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A Thousand Words Thursday - Yep, I'm A Mom

Check out more pictures at Jen's Cheaper Than Therapy.

Beat Swine Flu By Blogging!

This situation doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

I had CNN on for about an hour yesterday afternoon and it's a good thing I wasn't playing a "Swine Flu Drinking Game", they repeated the phrase so often I would have been drunk off my rocker after 10 minutes.

This morning they say the best way to avoid this strain of sickness is by "social distancing"; closing schools, churches, and social gathering spots. Heck, it worked in 1918 why can't it work now!

So if we are to go so far as cloister ourselves into our homes we bloggers have one up on the masses. We will still have our community of blog friends, our BBF's our "Blends" (a.k.a. Blog-Friends). We won't miss a beat. For those that haven't begun a web log, now seems to be the time. You may be physically distant but the relationships you make with your cyber pen pals will get you through your new Swine Flu Seclusion.

So stay well and keep on blogging! ;->

Not 'Spring Cleaning' - More Like 'Spring Purging'

I spent the majority of this weekend clearing out the old and unused. I'm getting myself ready for the neighborhood Yard Sale that happens in July. If I don't get started now, I won't get rid of everything that I really need to let go of.

I thought that I was pretty good about letting go of things I don't use, but after looking at my attic I realize that I am not. Man! What is with all of this stuff?!? Why can't I throw out pillows that I obviously don't want anymore? Why do I have 10 blankets that haven't been used in years neatly folded inside Rubbermaid containers? I make no sense.

And about this drawer of markers and crayons... why am I keeping them? My children have acquired more markers and crayons from recent birthdays so holding onto more of the same is for what purpose Ann? There must be a classroom somewhere that could use these colors. Some little hand must desire "Carnation Pink" or "Unmellow Yellow" to complete their…

Virtual GNO - Boogie Nights!

What a week. The weather started to become really wonderful, which kind of scared me because I'm not in shape to wear "warm weather clothes" just yet. And the sight of my day-glo white legs (a.k.a. "Native Oregonian Condition") could blind a small animal. I've overdone it with the exercise and I am oh-so-sore. You know what would get my mind off the body aches? A Virtual Girls Night Out!

For those that are new to our party, the original Virtual Girls Night Out (boys welcome too) is a blog-hopping party. The party starts here! You sign the Mr. Linky guestbook below then visit fellow bloggers that have signed in as well. So go put on something cozy and settle in for the party. Add your blog link to Mr. Linky below and join in the blog-hopping fun!

I confess I have been watching American Idol. Sometimes it's fun, and other times it's excruciating. This week was Disco Week. Hmmm... well, it did remind me of how much I LOVE Donna Summer.

Time To B…

I'm Toast!

I just found a very cool, very fun website "Go With The Grain".

Considering that demand at food banks is up 30 percent, with one in eight Americans struggling with hunger, Grain Foods Foundation teamed up with Feeding America to create the Bread Art Project.

Please visit this website and create a piece of digital bread art. For each piece created, the Grain Foods Foundation will donate $1 to Feeding America – that $1 equals seven meals, 10 pounds of food, or four bags of groceries for those in need.

It's so fun! More than 15,000 slices have been created so far but they need your help to reach their goal of 50,000 slices. I believe I'll head back and make another slice! Let me know if you get digitally creative with virtual toast :-> Thanks Kate!

Buds Are Blooming

As I follow my budding garden this season it makes me hopeful of better days. It's been one week since the last images. It's amazing what a little sun can do! (I can't wait for the iris to bloom! It smells like root beer :-> )

Photo and video editing at
(* If you would like to see Part 1 click here * )

Hey Mr. DJ

You know how you come to count on things? When I turn the key in the ignition I expect the car to start. When I turn on a light switch I expect the light to shine. And when I turn on my favorite radio station, at a certain time of the day, I expect to hear my "friend" as I've been hearing him for the last 20 years. Well, Friday, April 17th, my friend succumbed to cancer.

When I first heard the news I was stunned. I knew that he was ill, everyone in the Portland area who loves KINK (that's truly it's call letters) knew that "our" DJ was ill. But I never thought I would lose my buddy. My guy that helped me get ready for school and who now helped me get my girls to school. My friend who tells me about all of the cool things going on in our favorite city, the cool guy that sounds interested and enthusiastic about life in general. I still need him. He can't go.

When I think of what he has helped me appreciate I am forever grateful. Music is an in…

Virtual GNO - I'm Bubbles Ivanabee-Queen!

Woot! Woot!

How is everyone doing?

I've been having a good time working at my daughter's school Library this week. The catalog system is being converted on-line and it's a big undertaking. And you know what surprises me most? After handling almost all of the books in that room my hands would get filthy. Just filthy!!! A professional Librarian guiding the project told us to beware of possible infections of mold in our lungs from the books. What?!?! I need to get my mind off of that. You know what I need? A Virtual Girls Night Out!

For those that are new to our party, a Virtual Girls Night Out (boys welcome too) is a blog-hopping party. The party starts here! You sign the Mr. Linky guestbook then visit fellow bloggers that have signed in as well. So go put on something cozy and settle-in for the party. Please add your blog link to Mr. Linky below and join in the blog-hopping fun.

Time For Some Tunes!

Ari Hest "So Slow"

Oh! Will she turn around? Or will she keep walking? …

I'd Rather Act My Shoe Size

I wake in the morning with a smile on my face. I stretch slowly and effortlessly, ready for a new day. Gracefully I put on my lovely, flowing chiffon robe and open the drapes to a beautiful sunrise.

That is my dream.

Instead, I turn off the clock radio only to find that I have a crick in my neck and a hitch in my git-a-long. Ow! My aching back! It's not the mattress, it's my body. Why, oh why, is my body acting it's age? I'd rather it acted it's shoe size.

While watching my children and their classmates at recess I realized that my body is misbehaving. I remember feeling good. I remember being fearless. I used to love being on a swing and jumping off, trying again and again to land farther than I had before. Now I'd be lucky if my hips even fit into a swing. I remember the game you would play with the sidewalk "Step on a crack and break your mother's back". Then it was only a game, now it feels oh-so-real.

I'm doing my exercises, I'm eating ri…

Is It Wrong? Part 6

Time for another installment of "Is It Wrong?"

Is It Wrong to tell your child's teacher that you never received the permission slip when it's really been crumbled in your purse for a week?

Is It Wrong to not want to shower because you love the sample of perfume you tried at Macy's yesterday and you don't want the scent to go away?

Is It Wrong to tell your child 'the dog must have eaten it' when asked where half of their Easter candy went?

Not that I've done anything of these things. Just wondering ;->

Bud Watch - It's The Little Things

I hope that everyone had a splendid holiday weekend.

I'm doing my head, and my heart, a favor and turning away from the news and focusing on what's going on in my own backyard. Literally. I've put myself on Bud Watch.

Thus officially begins "Bud Watch Spring 2009".

Make an on-line slide show at
It's the little things :->

Virtual GNO - Easter Edition

Hey, Hey Friends! How's it going so far? It's a day off from school for my girls (again!)so I'm a bit scattered. The "Easter Bunny" hasn't finished "his" errands so we'll see what can get done. Man! I just hate being unorganized. I know what would make me feel better... A Virtual Girls Night Out! (A real one would be best :-> )

For those that are new to our party, a Virtual Girls Night Out (boys welcome too) is a blog-hopping party. A way to meet others while in our fluffy bunny slippers (Boys, I'm not judging ;->). The party starts here! You sign the Mr. Linky guestbook then visit fellow bloggers that have signed in as well. Please add your blog link to Mr. Linky below and join in the blog-hopping fun!

I need some feel good music to get me going today.

Time To Groove!

Luce "Good Day"

Love, love, love them!!!

I feel the need for a light refreshment...

Time For A Cocktail!

Spring Fever:
1 oz. Tangerine Juice
1 oz. Baca…

Cooking? I'm Working On It!

I've just started and I'm already behind. I'm in charge of the vegetable portion of our co-operative dinner party and my choice to contribute something creative has put my culinary skills to the test. This isn’t hard because I really don’t have many culinary skills.

I was lucky enough to find a spouse who loves to cook. Oh my goodness, it's just so wonderful! We can be at a restaurant and if the dish is worthy he will decipher the ingredients so he can re-create it in our own kitchen. Lucky me!

I, on the other hand, am very good with a take-out menu. I even go so far as to ask the servers if they will combine a bit of column A with a smidgen of column B. Perhaps they can throw in some of Column's C and D? Meg Ryan's character from "When Harry Met Sally" has nothing on me.

So here I stand, trying to prepare a dish that should be fairly simple, considering their instructions. However it seems to be taking me twice as long to do half as much. Did I miss out…

I Propose A Ban

There are some things that look good when they are the right proportion.

Puppies are cute. Tiny tea sets with matching Tea pots are cute. Girls in party dresses and boys in little gentlemen suits are just adorable. Certain items, however, shouldn't go beyond certain sizes.

I'm making a motion to outlaw sizes 10 and over for Thongs. That's right, I said thongs over size 10 should NOT be made available to those of us that require such dimensions.

While putting clothes away I took an honest look at the things in my drawer and I honestly shuttered. What in the hell was I thinking? If I need to avoid panty lines then I need to make the investment in some Spanx. Did I really think I was doing myself, or my husband, a favor by wearing this satin butt floss?

I thought I was old enough to know better. One look in my underthings drawer clearly shows that I do not. God help me on my next shopping trip.

***** Here's something I want to you to try... Will you check-out the …

We Interrupt This Blog Due To Good Weather

Hallelujah! The sun is out, for 2 whole days in a row!

Please do not assume that I have nothing to share. I have plenty of stories to tell and many conversations going on in my head. It's just that the sun is out and the Pacific Northwest might reach 75 degrees. That's big!!!

I'm going to go roll around in the grass and then go plant something pretty, or tasty, then continue with my story telling.

Vitamin D here I come! :->

Virtual GNO - Positive Reinforcement Time

Yes! Another Friday is here :->

Yesterday I helped at school for Picture Day. Our school holds grades K-8, so you can imagine the attitude differences that wafted through the room filled with cameras. The precious Kindergartner's unsure of what was happening, the adorable 3rd graders making silly faces, and the self-conscious "Upper Classmen".

I spent my time running from class to class, making sure everyone used those funky plastic combs, and giving as much positive reinforcement as I could. The older boys wanted their hair to cover their precious faces and the girls were too self-aware to just relax and smile. I was sucked back to that age and I remember those feelings all too well. I just wanted to hug them all and say "You're wonderful! You're terrific! Stop worrying!" Instead I smiled as much as I could and told them they were beautiful. They are.

You know what we all need? A bit of positive reinforcement and a Virtual Girls Night Out…

To Those That Drive On The Busy Street Where I Live

To all who drive on the street where I live,

First let me say 'Hello'. How are you today? I have a feeling that you are in a rush. Perhaps you are frustrated that you woke up late? Or, upset that your favorite pair of pants were in the wash, which sent you running around your room looking for something else to wear, which in-turn made you a tad behind?

Whatever reason has created your fast driving, quite honestly, I DON'T CARE! There is a legal speed limit on our street so STICK TO IT! This is NOT a street for your personal use, it is a neighborhood. People live here, young children live here. I swear, some days I want to sit on my porch with a bucket of rocks and throw them at you. I really do! But, I know that no matter how recklessly you're driving, no matter how many cars you pass on a 2 lane street, I will be the one to get in trouble. Me and my bucket of rocks.

So, when I slow down and put on my turn signal 2 blocks before I pull into my driveway, don't…