Starting The Week Off... With Smiles From A Busy Weekend In #Portland!

 Ann Again and again - Starting The Week Off ...
Have you had one of those weekends where just about every event that could happen in your town happens all on the same weekend? That's what happened to us last weekend!

First, my sister Kathi has been working so hard on finding a perfect place for our Dad to relocate after the passing of his wife (not our mother - part of the story here: "This Should Be Interesting" ) and this Saturday was the day to sign the papers on his new apartment in Dundee, OR.  Does it happen to be in the heart of our delicious wine country?  Why yes, yes it does :->

Ann Again and again - Starting The Week Off ... in Wine Country

We thought we'd take him around his "new to him" neighborhood.  I put those words in quotes because he grew up in Newberg/Dundee, OR and it has changed massively.  What a gem!
Ann Again and again - Starting The Week Off ... in Wine Country
Kathi, Mom and Dad at Lange Winery.  Mt Hood in the background.
Dad will now be closer to his brother, his niece and only a 50 minute car ride from us as opposed to 3 hours when he was living in Federal Way, WA.  It's an interesting adjustment for everyone but it's a pretty incredible ride.  And yes, that's our mom in the picture above. (Mom and Dad have always remained friends, that's pretty darn great!)

After a full Saturday we cheered on over 10,000 participants Sunday morning for this years Portland Marathon. Having this incredible event go right by our front door is a highlight of the year.

Ann Again and again - Starting The Week Off ... with The Portland Marathon

After watching all that exercise we worked up an appetite ;-> so we headed to the annual Greek Festival that takes place at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in SE Portland. This event gets bigger every year.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend and this festival was packed!  

Ann Again and again - Starting The Week Off ... at the Greek Festival
Actual signage at the festival.  Hilarious!
After filling up on Gyros, delicious honey balls - Loukoumades and picking up my favorite Greek dessert Bougatsa - baked custard surrounded with honey soaked phyllo dough, Yum! - we headed to The Maize at The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island.  (See more:  Fall Family Fun - The Corn Maize.)

Ann Again and again - Starting The Week Off ... at the corn maze
Katie and Lily at The Maize

It was the kind of wonderful weekend that you want to live all over again, and also want a weekend to recoup from your weekend ;->  More pictures to come.

How was your weekend?

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