This Question Stopped Me In My Tracks

This Question Stopped Me In My Tracks - AnnAgainAndAgain.com

So the high school application has been turned in, the teacher's letter's of recommendation have been sent and last night was our family interview.  High School for our youngest is really happening.  Help!

For the interview it's arranged for the Principal to speak with the child first then the parents.  I felt so silly because I was nervous during our interview.  I mean, come on.  What is my deal?  I've done this before.  Geez.

I don't mind talking to people, having conversations about our days, our lives, things like that.  I guess it's because I'm not used to being asked questions by someone of authority, someone who is playing a major role in my daughter's acceptance to this school.  What if I say something stupid? (Very likely)  What if I get a hot flash? (Also very likely)  Could I give an answer that will put the kibosh on her acceptance?  My minds swirls with these thoughts.

There were some very interesting questions presented, one in particular had us take a moment and reflect in a way that I don't think parents do often enough.  The question: "What are some traits that you appreciate in your child?"  I tell my children I love them everyday.  We talk about school, about feelings, thoughts every day.  But this question took me back a bit.

Do you give yourself the time to really think about your child(ren) and the way they behave, treat others, participate in life?  If not, you should.  Routines are so easy to get into and you can glide through your days without paying attention.  Days become weeks, weeks become months and then *boom* the year is over.  When did my little girl become a teenager ready for high school?

So, what are some traits that you appreciate in your child? :->

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  1. Wow! That is a hard hitting question, though a mighty important one. In Baby Boy, I see his budding kindness and compassion. I see his dedication to learn something, how he helps around the house (just because), and how he loves both Hun and I so much he likes to smother us with affection and won't go to bed without us. I see his desire to do and be and his independence. He's a really talented child already and that makes me happy (even if I wonder how he got that way lol)! :)

    Stopping by from Mommy Mondays!

  2. My kids have brought home a lot of forms: the hardest questions are always "What are your child's strengths?" and "What are your child's weaknesses?" Especially since I know the kids read the questionnaires on the bus before giving them to their teacher!

    Visiting from Mommy Monday.


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