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Will The Sucky Kid Please Stand Up?

While my daughter was devastated that a classmate would go into her desk, take out her personal property, and smash it to bits, (11/11 post: click here) I did my best to stay calm and think of what to do next.  Just what the hell is going on in this place?

I decided to observe her class on Friday.  I spoke with her teacher's individually and let them know, regarding what happened, I'm concerned about the lack of respect, and possible lack of control in the classroom.  They were open to me staying and also asked for my help with the days projects.  I'm happy to help.

My daughter began to feel overwhelmed with her sadness at one point and wanted to leave.  Luckily we were able to hang out in the Principals office and talk it out.  We came up with an idea that would help her move forward with the situation.  Together we wrote a note to the class.  She just wanted to know who did it, and how it happened.  I thought that was so brave.  I gave the note to her teacher, who was very supportive of this process, and headed home.  I thought it would be easier for the class that way -- no Mama Bear hanging out in the corner ready to pounce!

Well, when I picked her up I couldn't believe it, she said the teacher read the note and a classmate confessed.  The two of them had a talk and she felt much better about her place in her school.  Some kids asked, "What's the big deal?  It's just a toy."  And she said, "Everyone has their special things and this is special to me.  That's all."

And that is all.  Now I'm going to go hug my teddy bear.

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