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Almost Eye To Eye

I can not express how much it messes with my mind to have my 13 year old daughter be almost as tall as I am.  "Height does not equal maturity", I keep reminding her as she asks to go to the mall with her older friend and I pleasantly decline.  For some reason she thinks the proper response to my 'no' is, "I'm almost as tall as you!"  Um, yeah. So?  (Inner dialogue of course, I'm no dummy.  Picking my battles!) I remember being tall while at a young age and adults that I encountered had the tendency to forget that I was still a child.   Comments were made that I didn't need to hear, and behavior could be a bit too grown up for my tastes.  But you learn to deal the best you can. It's difficult wanting to be perceived as responsible, when inside you would rather be with the "younger kids" playing Lego's.  I learned my lesson a few months ago while at a family function.  I had toys for the cousins while I bought something a

Ah, To Be 13 Again. No Thank You!

I guess my 13 yr. old daughter feels there's not enough drama in her real life so she needs to make our interactions appear like they've come from a soap opera to feel she's really living the teen life style. I bite my lip trying not to laugh at her comebacks to my requests.  I can't believe how many times I've heard, "You just don't understand!", "How can life be so unfair!" and "You'll never know how this feels" - all this from the request of 'Will you empty the dishwasher?'. Is there a camera in our house?  Is she auditioning for the latest lame reality show and forgot to tell us?   ( Latest mantra - I will keep my sense of humor, I will keep my sense of humor. ) The fact that her responses make me think we're going to end up on The Soup make keeping a straight face very difficult.  Thank you Joel McHale and bless you. This is just the beginning.  I thought when I heard others talk of this age that it wo

For My Sister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHI !  Love you so much :->

Cadbury 3:16 - Thank You Stephen Colbert

"Take this egg, and hide it somewhere.  Perhaps under a log.  Or in a shoe.  Give the kids a challenge.  But you know, not too much of a challenge."  - Cadbury 3:16 Gee, how did I not know of this one? ;->

A Warning Sign Isn't Enough

I started to write a post about dogs.  Or, a dog breed in particular.  But as I was going along I realized that the only outcome of my post would be a debate, and no matter what anyone tells me will I ever be swayed to believe that this particular breed of dog is safe.  Never.  Ever.  Nuh uh.  Here's what provoked my post: Our little neighborhood paper printed a story about a pit bull that attacked a black Labrador, a leashed Labrador that was on a stroll with its owner 4 weeks ago.  The pit bull charged from it's residence, attacked the Labrador and killed it with a 7-inch laceration to its throat.  The paper states that the owner of the pit bull and the owner of the Labrador did what they could to halt the attack, but nothing worked.  This happened on the street where I live, where I live with my family and my chocolate Labrador. The consequences to the pit bulls owners have been that their dog must wear a muzzle when off the premises and that they must post a sign in a w

Is Reality TV Killing Traditional Soap Operas?

When As The World Turns was cancelled in 2009 that caught my attention because it was noted as being the longest running soap opera on television.  I didn't watch it so I wasn't losing any "connections".  However, I was sad for those actors that would be losing their jobs and it's just sad the idea that the longest-running-soap-opera-on-television wasn't needed any more. Now, with the news of One Life To Live and All My Children being cancelled I'm a bit miffed.  AMC was my soap opera.  Those were my stories.  Because of All My Children I was pleasantly introduced to Josh Duhamel.  Ah... he and Greenlee.  Now THAT was a love story.  Yes, she died and he was so heart broken that he left Pine Valley.  And yes, Greenlee came back to life and once she discovered her love was gone began to wreak havoc on her arch nemesis, now her best friend, Kendall.  Who cares that none of this is possible???  THAT'S the whole POINT of soap operas! I believe that s

The Business of Living

Have you ever thought about all that it takes to live your life?  Your list of "Things To Do".  Bills to pay.  Who/What you're accountable for. Just returned from dad's .  His wife passed in September.  My mind reels at all that needs to be done when someone goes... away. You may think you live a simple life, but it's not. 

Time Machine Please

My nephew can not be 21 today.  He just can't, because that would mean that I'm much older than I think I am.  Where has the time gone? I remember so clearly when my cousins and I were the only kids in the family.  Even though we have children of our own, at family gatherings we still feel like we are the "kids" in the family.   Our conversations may be about work, property tax and the struggling educational system but it feels like we're playing "Grown-Up".  We don't really want to be this serious!  Ugh Adulthood - It's not for the weak.

Virgin Toilet Paper

So I'm at the store, in the Health Food Dept. and I see a lovely "Earthy" woman and her son.  I'm checking out the teas to see if something catches my eye in the Tension Reliever catagory and I hear the woman tell her son "No.  They only have virgin toilet paper.  I guess we can wait." What? Her young son says, "What do you mean?"  Thank you little boy, my thoughts exactly but not brave enough to turn and ask. "Virgin toilet paper is paper that hasn't been recycled " she says.  "They had to cut down a tree to make that toilet paper.  So we'll just tough it out until the recycled toilet paper is here." WHAT?!? I look in my cart and see the multi-pak of Virgin paper towels staring back at me.  Oh the humanity!  I've chopped down a whole damn tree just so I could clean my counter-tops and wipe my hands! Ugh. I felt this woman was trying to make a point with me and that was annoying.  Does anybody really n

Bad Lip-Reading - Everybody Poops

O.K.  This is just bad.  And I laugh every time I see it.  But it's just wrong.  However I had to share it.  "Everybody Poops" - Black Eyed Peas ( Tune   " Boom Boom Pow ") And I'm not thanking my husband for sharing this with me.  No I'm not.  ;->