How Old Is Too Old To Have An Imaginary Friend?

Thoughts are always streaming about something I saw on Facebook, or a news story I saw online.  I'm thinking of how I would have handled a situation or the 'What I should have said...' dialogue that goes round and round in my brain.

Did I say that out loud?

There are many, many occasions where I have a conversation swirling in my head and then I hear someone in the next room and I wonder if I had been having this imaginary conversation out loud.  I have supported some really good arguments while vacuuming or making the bed.  And wow!  Did I ever get my point across while I was curling my hair! That'll show them, oh those people that aren't in the room. Try to intimidate me will ya'!

I really admire those that can meditate and clear their minds.  Just be.  How do they do it?  I've tried many times to follow the instructor and "Focus on the breath.  In two-three-four.  Out two-three - hey, what about that ridiculous request today?  What I should have said..."  And *boom*  I'm talking to my imaginary friend again.

But wait!  I have a dog.  I'll just say I was talking to him.

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  1. Dogs are great for that aren't they? I hear you, sometimes it's hard for me to clear the noise too!

    1. I could say "I was talking to the cat" but we all know they never listen to us anyway.


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