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Looking Into Improvements

Our home was built in 1940 and it has those old walls that can be pretty drafty.  It's annoying.  Some day, I day dream, some day we'll have a house with nice, quiet walls that won't let in all of the traffic noise.  Years ago I had an idea of having insulation blown into the walls but we found of that wouldn't really work with our homes structure.

Recently I learned about Insulated Concrete Forms so I've been researching ICF homes to see what owners thought of the product and how it changed their home.  I want a much more insulated feel than what we have and this might be the way to go. 

Insulated Concrete Forms use Durisol, which is a proprietary wood concrete material, meaning it's cement bonded with wood fiber.  No matter how much I like the idea it comes down to ICF cost, which is something I'm still researching.  But this product sounds incredible, with its declaration of being soundproof, 4 hr fire resistant - with zero smoke and fire spread, and its resistance to mold.  It's "green", it's quiet.  It sounds like a great product.