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What Makes A Good Neighbor?

Our dear, sweet neighbors have moved today.  We will miss them very much.  Having good neighbors makes such a difference in your daily life, ya' know?  

I've had my fill of those that think I want to hear their music too.  Well, I don't.  Those that like to party until 3:00 a.m. in their backyard.  For God Sakes!  What's the matter with these people?!  Oh, the ego.  One time we had neighbors that thought of themselves highly in the acoustic guitar playing/singing area and preceded to practice in their backyard the same song for hours.  The same song, not sung well, for hours.  Yes, we closed our windows, turned up our own music but still, the wailing creeped through our walls.  This went on for days.  

The best neighbors are those that care for their home, celebrate in reasonable tones and within reasonable hours and bring cupcakes to your parties.  And that what these neighbors did.  And now they are gone.  *sniff*

Who is coming next?  The waiting begins.

How have your neighbor experiences been?