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R.I.P. Davy Jones

Loved this boy.  Loved my silly "Monkees".  Rest in peace dear Davy Jones.


Marcia (a.k.a. Maureen McCormick) lived out a dream of mine


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Faux Me

I love old movies; we're talking 1940's and '50's.  The way people carried themselves, such style and grace.  The men in their suits and hats, the women in their tailored dresses and gloves.  One part that always gets me is seeing how fur coats were used as a status symbol. Oh look! You gave me dead animal skin!  You must really love me!  Yuck.  Roses and a nice card would be nice, don't you think? ;->
I don't wear fur so anytime I hear someone speak of their fur coat I cringe.  I believe faux fur looks the same as real animal, so why not just go in that direction?  I have to say recently seeing my 4 year old cousin dressed in her faux leopard fur coat with her matching hat was pretty darn adorable!  She was ready for a serious tea party. It's interesting how ones behavior changes when they wear particular pieces of clothing; little 4 year old's in fancy childrens coats are no exception.  My cousin went from fussing about what sandwich she wanted to…

Thought Of The Day

So true.

(Sharing from the Pinterest pages of Karen Finn.)

Another Opening, Another Show

Yeah!  My husband's Opening Night was a success!

He played against type and was Virgil the nerdy looking Kindergarten Teacher posing as a Pharmacist (because he thought it sounded more exciting ;-> ) in the play "Let's Murder Marsha".  It's a pretty goofy play with lots of silly misunderstandings, screams, entrances and exits, but it was a good time.  I especially enjoyed the fact that Rob didn't have to kiss anyone this time.  (yeah!)

As soon as I get a pic of Rob as "Virgil" I'll post it - hysterical!

Keep Out!

My girls share a room and they've just about had it with that arrangement.  We have a little house and do the best with what we've got but there is space upstairs, yes, the attic, that just needs a little tender loving care and I think it would make a great bedroom. 

With my girls in the early Teenage years I know that privacy is important so I've tried to get items for them that would help in the area of "Keep Out!"  I found some cute personal children's lockers that were just the right size for a small bedroom.  They could decorate them any way they wanted, and this solution helped, but they may be feeling they need more than kids lockers and this stage of their lives.

I remember my bedroom as my own little safe haven from whatever was bothering me in the big World outside.  I would play my radio and sing, dance, draw - whatever I wanted to do in my space.  I completely get that my girls want their own rooms.  This may be a bigger privacy project then findi…


With the weather becoming warmer more little "creatures" are visiting the inside of my home and I don't like it!  Yesterday I found a massive (perhaps I'm exaggerating) spider on the wall next to my sleeping daughter and now we need to be careful that we don't leave a spill of something sweet on the kitchen counter or little ants, I believe they're Sugar Ants, will make a path directly to it, and make sure to tell all their creepy, crawly little friends.  I'm tired of it!
We've tried various forms of deterrent for the ants but nothing has really come through.  We've used bait that is supposed to draw the ant in, make them enjoy what they're eating so much that they take some back to their hang-out to share with their friends, all the while not realizing that they are sharing poison.  Bwaa-ha-ha *evil laugh* away the ants go!  Well, that's what's supposed to happen, but it hasn't done the trick.
I think I need to get some serious p…

Not Cool!

You know what's not cool? Going into your daughter's bedroom to wake her up for school and seeing a LARGE spider on the wall next to her bed.

Another part of this "not cool" scenario is subtlety grabbing a tissue and, with teeth clenched, smooshing the large thing against the wall.

Part three of "not cool" is saying, 'I'll be right back' and heading into a room with better light to show your husband and...

there's nothing in the tissue.

Next phase of "not cool" is returning to the bedroom to look on the body pillow next to your daughter, who by now is saying, "What's going on?  Is there a spider?" and finding the large black lump on the pillow, so you grab it with the tissue again and you feel it move (you think).  So, with all the clear-headed thinking you have after being awake for 5 minutes, you pick-up the large pillow and throw it across the room. 

The finale of "not cool" is going to look at the pillo…

So True

Our little house is holding two of each of these animals right now.  Their personality differences are amazing.

I Put My Name On Things

I've been having so much fun with my Scentsy business that the fact my 1-year anniversary is quickly approaching stuns me.  Where has the time gone?  I've been in the direct sales game for years with other companies so I've learned what works best for me and my personality when it comes to how I want to "sell".  I don't sell in others homes, my house is the store front basically, but I still feel it's necessary to use promotional products to add an element of fun to my parties.  (And my Scentsy gatherings are parties, let me tell ya'!).
Something I find incredibly useful is a keychain that has a little light on the end.  I dread standing by my car when it's dark out, poking around my car door trying to find the lock to match my key.  I think most of us would like to have a little something to light our way, and if it happens to be a keychain that's promotional materials, I don't think anyone would mind.
I've had wonderful customer ser…