Scary Hotel Follow Up

So about that freaky hotel situation. (Post: Scary Night At The Hotel) I can usually figure things out.  I'm not a super sleuth but I've read enough Nancy Drew in my day so I've learned to look for clues.  But when it comes to the dead bolt on our hotel room door being locked from the inside, then becoming unlocked after we walked away from the door, this has me baffled.

On Monday morning I called from our home in Portland and asked to speak to the Manager.  I just had to share my experience.  I wasn't trying to get anything from my call other than to have our story logged in their security file.  Perhaps we aren't the only ones this has happened to.  The Manager listened to my retelling of the events and apologized for our scary experience.  She said that the bell man should have stayed in the room with us and called Security.  I agreed.  She offered to give us vouchers for another stay but I am still freaked by this whole thing, I'm not sure I'm up to it!

One thing I learned, regarding the potential for our room to adjoin with our neighbors room, is that the double doors connecting our rooms have separate keys.  The doors that open our front door could not open the adjoining door.  This freaked me out even more!  The only explanation I had swirling in my head for the dead bolt being locked was that our neighbors were being a bit "silly" and wanted to check out our room. They tried our adjoining door to see if it was locked, found that it wasn't and let themselves in, locking our main doors dead bolt in case we came back.  We returned to our room, they heard the key in the lock and got scared.  When they heard us walk down the stairs they unlocked the dead bolt and ran to their room.  That was my made up story. But now that the Manager says separate keys are needed to even open the doors... I'm not sure what to think!

When I told this story to my mom she said it was a ghost.  I told our 14 year old, who happens to love watching "Ghost Adventures" on The Travel Channel, and she believes is was a spirit being playful.  I wasn't having any fun!  I'm still not sure what to think. What do you think?

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