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Yeah for Signal Pizza! I've had 2 visits with my girls and we've enjoyed both times. (Brought a pie home and Rob enjoyed as well!) I definitely need to fit a daily slice into our budget.

Tell Them What You Want

You may know that the car dealership in the heart of St. John's is "relocating". (Finally the property owner is putting it out of it's misery.) Well, The St. John's Review is in contact with the owner and he would like the communities input as to what should be put in it's place. I'm voting for a Trader Joe's! You can e-mail the review at

4th of July Parade at BBR

Getting the party started
Here we are. Welcome! My intention for this site is to share things that I really like. And, maybe, create a space where we can all share. Let's say my family checked out a new restaurant and it's pretty darn good. I want to share this news! Or, I've been looking for a mascara for months and nothing is making me happy. Then, low and behold, I find it. THE mascara that I"ve been searching for. I must share! (Someone else might be searching too!) I've recently discovered a dentist that is great with kids and doesn't hurt me. I think everyone should have this kind of dental experience! I must share his name! I know... I'll blog it out into my own universe of family and friends. Now, please keep in mind that I will mostly be typing with emotion, so you won't see perfect spellling, grammer, etc. every entry. And, as you've probably noticed, I seem to use a lot of exclamation points. If I find things I want to share I'm naturally going to be excited!