This Should Be Interesting

If you were young when your parents got divorced, you might have wished for them to get back together.  I did.

It has been years, decades, since my parents had divorced.  I've pretty much let go of the "getting back together" stage.  I am forty-ahem -something years old after all and life keeps movin' on.  I was so blessed that my parents remained friends.  There really hasn't been much tension, as far as I know anyway, which is best for the "child", right? ;->

With my dad's wife's passing in October, and my dad's sudden failing health, my sister and I have needed to step in and take care of things.  It's been very... um... weird?  No, um... let's just go with weird, and yet very good.

My mom has been calling dad and giving support, hoping to set him on a positive path.  (She's a fantastic person.  I'm so lucky.)  OK.  Get this, right now my sister and I are going up to be with our dad this weekend and guess who is going with us?  Our mom. 

This should be interesting.

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  1. You are fortunate that your parents stayed friends!

  2. My parents are divorced and seem to have become more friendly as the years have gone on. My father is still married to my step mother, and my mother is a lesbian...so clearly there is no chance that they'll be getting back together. BUT...I am so glad that they are nice to each other and think fondly of one another. Like you said, it's good for the "child". :) I hope your dad feels better.


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