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Not Used To A Little One

Just when I think I'm done with this whole "pet" thing along comes a pair of eyes that melt my heart and in comes another fluffy body into our home.  Let's see, that makes it two cats and two dogs. I'm such a sucker.

Now, this recent four-legged friend is only visiting for a while.  The plan is to have my dad take adorable little Vinnie to live with him.  The fact is that my dad wasn't ready for a dog just yet so I'm “Vinnie Sitting” for a couple of weeks.  My youngest daughter is having a great time but my nerves weren't prepared.  There are so many nooks and crannies for this mini labradoodle to get into.  I need some gates.

Our lovely Chocolate Lab. Benny is so big we don't need to worry about him getting under our feet in the kitchen but with this new little one we do.  I've checked out and found some designs that are just what we need.  They provide guidance on what size and style of gate is right for you and the prices are good too.

Once I get things in place I’ll feel much better, and little Vinnie will be much safer.