Found On The Sidewalk Friday

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I live in Portland, OR.  Yes, my neighborhood has houses with yards and yes, chickens are very popular with the "Eco-conscious/Grow-your-own crowd" (We might have some someday ;-> ) but you never know when people will tire of feathers and clucking and move on to the next big thing.   (I was going to say "baa-a--a thing, but I didn't.  Or, well, yes... I guess I did.)

Can't wait to see what Rob or I find for next weeks Found On The Sidewalk Friday

Have you found anything interesting?  If so, go ahead and copy my Found On The Sidewalk Friday button and share with your readers.

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  1. Sheep are SO much cuter than chickens!
    Happy Friday! :)

  2. I couldn't imagine the size of the pooper scoopers you would need for those animals?


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