For A Cocktail! Mexi-Tini Ingredients: 1 oz Van Gogh Oranje Vodka 1 oz tequila 1/2 oz orange juice orange slice for garnish Preparation: Pour ingredients into cocktail shaker , and add crushed ice.  Let stand for five seconds. Sha


He He. I'm easily amused.