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Hating On Justin?

I always chime in when I hear one of my children say "I hate so-and-so".  This comment is usually aimed at a celebrity.  I usually start with 'You don't even know that person' or the 'Hate is a very strong word' speech.  The word 'hate' is interesting because an excuse can be made of "I was just kidding" and many accept that.  It can have the intention of over the top humor, but I take it at face value.  It's not a kind word.

This morning I hear my 10 y/o comment on a commercial for a Justin Bieber doll. "Ugh! This is the worst commercial ever.  I hate him!", she screamed.  Now, I've said enough's 'You-don't-even-know-him's' so I went another direction.  I said, 'OK, what if, while you were singing and dancing around the house you asked me to videotape you.  That tape goes up on YouTube and people really enjoy what you're doing.  People share the video with their friends who also enjoy what you're doing. You get a call asking you to sing and dance on your favorite t.v. show and you become famous.  You're doing something that makes you so happy and makes other people happy as well.  Now that's pretty much what happened to Justin Bieber so why in the world would you hate him?  Enough with this!'

She turns to her older sister, who's on the computer, and says "Look for the video"Justin Bieber Eats Poo".  It's funny".


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