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I Have A Crazy Idea For A Neck Pillow

I have a crazy idea for a neck pillow - Ann Again and again

Last night I had a dream -

Snow had been falling for hours and when it stopped I went outside for a walk.  All around me I saw squirrel's coupling up and kissing.  They would stand on their hind legs, put their front "arms" around each other and have a little smooch with their little lips.  Down the street I walked and more and more squirrels were kissing.  Kissing squirrels!  All over the place!

I sat down in the snow and animals started coming near me, sitting on my lap, resting on my arm, snuggling.  Bluejays, chickadees and those darn kissing squirrels.  I soon felt a soft, furry coziness happening around my neck and I kept thinking 'I should be talking a picture!  Why isn't anyone around to take a picture?!'  I felt like a Disney princess with my gathering of forest creatures.  I kept waiting for a song.

Being curious about this furry creature around my neck, I slowly looked to my right shoulder to see a fluffy tail, a black tail with a big white stripe .  Oh-h-h-hhhh No-o-o-o-oooo.  Skunk!  In my creature feature dream I very slowly placed the bluejay on the ground, nudged the squirrels off my lap reached behind me to find the skunk and place it on the ground. And awa-a-a-ay I went.

I'm trying to figure this out.  Why would I have a dream where I'm using a skunk as a neck pillow?   A skunk?!   And what's with all this tiny-lipped squirrels?  Who can decipher this message for me?

What crazy dreams have you had lately?