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How Google Plays A Big Part In Menopause

My memory. What they say about your memory during menopause is true - your brain decides to go elsewhere.  I struggle more now to recall a name, a detail, or directions.   It's almost like having "mommy brain" again only you don't get as much sympathy, you don't have little children crawling on you as excuses for your lack of brain function, just hot flashes and drips of sweat.  Not as cute. While watching CBS Sunday Morning with my husband Rob there was a segment on people in the Entertainment industry that had passed in 2013.  One of my favorite channels is Turner Classic Movies and on the screen was a photo of Joan Fontaine.   When she passed in December TCM honored her by featuring her movies (have you seen "Rebecca"?  Wow!  If you haven't seen it, you should!) and sharing more about her personal life.  I learned that her sister is Olivia de Havilland - ("Melanie" from Gone With The Wind among many other movies).  I wanted to

It's Not Christmas Without Pee-Wee Herman!

I loved this show.  And I miss him! Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays - Joyful Days and Nights to You!

Is It Bad To Be Considered Weird?

"Mom, you're weird." When I heard those words many emotions flooded through me.  First, I was happy then laughed.  This is a typical thing for a teenager to say to their parent, right?  Then I felt at peace and agreed.  I do have my own way of looking at things. Then I was uncomfortable and self-conscious.  Am I so "weird" that I'm still embarrassing myself in my middle age? Do you remember having someone make you feel dumb in grade school?  Or, middle school?  High School?  You raise your hand to give an answer only to have the class laugh because the answer is completely wrong.  But, in your mind, you see how your answer could work?  I mean, I get it. Why don't they?  That's pretty much me and my brain, my spirit, how I my life is lived. Having a brain that works this way requires knowing when to keep quiet and/or having a thick skin, of which I have neither.  I am super sensitive to feelings and vibes.  Even though the words 'Don'

Mixing Fun and Education in Chickasaw Country

As you plan your next vacation, consider focusing on fun yet educational getaways where children and adults can learn something new each day. You'll have plenty of time to relax and unwind, but adding an educational experience will make the family trip more memorable. The best way to accomplish both goals (and have a great vacation) is to consider lesser known family travel destinations. Oklahoma's Chickasaw Country has just about everything you could want in a family vacation spot, from lots of history to engaging activities for the kids, easy access to national parks, and opportunities for everyone to relax and unwind. This history-rich area is sure to leave a lasting impression regardless of how long you stay.  The website  is a great starting point. They offer suggestions for rather unusual but rewarding getaways for the whole family. Whether you want to focus on a specific topic (history or culture, for example), or want to cover a little bit of ever

What We'll Think Of Quinoa In The Future

Which Winnie the Pooh Character Are You?

I'm participating in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. My chosen writing prompt:   Listen. Write about what you hear, right now. It's 4:30 am and I wake to the sound of rain.  Pounding rain.  I live in the Pacific Northwest so this sound shouldn't startle me however, when it sounds like you are living within a rushing river, it takes your senses by surprise. My mind starts reeling with thoughts of mud, mudslides, trees toppling and flooding.  Yes, I worry a lot. There are still some leaves on the trees and with hard rain they fall and clog our neighbors street drain which leads to not only their driveway flooding but the sidewalk, the street and surrounding driveways as well.  We've had our own little mudslides that have taken parts of our backyard with it.  A tree one time.  Ah, memories. It's days like these where this song plays over and over and over in my brain: Worrying about the weather - what a way to spend hours that should be spent

How The TSA Official and I Did Not Become Fast Friends

I was just going over a post about how retailers manipulated our shopping senses.  One way to persuade our subconscious to buy more/tip more was to touch a customer on the shoulder or hand.  I've read something like this in other studies and now I notice when the check comes and a shoulder is touched and there's a smiley face next to the server's name that they've read the same study.  (Good for them! :->    * my tip jar's on the right*wink*wink* ) Now, I am a touching person.  When I talk with someone I am naturally inclined to touch them on the arm or, if they've said something funny, I might lightly - lightly - hit their arm.  Playful is what I'm going for, not an injury as in 'How dare you make me laugh!'  I have always been someone that physically connects.  I know that every situation doesn't call for a literal personal touch, and I do my best to refrain on most occasions, but this reminded me of the last time I was at an airport g

How To Get Natural Frosty Tips

Happy frosty Tuesday from The City of Roses - Portland, OR. (Courtesy of Mother Nature)