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Hippies & Rudeness Don't Make Sense

I don't know why I didn't walk away.

I was at my neighborhood farmer's market, supporting my community and local farmer.  I chose one booth, out of many, that was selling vegetables.  The dude in the front was very helpful in offering tips on how to serve the leeks I had my eye on but had never cooked.  He was a great salesman and very into sharing stories.  Very cool.  However...

The ladies at the payment table seemed too involved in their discussion to pay me any mind when what was on my mind was to pay and to pay them!  

For years I have had a deep grievance with those that stand by banners displaying a symbol of the earth in the shape of a peace sign, who give the illusion of being peaceful and earth-friendly, yet are so completely rude if you aren't wearing the "uniform" of hand knit hats, fingerless gloves and layers of hemp clothing.  Not even meeting my eyes when I speak to you?  Really?

I don't get rude hippie-types.  I just don't.

Peace & Love ya'll

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