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Going Out? Look the Part

In the closet are dozens of clubbing dresses and outfits but you just don't have a thing to wear! You know that everyone has already seen your flashy silver number more than twice and your best friend is planning to wear her brand new red outfit this coming weekend. That means your favorite go to red dress is out of the question, too.

So, what is a fashion forward woman on a budget to do? Thank goodness, there are a number of options to help you out of your fashion/budget crisis. If you know where to shop, you can have a great dress or outfit as well as killer accessories that will keep people oohing and aahing, every time that you hit the dance floor!

Hunting for the Best Bargains in Club Wear
Some women will adapt the same basic black dress to every occasion and be satisfied. Others will develop the shopping instincts of a lioness on the hunt, able to smell a bargain from miles away. They know that there are certain shops that will have incredible mark downs for certain holidays or seasons and they also know the sites to use for online bargains that let them be as fashion forward as they want without having to spend their entire budget to do so.

For instance, very savvy women can find clubbing dresses on pricegrabber and pay far less than they would pay on any other site.

Another option is to find great deals on other sites like eBay and Deal Dash.

Renting Your Club Wear?
Another option which gives the ability to not only wear great club wear but also keeps you from having to find a place to store it all when you are done is to rent. The bigger the city you live in, the more rental options you might have. There are always some rental stores that have fabulous dresses and accessories not only for clubbing but for special occasions and pageants as well.

Before you rent, make sure that you get it for at least a full night and ask if there is insurance in case something happens to it while you are dancing the night away. Try the dress on so that you can check it out for fit and style as well as to make sure that it as clean as the renter is claiming it to be.

Thrift Store Beauties
Thrift stores, especially in certain areas, are a veritable goldmine of amazing dresses and other club wear items. The prices on these items can be as much as ninety percent off the retail cost of a similar, new item. But, before you buy, make sure that there are no glaring blemishes like rips or stains that will not be able to be taken care of.

A minor problem can be worth the effort, especially if you really like the item. Don't be shocked if you run across designer names while thrift store shopping, you would be shocked at what people wear once and then get rid of!

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