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Spots There?

While administering medicine to my daughter, for the cold that's on its second go-‘round in this house, I looked at my hands and became very confused.  Where did these age spots come from?  When did the skin on my hands start to look so old?  Were these really my hands??  This could only mean one thing, time to find a new lotion and potion.  

I have to confess I love shopping for skin care products.  Next to browsing the laundry aisle (ah, the smells!) I could spend hours looking over the bottles that claim to erase fine lines, diminish acne spots, and cleanse my skin like no other product before.  I love checking out beauty products.  I believe this all began while visiting my grandmother and I become enamored with her jar of Jergen’s face cream.  The label looked wonderful and I loved the smell.  

So now I’m in search of a lotion that will help these tired hands of mine.  I’ve heard good things about Murad and I’d like to see what they have to offer.  They include samples with every order which is very enticing.  I don’t mind my age, I just want to look the best I can no matter how many years I have under my belt.