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(A while back I wrote a post on how I felt being the wife of an actor.  Foremost I have great pride in my husband and enjoy watching him perform.  I know how much he loves the art of acting, it is his passion and I wouldn't want him to stop for anything, it's just that there are acting jobs that call for um... intimacy on occasion and that can be very tough to accept. This  little post generated a great response from those that are in the same boat as I am.   It sounds like we need a support group.)

There seems to be a support group for just about everything these days.  You've got your tried-and-true AA and your NA (Narcotics Anonymous).  You can find support for parenting and even for vegetarianism.  (It's true.  I went to a site and it seems that some feel nagged a lot by their parents for possibly being anemic.  Hmmm.)

I think I need to start a support group.  Nothing heavy, nothing worth bringing a box of tissues to, it's just that my husband is an actor and I feel like I need to talk to other spouses of actors.  Watching your husband kiss other women isn't always easy.

I've heard enough actors tell me "But he's "acting".  He's not being himself, he's his character."  Right, right.  I get that. But can't I just hear one person honestly tell me, "I get it.  It is weird.  And I understand why it can be hard to balance between your brain and your heart."  

When he leaves for the theater my inner voice is saying "Enjoy kissing so-and-so while I... well... don't kiss anyone but you".  My actual words come out 'Break a leg'.  A much better choice all around.

I believe I'll start a support group for actor's spouses.  

Is this something you would like to be a part of?  

(Updated 3/3/14)

A support group has been started on Facebook.  If you're interested in connecting with others who "get it" please join us!  Here's the link:


Please come over and join us :->

(To see the incredibly honest, heart-felt comments that generated from the original post in 2011 visit:  Actor's Spouses Anonymous Anyone?)

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  1. My hubby is retired now but when he was working he had to have meeting with 500+ people, fundraisers of all kinds, negotiated contracts, lots and lots of parties to attend and hold. He would hug and kiss a lot of women, so I figure I would do the same with the guys I knew. Well.... guess who got jealous... him! And during all of this there were other hubbies jealous also. I have never been a jealous person even though I figured must be ok for me to hug and kiss, so when he stopped as much as he could so did I (which will not work for you). Just remember he chose you for life. lol

  2. Fantastic, Ann. You know I'm on board with this. :) Thank goodness for support that really 'gets it'!!

  3. Hi there,
    Have you begun this support group yet? I am in desperate need of someone who knows what I am going through and has some words of advice...

    1. Hi Kirsty - A support group has been started on Facebook. Here's the link:

      Please come over and join us :->


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