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Scary Night At The Hotel

So here I am, back from the glorious place I would like to live out my days, the Napa Valley.  A little piece of my heart breaks every time I have to leave but our home and family are in Portland, OR, the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.  Can't we just be in two places at once?!?  We did have a bad experience on our last night that made for a fuzzy last day however.  Not fun.

(I have finally figured out that the pictures I save from my iPhone to my computer take a day to reach the file so I'll have pics to share tomorrow.  Geez!  Was that process ever a time waster!) 

I don't have images of our trip right now, but I have to share what happened to us on our last night at our hotel room!  We're still freaked by it.

Through we booked Silverado Resort and Spa. This place is beautiful and can be spendy.  (Booking through lessened the cost :-> ) The main part of the resort is a beautiful building, surrounded by a golf course, tennis courts, restaurant and spa across the street.  The rooms are not so much hotel rooms as they are, what they call, cabanas.  Each place has its own entrance, your own little home.  We were escorted to our cabana by a bellman who drove a van and we followed in our car rental.  (Convertible baby!)

Our space was a few minutes walk to the main building and we had the top level of a two level condo.  Studio space with a tiny patio.  The room looked beautiful, the soaps were nice and the towels were fluffy.  We set our things down, looked around, and off we went to our first stop which is always Mumm Napa.  Such delicious sparkling wine!

Our first day and night were lovely.  (Although I will never eat at Brannan's Grill in Calistoga ever again! ahem.)  Our last day we planned to meet with a co-worker of Rob's at his winery of choice in Sonoma.  Then we met another co-worker at his own winery, Redmon, in St. Helena.  Gorgeous, gorgeous all the way around.  Beautiful day.  We are tired, so it's time to head to our cabana.

We walk up the stair case to our front door around 9:30 pm.  Rob puts the key into the door knob lock but it doesn't open.  Strange.  Our little porch is shared by our next door neighbors and I see that their light is on.  I try his key, just because, the door knob turns but the door doesn't unlock.  I try my key next and the same thing happens, the door knob unlocks, turns, but the door doesn't open.  The deadbolt is locked however!  I say again, the deadbolt is locked in our room!!!

We're confused and trying not to get freaked out.  I say, 'Let's go to the main building and get the Manager.'  When we reach the bottom of the stairs we both hear a deadbolt.  Was it a neighbor locking their door? Or, was it our door being unlocked?  As we're about to drive to the main building we see an employee and flag them down.  We told him what was happening and he met us at our door.  He asked for our key, put it in the lock and the door opened.  We just stood there shaking our heads.

Rob had the bellman and I stand in the room while he shut the door behind him and I locked it so he could try out his key again, and it opened no problem.  The bellman walked into the bathroom, checked our little balcony, and then asked if there was anything else he could do.  Rob and I were so confused we just said "No" and "Thank you" and he went on his marry way.  We spent the next half hour looking under the beds, in the closet, checking to see if all of our items were in the right places, and they were.

The thing is, our room has the capability to adjoin with our neighbors.  There is a door on our side and a second on their side and each door has a door knob lock and a deadbolt.  If we had the deadbolt unlocked you would still need a key for the door knob lock.  All I'm doing is trying to figure out what we just experienced and how in the World it happened.  You can only lock/unlock the deadbolt from the inside.  The only ones that could have any possible access to the inside of our room would be the neighbors with a key to our room, and that is if we left the deadbolt unlocked by accident.

Our minds were spinning all night.  What happened?  Did we both forget how to unlock a door somehow?  Did we really feel that the deadbolt was locked?  And, did we both really hear a deadbolt become unlocked after we walked away?  We tried to relax but we couldn't rest our minds.  We hardly got any sleep.

Mystery, mystery.  To Be Continued...

(Continued:  "Scary Hotel Follow Up")

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