Found On The Sidewalk Friday

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After 4 weeks our car is out of the shop and back in our driveway!  But this walking thing is a good idea, let's see what I've found for today's Found On The Sidewalk Friday.

Over The Hill Hwy, huh... hmmm? 

This was resting on the edge of a sidewalk.  I'm beginning to wonder what kind of neighborhood I live in!

Can't wait to see what I find for next weeks Found On The Sidewalk Friday.

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  1. One day when I was driving home from work I saw a toilet on a lawn. There was a sign beside it that read, "Free. Works perfectly." Well if it worked so perfectly, how come it was out on the lawn?

  2. I guess when you're over the hill, you need a toilet in your yard. It's too hard to make it into the house! ;)
    Happy Friday!

  3. Ahahahahahaah....a toilet on the side of the road! HILARIOUS! The only other time I've seen that is when my parents replaced theirs and it obviously fell out of the pickup that took it away right at the corner of a major intersection. That was funny, but this is classic!

    I really love this series you're doing, it's so interesting what's out there. Hope you continue now that your car is back!

  4. you never know when you are going to need a potty! lol totally weird!

  5. OMG!! hahahaha!! this is a gem of a find... :)

  6. There used to be a porta-potty on the side of a road near here for the longest time- at that time my celly didn't have a camera. Don't know why it was there...maybe they were supposed to start road construction or something and never did.

    Now I have a camera and it's gone. It looked so funny just sitting there...

    Oh well.......

    What happened to VGNO?

  7. The VGNO has a new "night"... it's on Saturday now :-> (Way too many Friday blog hops in the blogosphere right now.)


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