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Back At Home and Grateful

I had hoped that I would be able to keep in touch with my dear blog pals while away in Lombard, IL however, real life, and the tending to the end of two lives, took their mighty place. I am so grateful for the sweet messages that you left for me. It's time's like these that prove this whole "blogging thing" really has a place in my life. We are home now. And Guitar Guy is cooking the turkey. He loves to cook, and we love what he creates! Life goes on. So, go hug your family. Tell them you love them. I know what I'm thankful for. What are you thankful for? (I am definitely thankful for my sweet blog pals! You are like my own little world. ;-> )

Off I Go, To Illino...(is)

Yep. First my husband was gone for 2 weeks. He came home for a few days, however it's time for him to return to Chicago. I'm going with him this time. (For a while.) I've spent many hours organizing others to take over our children, dog, cats, home... our LIFE while we are gone. Wow. I just want to remind you all how important you are. What an important job you have. What an IMPORTANT part you play in your families lives and in the lives of those you reach out to with every comment you make. We all have a part to play. Thanks for sharing with me!!! (I hope to have access to the internet. I plan to keep in touch!) Hey All!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! :->

Recipes Are Dirty Liars

I'm doing my best to cook more often. I'm not the chef in the family (one of my hubby's MANY attributes :->)however, with my guy out of town, I did what I could to make sure that we were well fed and not a slave to the nasty drive-thru. My husband is home for a few days and I've tried a recipe that says it takes "25 Minutes Prep." Yeah, well, that's a lie. A bold-faced lie . And this isn't the only recipe that's lied to me!!! Tonight I was creating a soup. I know to look over the entire recipe and make sure I have all the ingredients. I know now to have items sliced, chopped, and diced so when it's their turn to go in the pot I'm good to go. But there is no way , even with all of my preparation, that this endevour could only take someone 25 minutes! And this recipe was in the magazine "Real Simple"!!! What's the matter with me?!? I just don't think I have the cooking gene. Am I the only one?

Real Life Creeps In

I'm tired of "Real Life". It's been happening for a while now and I'm just tired of it. Real issues, real emotions, real situations. It's heavy. And I want it to stop. I want to live a Sitcom life. I'm ready for the funny to come back. (What kind of sitcom do I want? I'm not sure right now.) What about you? If you could live in a Sitcom, what would it be?

Hey, hey! It's A Monday Rant!

Thanks for hanging out with me this weekend! I hope you met some friendly bloggers. That's what it's all about. Grab the button on the side and share the party mood! (Big THANK YOU to Jay at Halftime Lessons ! I'm grateful!) I've got a rant I just have to get out. I am so sick of people not stopping at the corners around my girls school!!!! Here we are, stopping on the corner, looking both ways and people just drive on through with out even slowing down! I just don't get it! Are they thinking "Oh, I can slow down enough so I'll just bump the little tykes. No big deal." Sometimes it pretty close to the last bell ringing and people plow on through, as if it more important that their child makes it in the door in that split-second before the bell rings and it's no big deal that they've narrowly missed a 1st grader whose run ahead of their parent because they feel their a "big kid now." MAN!!!!! Whew!... This sounds like fu

Virtual GNO - W/O Hubby Edition Continues

*It's the second day* *Don't let it stop you!* *Get your VGNO on!* Oh boy! My husband has been out of town for 2 weeks now and am I so ready for him to come home! He is with family in Lombard, IL, and it's necessary that he be there. It's just that we miss him very much. ( Some of us more than others! ;-> ) So let's get this Virtual GNO started! I need to take my mind off all things related to siblings fighting or someone telling me they're hungry again...and again...and again. Here's how a Virtual GNO is done; when someone leaves a comment, or sign's Mr. Linky, go visit their blog and leave a comment. When your blog is visited go introduce yourself to your guest. But come back! It's a party! Invite your friends. Time To Move! Eric Hutchinson " Rock & Roll " Time to grab a drink Today is my dog's 3rd birthday. (Yes, we keep track of these things. Does anyone else do this?) And since Benny is a Chocolate Lab I

"I'd Rather Be..." Wednesday

" Guitar Guy " has been away from home for a week and a half. My shoulders have crept up to my ears. I'd rather be here... Where would YOU rather be today? If you want to participate in "I'd Rather Be..." Wednesday sign up with lovely Mr. Linky!

Miss Poodle Perm, That's Me!

Jill of Scary Mommy is doing a linky post about school pictures. You know the ones, possibly you didn't smile a sweet smile, just the smirk of panic. Or you didn't know it was picture day because you had been out sick for a week and you show up in your most comfortable shirt and bed-head. (Yep. That happened to me. The smile was good though!) Well, my scanner isn't working or else I would post a particular picture from Freshman year. Since I don't have a visual, here's the story: I remember my first day of High School. Actually what I remember is the picture taken of me leaving for my first day of High School. I'm wearing a brave smile, but the hair, the hair , my hair style was a nightmare. My two best friends and I were going to be attending a High School out of our district. That was stressful enough. To add to this new-ness we wanted new looks as well. K. was going to sport the Argyle and Alligator shirt look. W. was going for 'All Monogram

VGNO-Post Migraine Party

*Day 2 of Virtual GNO. Here's how a Virtual GNO is done; when someone leaves a comment go visit their blog and leave a comment. When your blog is visited go introduce yourself to your guest. But come back! It's a party! Invite your friends.* Alright now! What a difference a good night's sleep can make. And Jay at Half Time Lessons I totally appreciate your male "fixer" information. We all need to try and look out for one another, don't we? ;-> (Although Blarney's suggestion of Sangria or Merlot sounds so much more fun!) This is how I feel today! " It's A New Day " What do you think of that, Huh?!? It just sticks in my head, in a good way! :-> Well, I felt so much better I even made French Toast for my girls this morning. Hey, do you put anything fun, or different, in your French Toast? I know some who add oatmeal, or instead of milk they use orange juice. Do you do anything creative like that? Or are you trie

Virtual GNO - Migraine Edition!

OH! My aching head! I've decided to lift a glass with Heather of Riding The Short Bus and try and talk myself out of this crazy pain. Here's a song that should help. Ingrid Michaelson "Be OK Be OK" Not much to watch. It's more to jump around the room to!!! Did you? If not, do over!!! How about a beverage to help kick my Excedrin for Migraine into gear. There is an honest-to-goodness drink called a "Migraine". I shouldn't be surprised. Let's see... Migraine Ingredients: 1/2 oz Romana & White Sambuca 1/2 oz Romana & Black Sambuca Method: Pour equal parts of each ingredient into a shot glass, stir and serve. Well, that seems simple enough. And I'm sure I'll forget the pain in no time! What a week, what a week, what a week. My husband has actually been gone since Monday, he's attending to family business in Chicago, and let me just say, I am SO GLAD I'm NOT a single mother. So glad. I love my girls, h

Scotch Tape Doesn't Belong There Ann!

Last month was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and that put me on a train of thought --- Boobs. I've got 'em, and I'm glad. I do everything I've been told to do so they're well-cared for, be it mammograms, taking vitamins or choosing bras that keep them as far away from my belly button as possible. 'Come on girls! Getty-up!' Years ago I had a fashion crisis that had me mistreating my boobs. I was going to a fancy gathering with my husband. We had been married a short time and he had yet to peak behind the curtain to see the wizard do her magic. He didn't need to know about the slips that were practically girdles. He didn't need to see how I removed hair from places it shouldn't be. And he definitely didn't need to see how I was making sure my 'temperature gauges' didn't poke through my light-weight dress. I was doing an old trick that my girlfriends told me about, putting tape over my nipples. That's right, good ol

How Did I Miss This?

How is it that I am just finding this video today? Where have I been? " Wuz Up?! 8 Years Later " I found this at Martinis For Two via Scary Mommy . Diane of MFT is having a Global World-Wide Virtual post-Election Party . (Heck! You know I'm all about a Virtual party! I need to invite her to the next Virtual GNO.) She's helping me feel more connected since I'm just here in my little house, by myself while my girls are at school, watching CNN and reliving the moments. My oldest is 10 and she understands, some what, the importance of having someone in office who holds the same political beliefs as her parents. My youngest is 7 and she just doesn't get our excitement at all. Last night my mom and sister were over. We had our champagne and screamed our heads off! My girls kept looking at us then ran in the other room with their hands over their ears. But when it came time for Barack Obama's speech my girls sat down to listen and watch. I had


U2 "Beautiful Day" President Elect Barack Obama. It's real. It's really real. "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character ." Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Gee, What Are YOU Doing Today?

I'm sharing this from my fantastic, and beautiful blogger friend Robin at Cinnamon and Honey . Everyone, please, please, please tell me that you're going to vote! Or that you already have! Please !!! And thank you, dear BBF's, for your kinds words yesterday. I'm feeling better already!

I'm Foggy!

Head cold. I'm in a head cold fog. *Was that a bird that just flew past me? Yes? No? Okay ...* I have done everything I needed to do so this wouldn't happen. I've been telling, and retelling, my girls to 'wash your hands'. Heck I've even said 'wash your friends hands'. I've been so good about this issue! I've purchased ample supply of Airborn and Cold-Eze. I've made sure that at the first sign of my girls sniffles and sneezes that they had their dose of "fizzy water" (that's what they call Airborn). It's funny how I forgot to clue into my own symptoms. *Uh, are there bats in my house? Yes? No? Okay ... * Head Cold! Damn You! There is so much I need to do. I don't have time for this! Any suggestions?

Know What?

I did something out of my element and gave an interview. I was a little scared at first, but I pushed on through. The spotlight is at Beautiful! Fabulous! Thanks so much Kate ! It was painless.