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Gone, Baby, Gone - To The Oregon Coast

I've been spending my days and nights in Rockaway Beach, Oregon this past week. I have seen just about every kind of weather you could imagine, way short of what is happening to our friends and neighbors down south. My prayers and best wishes are with you all. I was JONESIN' for my blogging friends!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I began, and finished, "Twilight". Spent many hours in a hot tub with my sister, (and splendid glasses of wine!). And enjoyed the ocean with my kids. Such a time was had by all. Many, many pictures to follow. The Ramones "Rockaway Beach"

My Story And A Song, "Romeo & Juliet"

"Romeo & Juliet" by Dire Straits - I had never heard this song before 1992. I was on my way to a, well, I'll just call him a 'boyfriends' house to have one of those wonderful talks. The 'Where-is-this-going?' kind of thing. Yuck. As he walks me from the front door into the kitchen I see a girl sitting at the table with a guy who has a guitar. The "guitar guy" looks at me and says "hi". (He's super-duper cute and has an acoustic guitar. Melt my heart.)  We had meet once before, while I was waiting for my bus and our mutual friend was waiting with me.  "Guitar Guy" shook my hand and I felt some kind of electric charge - I really did. The four of us sit around the kitchen table not saying much. I'm totally confused because I thought it was understood I was coming over around this time to have a talk. Why is this other couple here?  The guy I came to see explains that he needs to learn how to play guitar for

LAST CALL! For Virtual GNO End-of-Summer Addition

Whew!!!! I thought it would just be a one-nighter. But no-o-o-o , this event needed a few more hours. Well, let's finish the party with some laughs. This first one was at Cheryl's place . Chelsea Handler "Chelsea Lately" "Chelsea Gets Advice On How To Dress For A Date" Love Her!!! Have you seen "In The Motherhood"? I'm anxiously awaiting the new season. The next one comes to us from IrishKat at Sassy Irish Lassie . (Star Wars fans, rejoice!!) Eddie Izzard "Death Star Canteen" I'm ending Virtual GNO on these happy notes. I hope you had fun at the party this weekend! And, when ever you need a break, go back to Friday and start the party all over, any time!!!

Keep It Going! Girls Night Out!

To recover from last nights GNO I did the healthy thing and took my huge chocolate lab Benny for a walk this morning. I wasn't alone because my Zen Master, Caroline from The Zen In You did the same thing! (I think my dog walked me though. How about you Caroline?) That was a great way to clear my head and get ready for some more fun! I picked up the fixings to make a Pink Greek Goddess. Can't wait to try it! Here's a party favor! Tiffany from The R Family Diaries is having a contest. She has reached her 100th post and is sharing her happiness. The prize... a $100 American Express Gift Card. Isn't that something?!?Go visit her. Jen from Lipgloss & Baseball shares some music... (And I have a story to share after) The Killers "Romeo & Juliet" This was originally done by Dire Straits. The Indigo Girls have also done a cover. This song is going to lead me to a story. One of the most important in my life. I had never heard this s

End-Of-Summer G.N.O. Part II

Now we're on our way!!! Time to dance! The Ting Tings "Great D.J." We have some blog friends whose businesses are underway. Jen at Posh Point of View just launched her site Nola Meadows yesterday. Go see all the pretty things. Oh shopping!!! Have you checked out Regina's place at Margarita Bloom ? Love it so! I had mentioned a video that I was going to share. Marcy at The Glamorous Life is one fantastic blogger! Great writing, inspiring imagination, and... she looks unearthly in a bathing suit! (What? Photoshop? Never heard of it.) For all of the "Bloggin' Mommies" out there; Check this out "The Revenge of A Blogger Orphan". So, whatcha' doin'? I feel like a sloth because here I am, hanging out with my blogging friends while my sister is participating in a relay, the Portland-to-Coast. She's already walked about 7 miles before I woke up this morning. What a woman!!! LOVE HER!!! Now, don't b

Virtual G.N.O. End Of Summer Addition

Alright everyone! It's Friday night and summer is coming to a close. I believe we deserve a Virtual Girls Night Out!!! So go grab your drink of choice and lets get started. (I've found a recipe for a "Pearl Greek Goddess". That sounds about right! The recipe is at the bottom this post.) Don't be afraid to mingle! When someone leaves a comment here go visit their blog. And when your blog is visited, go visit your guests blog. Keep the momentum going. Come back though! It's a party!!! Time to dance ... Kanye West "Stronger " "So let's get lost tonight / You could be my black Kate Moss tonight" Party Game ! Games of tag are floating around tonight! My first tonight is from Mary at Everyday Baby Steps . I'm supposed to share 7 Weird Facts About Me . Yikes! 7?!? Let me go grab some wine first... O.K. (Remember, 'weirdness' is subjective. Perhaps I'm quite normal. Naaah! 1. I love the show "Wi

Your Heartfelt Age

I don't think I am the age that I am. I know on paper that I'm 'of a certain age' but in my heart I'm so-o-o much younger. Somewhere around 26. I look in the mirror and don't understand why I have these lines around my eyes. Recently I found creases on my forehead! On my neck! WHAT?!? Creases?! This is a true "What The F**k" moment. I know that I don't act my age sometimes because the nurse in the Emergency Room told me so. Or at least she did with her facial expression. While on vacation, my 10 year old daughter wanted to go skateboarding but none of the kids in the group felt like it. It was sad to watch her mope around so I decided I would join her. I mean hey, I used to love to skateboard! I had a bright yellow fiberglass board with bright red wheels. (Look this up on Google and it comes up under "Memorabilia". I'm not kidding!) I had a long, tall driveway that I would sail down everyday. It was a great feeling. I h

Wordless Wednesday

I don't believe Maddy wants to be picked-up! And,... It's my Beautiful!Fabulous! day. Today's post " Where's The Bright Side ?"

Tuesday Tunes - Brett Dennen

I have guru's for all corners of my life. One corner that I enjoy the most is music, and Jen at Lipgloss & Baseball is a queen. She shared this on her blog and now I pass it on... Brett Dennen "Ain't No Reason" What do you think of this? Jen was guest D.J. for Girls Night Out Part II. Check out her other offerings. Virtual G.N.O. Part II . (And Jen, never apologize for "Come On Eileen". Everything has a place. Oh GEEZ!!! Now it's in my head again!!!)

Open Letter To Revlon

Revlon New York, NY Attn. Advertising Dept. To Whom It May Concern: I appreciate all that you do to make your products. You obviously take a lot of time and effort to create products that will enhance our natural gifts, and conceal that which we are embarrassed to show. However, I gotta tell ya', you aren't selling me on anything by having Halle Berry and Elle Macpherson as your spokesmodels. Are you trying to tell me that they look like they do because of your products? Like genetics had nothing to do with it? Pah-leeze !!!!! This is nothing new. You aren't the first company to have naturally gorgeous women as your spokesmodels. You just happen to be the first company whose commercial caught me at the wrong time and ticked me off. Yours truly, Ann

Do You Snope?

I received a scary e-mail notifying me that my bank account will be closed if I didn't respond within 48 hours with information. It was scary because a.) It was the name of a bank I do business with, and b.) It had the same colors, font and security logo. I called my bank and yep, it's a fraud. But I can totally understand how some people get taken in by this! It looked so real. Now, I don't know if you know about a great website that helps you figure out if a message you receive is on the up-and-up or if you're being scammed. The website that should be in everyone's favorites is . Anytime you receive an e-mail telling you to beware of this and that, go to and they'll let you know if it's true or not. Someone tells you "Joe told me that Bob heard..." go to and they'll help you out. Now here's something else for you; there is a wonderful contest going on at The Fun House . $100 worth of Lush bath pr

Sweaty Nipples

I am so blasted hot that I can't write like I want to!!! There was a band " Sweaty Nipples ", (from Portland, Oregon. Popular in the eighties.) and THAT's what's goin' on in P-town lately. Portland has been going through a heat wave and it messes with my mind. It mushes my brain. It creates a lethargic Ann that is not the kind of Ann I enjoy. Our computer is in the hot part of the house so that definitely draws me to the air-conditioned room and a good book. (TWILIGHT!!!!!! I'm just getting started!!!!) As of this very moment it's 90 degrees in this room and it's 9:45 at night! (For those of you in the hot part of the world please don't laugh at me. I'm an Oregonian. Most of us start sweating when it's 75 degrees.) I would like to know if you have any tips/tricks for staying cool on the hot days. I've learned some things in my day but, if there is some good stuff out there I'm all for it. I miss my blog friends! I'

Coca-Cola Is Making Me Cry!

Just wondering? Am I the only one that tears up at the Coke commercial they show during The Olympic's coverage breaks? This song, these images, it just gets me. Sia "Breathe Me"

Tuesday Tunes - Gomez

I need to change gears and get happy, not be PISSED AT JOHN EDWARDS , for a little while at least. My sweet blog/pen-pal/friends shared some great music with me last weekend. This song hits the spot this morning. Thanks Marcy ! Gomez "See The World"

Providence Bridge Pedal Went By My Front Door

I live on a small Boulevard. It can be busy and noisy at times that's why we love marathon and race days that frequent our great city. Sunday was the Providence Bridge Pedal 2008 . It's just so cool. 17,000 people participated! It was a perfect morning for riding. The participants crossed 8 bridges. Some of them twice! Can you believe there was a team that rode the 24 miles on unicycles!?! (No wonder his hands are where they are!) I've never done a ride like this. Have you?

Distracted By The Olympic's Opening Ceremony

My family and I were at The Clark County Fair on Friday night ( Yee Haw !) so we planned ahead and taped the Opening Ceremonies of The Olympics. And thank goodness we did! It was jaw-dropping. Now I am going between cleaning and organizing like I planned, along with the incredibly cool music we are sharing with each other this weekend , and taking breaks re-watching the Opening Ceremony. It was just spectacular . Did you watch it?

It's Time For You To Share!

The family and I are going to be hanging around the house this weekend. There is so-o-o much clean-up and organizing to do. I've really got to get under the girls beds and go searching. I mean, where has all their underwear gone? (My girls just don't seem to like to put on underwear. What is it with that? I mean they're pretty and all. Flowers and everything. My youngest even has princesses on hers for crying out loud!). I've noticed that if my daughters don't like a particular item of clothing they will stuff in on the side of, or under, their beds. Do they really think I won't find these things?!? I mean come on, I'm a mom! It's my job to find all of the hidden things. I'm in training for the teen years, oh yes I am! Anyway... Since I'm going to be working around the house I need some music to keep me going. One thing I like to do is play other bloggers playlists. I love listening to music and I love finding out what others ar

Follow-Up to "Blogger Participation"

I have been asked how I handled my " Blogger Participation " posts. Did I come up with something witty? Something that cuts them to the quick and makes them rethink their roles as parents? As humans ? Nope. Someone I know that can do that is my husband. (I keep meaning to have him as a guest here. You'd like him!) No, I did not answer the way I really wanted to. Regarding the " skin as canvas " incident -- oh, that almost sounds like a band name -- I was just so happy to have my neighbor take her child home that I looked at their arms, legs, bellies and said 'Well aren't you creative. Let's stick to paper next time, o.k.?' And sent them on their way. For this particular neighbor this is nothin'. It's probably because of her that I felt the need to blog in the first place! I have so many stories to share. Now, about " The Bad Seed ". This situation has not been completely resolved. It's my doing really. I did

Headline: "Bloggers Help Out"

I'm returning from Oregon's "cowboy country", Redmond, in Central Oregon. I have stories to share later this week! (Has anyone else been to a Buckaroo Breakfast?!? I bet not !) But for now I just want to say " Thank You !" to my blog friends who stopped by and finished my sentences for me. I just couldn't believe that I had these silly situations so close together. And I could think of no better resource than my blog friends to help me sort it all out. You have truly helped me. And continue to help me. And if you have more help to give comment away! This is the best reason to put thoughts, and life, out on this blogosphere.

Blogger Participation Part II

Blogger Participation Part II . Finish this sentence. After helping a neighbor transport her daughter to and from Vacation Bible School all week, (which also included playtime and lunch at MY house after), I received some news from my neighbors 7 year old daughter regarding my girls. This young child took me aside and shared the information that my daughters were not welcome at their house. It seems that my daughters, 7 & 10, were so disobedient (her words) at a recent drop-off that they are not welcome back until they are obedient (her words again). It seems that my daughters love for the 2 new kittens at their house distracted them from leaving the first 2 times the mother directed them out of the house. This is my daughters 'disobedience'. If this neighbor chooses to call me what I would love to say to her is '...' *** Finish This Sentence ***

Blogger Participation Time

O.K. Blogger Participation Time! Today's assignment: Finish this sentence . My neighbor came over to tell her daughter it was time to come home for dinner. I was relieved. "E" had been playing with my daughter all day and petty fights had begun. (It always happens when they spend too much time together, you know?) My neighbor looks at our daughters and says, "It seems our girls have drawn all over each other. Sweetie show Ann your stomach!". I can't figure out what she's talking about. I was pretty good about keeping a watchful eye on things. They've DRAWN on each other?!? How did this get by me? She adds "We do this all the time at home. I think they used one of your markers!" At this point I'm tired and defeated. 'Well,' I said. '....' *** Finish this sentence *** Another one is coming tomorrow!