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Florida Tix: Ways to Save on Your Holiday to Florida


A little over a year ago our family took a vacation to Disneyland and southern California and we had an absolute blast.  Now that we've discovered the joy of being some place fun, and warm, the planning has begun for our next vacation.  Since the sun and beach was such a hit our girls we'd love to check out Disney World in Florida - I'm all for it!  Florida is the ideal destination for family holidays. Home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World it houses some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. For sun worshippers and thrill seekers alike, Florida has something for everyone. Needless to say, Disneyland needs no introduction. However, if you’re keen to spend your summer in the Sunshine state you may need an intro to budgeting. If you’re worried a trip to Florida will cause a major dent in your pocket read on to find great ways to save cash on you trip using FloridaTix.

Tickets to the aforementioned theme parks can really add up. Those wanting to visit one of the many theme parks on offer should invest in finding deals with online ticket resellers. For Universal tickets, a one-day pass to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure is almost the same price as a 14-day pass to both theme parks plus admission to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on a ticket-reselling site. If you’re keen to visit several theme parks on your holiday go in search for Orlando ticket deals online. Many of these ticket reselling websites will offer discounts for bundle purchases. Remember these sites are competing with major theme parks for ticket sales, so they have to provide you with an incentive!

Another major cost for your summer holiday to Florida will go towards flight tickets. Flight tickets are absolutely essential if you live outside Florida. Luckily, travel planning site Fare Compare has done research to find the cheapest time to fly. Everyone knows flying economy is cheaper and which airlines are more “budget” than others. But the day of the week and time of day you fly can also affect ticket prices. Using their historical airfare database, Fare Compare found Wednesday to be the cheapest day to fly, followed by Tuesday and Saturday. The most expensive being Friday and Sunday. They also found that typically the first flight out is the cheapest, followed by during/after lunch. Not only do your actual flight details affect air-fare, the time of day and day of the week you purchase your ticket can have an effect on price as well. Fare Compare found Tuesday at 3pm Eastern generally has the cheapest tickets on sale. So be on the lookout Tuesday afternoon for your discounted fare, and make sure to snatch up any deals quickly as Thursdays are when most discounted prices go up. With discounts in airfare and tickets there’s no reason not to go to Florida this summer!


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