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Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project - Stop 2

The lovely Carolee from " Come On Home " was the second stop for the T.H.S.R.P .  She mixed up a batch of play-doh for her grandchildren and they created an image to go with the rock.  I love it! The rock is traveling to it's next stop, Martha's at The Daily Grind.  We'll catch-up next Thursday.  Would you like to be a part of the blog-hopping Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project ?  E-mail your info. to and you will be added to the list.  23 destinations so far!

Dear Diary

A box in the corner of my attic holds my diaries from High School.  Why?  What is the point of keeping these "Books of Potential Blackmail"?  I started looking through the pages and immediately was sucked back in time.  I laughed, had lots of memory vacancies (who was that boy I was losing my mind over?  I devoted page after page to him and now I don't remember the situation at all!  And what sweater was it that I just had to have? )... then I panicked.  What if my daughters found these?!? I wasn't a crazy girl.  I was pretty tame compared to most.  But still, I recorded feelings that were overwhelming at the time and experiences that were, well, in all honesty we know how out-of-control young emotions can get.  The drama!  Oh the drama.  Why am I keeping these?  I don't think I should.  Thoughts?

Katy Perry On Sesame Street - A Child's Timeline

Have you heard about some parents that were so up in arms about Katy Perry's outfit on her recent visit to Sesame Street that they drove the PBS series to pull her duet with Elmo ? (click here )  Perhaps this is what they were thinking would happen... Preschooler watches Katy Perry and Elmo sing "Hot Then Cold" on Sesame Street. Preschooler notices, with her sharp eye for fashion, how Katy Perry's cleavage is in plain view.  "Well", toddler thinks to herself "if this is on Sesame Street then dressing like that must be the thing do to." Preschooler finds her safety scissors, goes to her closet and cuts the collars from her little Gymboree top.  Preschooler gets her Elmer's glue and attaches anything sparkling to the chest area to truly enhance her newly shorn top. Preschooler wears her new top to Tinker Tots Preschool.  At snack time she notices that little Joey wants to share his gluten-free cookies with her.  Little Tommy wants her

Found On The Sidewalk Friday

Walking is great exercise and you never know what you might find on the sidewalk.  What could it be this week? Completely empty and stepped on.  Why in the heck was someone walking with this?  I think we can all say it together... EEEEWWWWWwwwww ! You never know what you're going to find while on a stroll.   Have you found anything interesting on, or by, your sidewalks? If so, share on Found On The Sidewalk Friday .

I Believe She Snapped

Get this... There's a story in our local news claiming that a woman robbed a bank then picked up her kids after school on her way home.  ( Here's the story link: .)  Now, I know this is wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Illegal, immoral, dangerous and all that stuff.  But the thing is, I get it. I would believe that you would have to be in the worst financial circumstance to make peace with the decision to put your safety, and the safety and lives of your children, into the hope that you wouldn't get caught robbing a bank and that this money will provide what your family needs.  I really and truly hope it's as innocent as that, no drugs, nothing messy, just being plain broke. Can you imagine what must have been going through her mind that morning?  "Let's see, make the school lunches.  Oh, we're out of bread.   Do the laundry.  Um, no laundry detergent.  Clean the litter box.  Wait, we're out of cat lit

Questionable Costumes

Halloween is coming.  Time to find that outfit to fit your childs personality and/or alter ego.  Let's take a look at this years offerings, shall we? We have: Car Freshner Baby Yes, they can be incredibly stinky.  But we all know this "Pine Tree Scent" isn't going to cover the mashed peas our little precious had for lunch. Bags 'O Money A truer costume has never been made.  Do you know how much money will be spent, on average, on your precious angel by the time they reach 18 yrs. of age?  $197,700   *gulp* Baby Pimp There's a goal!  Go pay your own way little man. Toddler Chef You know, I'm sure your toddler could make a dish more delicious than some of the things I've made.  Mud pies anyone? Toddler Elvis / Spock Recession Special People!  You get a 2-for-1 with this outfit!  What a bargin in these trying times Tween Slutty Baseball Player Did I write that?  Well, look at this offering - labeled for a 'Tween - and te

Race For The Cure (And For Your Umbrella)

' It was a good day to put on my walking shoes / galloshes and join over 40,000 neighbors to Race For The Cure.  The clouds held off for a while then... Mom brought her umbrella  *boom*  down came the rain.  'Oh well', we thought, 'we're Oregonians we can take it.  Off we go!'  water bottles as umbella - not effective I do believe that this was the first Wet T-Shirt Contest at Race For The Cure.   I was soaked through and through.   My mom, sister, daughter Katie and I made it to the finish line a little wet but grateful for the opportunity to support our "sisters", and "brothers", at Race For The Cure.  It was a great day. (Thanks Kathi, for your pics from your awesome phone :-> )

Virtual Girls Night Out --- Save The Ta-Ta's!

Today I'm stretching and carbo loading to participate in the Race for the Cure tomorrow morning.  (Does red wine count as carbo loading?  ;->)   I need this Virtual Girls Night Out to get me all pumped up!  Save the Ta-Ta's!  Let's get our virtual party started. *The VGNO Blog-Hop began in the summer of 2008. Connecting, supporting, encouraging - those words describe the VGNO Guest. And hopefully we gain more exposure for your blog - that's the intent of the VGNO. So get on your bunny slippers, make yourself a cocktail add your blog link and have fun! Join the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project (details below). Happy VGNO!* Time For Some Tunes! This was my favorite performance from this years VMA's.   Florence and The Machine " Dog Days " 2010 MTV Video Music Awards - More VMA Video I just want to get up and jump around with that one! Time For A Cocktail! An Elbow In The Boobs ( I'm not kidding - that's the name ) Ingredients:

Really? Are You Sure?

I have an aversion to my 9 yrs. old daughter getting her ears pierced.  She says, "I want my ears pierced."  I say, 'We'll see how you feel tomorrow.' And I hope that she forgets tomorrow. This has been going on for a month. I'm not really clear on why I don't want her to have her ears pierced.  Do I feel that this act of decoration will lead to her growing up too fast?  No.  Do I feel that the next step will be wanting to wearing make-up?  Not really.  Do I envision her hanging out on the play-ground with the tough kids, wearing leather pierced here-there-and-everywhere and smoking?  Um... maybe.  No, no,  no.  There's no smoking on our playground!  (I know this because it's a wide-open area with no hiding places and tons of supervision.  If a child sneezes there's someone there with hand sanitizer, so no, there's no smoking on our playground.) I had my ears pierced when I was 17.  I think it was 17.  Oh yea, it was, because I re

Not Feelin' It

' I feel so out of it with school starting this year.  I've volunteered heavily in the past but I need to focus on other things right now so I haven't signed up for much - I mean I will sign up for things, I just haven't yet. But I feel like the other parents are shunning me for lack of participation.  I feel like they all had raging parties, fun sleep-overs, or weekend trips together over the summer and I was left out.  Not that any of those things happened when I was heavily involved, it's just that during low self esteem moments I let my imagination run wild. I started this year happy to see the mom's that I've spent at least 5 yrs. trudging through the "chaperon - room mom - raffle ticket - book fair" life with.  I was ready to pick up where we left off, running into each others arms with a 'Yeah! School has started!' or a '*sniff* my little baby's growing up'.  But instead the vibe is very cold.  I'm smiling, goin

Take Me Home

Oh boy. The neighbor's cat had kittens about 2 weeks ago and now my girls want one, one for each of them.  First off, we already have 2 cats (14 yrs old) and 1 huge chocolate lab (silly Benny, 4 1/2 yrs old).  Our house is small and I feel we're at capacity with animals.  At least my nerves are.  Whose the one who really takes care of these animals anyway?  Yeah, you know it, me. But the thing is, I've seen these kittens and, well... they're kittens!  They're frickin' adorable!!!  I want them too! No.  Stop it Ann.  Shake it off. I'm doing the best I can to smile when I hear the pleas of "I'll take care of them" and "You won't have to do anything!" and the classic "You won't even know they're here!!"  Ahem.  Yes.  Yes I will.  I will know that kittens are here because while you're at school, dear begging children, I will be at home training them to use their litter box, keeping them from clawing t

Virtual Girls Night Out - Looking For Light

Today's date is heavy.  There is no denying that.  Honor.  Persevere.  Acceptance.  LOVE. Moving Forward. OK friends, I need some light in my life and I'm going to bring it to this weeks Virtual Girls Night Out party!  Care to join me? *The VGNO Blog-Hop began in the summer of 2008. Connecting, supporting, encouraging - those words describe the VGNO Guest. And hopefully we gain more exposure for your blog - that's the intent of the VGNO. So get on your bunny slippers, make yourself a cocktail add your blog link and have fun! Join the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project (details below). Happy VGNO!* Time For Some Tunes! Bob Marley " Three Little Birds " Ya Mon!  Irie! Time For A Cocktail! Hope Floats 1 1/2 ounces PAMA 1 ounce citrus vodka 2 ounces pink grapefruit juice Champagne Raspberry sorbet Sprig of mint Directions: Shake PAMA, vodka and grapefruit juice with ice. Strain into a champagne flute. Add one scoop of your favorite raspberr

Found On The Sidewalk Friday

While walking through Nehalm, a little town on the Oregon Coast, Rob and I found one of those silly character cut-outs on the sidewalk outside of "Grey Beard's Hot Dogs".  We couldn't pass it up. Just Hangin' Around Handsome Couple I love a guy who can carry off a feather in his cap.  You never know what you might find for Found on the Sidewalk Friday ! 

I See, I Don't Have A Job

Me:  'OK, lights out, school in the morning.' Her:  "You're lucky. You don't have to get up early in the morning. You don't have a job." Now, upon hearing this from my 12 year old daughter many, many feelings came over me. I feel great pride in not lashing out with a booming scream 'Oh Yeah?!? Oh REALLY ?!?!? Well shall I list all of the "jobs" I supposedly DON'T do??? Shall I???????? ' Ah... such composure, such grace. I was stunned to be honest. We had just had a great night so there was no reason for her to try to hurt my feelings. To me, this comment came out of nowhere. I was raised by a fantastically supportive, loving, hard working outside-the-home mom. I feel so very lucky that financially I have been able to stay home with my children. I was incredibly lucky to have this choice, this option. I've made it a goal of mine to have my daughters understand that working outside/inside/upside-down the home means yo

I'm Not A Snazzy Napper

` I thought this was a joke.  I was wrong.  Well wait, jokes are things that make you laugh, right?  So then yes, this product is a joke.  Have you seen this? Would you use the Snazzy Napper ? `

A Simple Comment?

During the long drive home from the Oregon Coast we made a stop at the Visitor's Center in Astoria, OR.  This sweet town just celebrated the 25th Anniversary of "The Goonies ", which was filmed all around the town.  While looking at maps and souvenir shot glasses the guide at the Visitor's Center looked at my youngest daughter and gave her a compliment.  Very nice.  Then this person said "I don't know who she looks more like?  You look like your mom and a bit like your dad.  I don't know?" My daughter just looked uncomfortable and tucked her way behind me.  I couldn't quite understand the desire to pin-point who she looked more like.  What does it matter?  For some reason this inquiry irritated me. I was actually smiling and providing a "safety hug" when odd thoughts came to mind, what if my child was adopted?  Or, what if this child was from a previous marriage and either I, or her dad, weren't a birth parent?   This simple co

What Did I Do With My Down Time?

' For months I pushed myself to exercise harder than I ever had. I purchased a swimsuit. Yesterday I returned from vacation. Swimsuit wasn't worn once. However... LOTS of fudge and salwater taffy was enjoyed. Ahhh.... vacation