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How To Get A First Date

My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in two months.  When I saw this writing prompt from Mama Kat's Writers Workshop I just had to share this story :->

Tell Us About A Love Story That Makes You Happy:

I was on my way to a guys house, someone who was in that grey area of "almost boyfriend", to have one of those wonderful talks, the 'Where-is-this-going?' kind of talk.  We'd made a lunch date and I was a bit early.

When I arrived at his door he walked me into the kitchen. I see a girl sitting at his kitchen table with a guy who has a guitar across this lap. (The "guitar guy" and I had met recently.  I was waiting for my bus with our mutual friend, the grey area guy.  "Guitar Guy" shook my hand and I felt some kind of electric charge - I really did.)  Guitar Guy looks up at me, has a bit of a smirk, and says "Hi".  

The four of us sit around the kitchen table not saying much. I'm totally confused because I thought we made a date, I thought we were going to talk, why is this other couple here?  Grey Area Guy explains that he needs to learn to play guitar for a role in a play, hence the friend with the guitar is here to teach him. Nice, I'm thinking. But why is his girlfriend here too?  We all sit at this little kitchen table, looking at coffee cups, while Guitar Guy tunes then strums then starts playing a sweet song.  

After a few uncomfortable minutes the girl says "Well, I should be going" and Grey Area Guy says, "I'll walk you out." I'm so-o-o confused! Why is my guy walking Guitar Guy's date to the door? Why isn't he.... oooohhh.... She isn't Guitar Guy's girlfriend. She's my guys girl. And, with more observation, she's obviously slept-over.

While I'm left at the table with all of this running around my brain Guitar Guy starts playing a song.  I hadn't heard it before, it's a beautiful love story and his playing is fantastic. When the song is over I smiled but he didn't even look at me. Or talk to me. It's just the two of us sitting there listening to the coffee pot grumble. What?!?

When Grey Area Guy comes back I'm so appalled, embarrassed, and just so-o-o over this that I can't even look at him.  Guitar Guy starts playing another song, this one is "To Turn You On" by Roxy Music. This song I know and I'm a little shocked at his song choice.  A bit suggestive, don't 'cha think?  It's at this point I realize that Guitar Guy isn't just randomly choosing songs, he's playing to me. He's singing to me. My head, and heart started to explode!

And that's how Guitar Guy (now my husband) wooed me.  That first song he played? "Romeo & Juliet".

Dire Straits "Romeo & Juliet"

There is so much more to this story, of course... ;->

Have you been wooed?  How?  What happened?  

Mama’s Losin’ It

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